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CROC Digital Insight


The technology business partner for clients of CROC company.

20 employees in 2019


+ Bobrovnikov Ivan Leonidovich


2019: Start of practice of digital marketing and product analytics

On September 5, 2019 the Croc company reported that its consulting division CROC Digital Insight, started practice of digital marketing and product analytics. This direction will render services in consulting in the field of digital-marketing, to create and offer MarTech-services and analytical tools for optimization and personalisation of digital channels, mobile applications and websites on the basis of approach data-driven.

Authors and developers of technology of the analysis of behavior of users of Retentioneering were a part of practice of CROC Digital Insight. The technology became one of basic analytical tools in a product portfolio of practice of digital-marketing. Thanks to it clients of CROC have an opportunity to reveal consumer insights, to analyze trajectories of users for assessment of problems with the interface of the website or the application, to optimize issue of content, to personalize offers, to manage more effectively advertizing campaigns and as a result to provide profit increase of the companies.

Tools of product analytics allow to reveal habits of consumers, to increase conversion, an average bill and frequency of purchases, to reduce outflow of users, to optimize advertizing budgets. For example, banks with their help increase a share of transactions in digital channels, and builders – effectively attract buyers of housing. To help business to orient with a landscape of these solutions, we opened in CROC Digital Insight for the practician with examination in the field of digital marketing and product analytics. It will allow us to enter other markets and to implement for clients projects on business optimization using approach data-driven,
comments Oleg Kravchenko, the deputy CEO of CROC, the director of CROC Digital Insight

For September, 2019 in CROC Digital Insight there are already several projects on the basis of tools of the analysis of trajectories of users of Retentioneering with Svyaznoy of Travel, NetPrint and other clients.

Potential of development of this practice is beyond far predictive analytics. On many projects experience of a command shows a possibility of providing a noticeable gain of revenue for the client - from 15% to 50% after the first two months of work when tools automatically find problem points, offer versions of solutions for their correction and check hypotheses during A/B of tests. Marketing departments of the large companies are reoriented on digital instruments, and we are ready to offer them the most modern technologies based on data analysis
comments Maxim Godzi, the director of practice of digital marketing and product analytics of CROC Digital Insight

The CROC Digital Insight command expands a portfolio of ready-made solutions in the field of digital marketing. The product analytics, personalisation and dynamic pricing is a huge step forward in the field of development of customer relations, understanding of their requests and implementation of business needs,
speaks Bagaviyev Askar, the director of practice of digitalization and transformation of CROC Digital Insight