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Bartello is the Russian fudtekh-company founded in 2018 by ex-heads of Poster Danila Nikolaev, Egor Zakharov and Andrey Moskovsky. Service allows visitors of bars and restaurants to do orders and to pay them without need to wait for the waiter or in queue at a bar counter. For this purpose the user should select an institution from the list, and then — a dish from the menu. When it is ready, the user will receive the notification.


2019: Invested Qiwi in Bartello of 6 million rubles

At the end of November, 2019 to Qiwi was announced investment of 6 million rubles of Bartello through the venture division by Qiwi Venture. What share the payment service will receive in a fudtekh-startup, is not specified.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bartello will get access to payment infrastructure of Qiwi, including acquiring, service of payments and bank billing. Besides, Bartello with development of the project intends to help Qiwi.

To Qiwi was announced investment of 6 million rubles of Bartello through the venture division by Qiwi Venture

By the end of November, 2019 the Bartello application was loaded more than 40 thousand times. It is available to mobile operating systems iOS and Android. More than 45 restaurants and bars are connected to service in To Moscow and St. Petersburg. The company intends to increase quantity of new institutions and to start service in other large cities RUSSIAN FEDERATION.

At Bartello not only an excellent product which helps restaurants and bars to unload a resource and to increase revenue, and to visitors — to save time, but also good perspectives — as in terms of connection of new partners and expansion of the territory of presence, and an opportunity for synergy with our business — Andrey Protopopov, the CEO of JSC Kivi says. — The Qiwi sees high potential in a HoReCa segment and applications in it payment solutions of the company. At the same time the project with Bartello — one of many which we initiated and we develop in this market.