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Turbine of special design bureau


JSC SKB Turbina is a specialized and only developer and the producer of small-size turbine jets (SCD) and multifunction gas power units (GTA) with power up to 45 kW in the Russian Federation and the neighboring countries.

NPO Vysokotochnye complexes


JSC SKB Turbina has experience and opportunities for accomplishment of developments in the broadest range of requirements of the Customer, providing at the same time multifunctionality of units, total power output of drive units in the range of 12-45 kW, accomplishment of auxiliary power units with any level of autonomy, accomplishment of auxiliary power units in any arrangement options.

The enterprise conducts a full stroke of works on the specialization – research and development on creation of new products and their upgrade, serial product output of own development, their repair, warranty and post warranty service, designer's service.

JSC SKB Turbina has the experimental base including special stands, stands for testing of separate nodes and products in general, owns a complex of the fulfilled techniques and programs providing creation of products at high technological level