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Windows 10

The name of the base system (platform): Microsoft Windows
Developers: Microsoft
Date of the premiere of the system: 2014/09/30
Last Release Date: May, 2020
Technology: OS


Windows 10 is the operating system of the Microsoft Windows family. Transition at once to version 10, passing 9, reflected desire of the company to separate from not the really popular previous version of Windows 8. Since launch in 2012 of the ambitious, but having shortcomings Windows 8, Microsoft was in a status of permanent fight for survival. After unsuccessful attempt to make Windows it is better for touch devices, Microsoft received legions of the disappointed clients.

IT heads Windows 8 because of its considerably pushed away other, the touch focused user interface, the alternative traditional interface of the desktop included for start of legacy Windows applications which lacked key familiar lines, namely the Start-up button and the Start menu. Switching between two modes was also implemented clumsily.

The release of Windows 10 reflected desire of Microsoft to return Windows "Back to the Future".

"History shows that Microsoft too strongly was guided by the touch interface and separated from PC users, persons in need, at least some time, in good experience with the keyboard and a mouse", - Al Gillen, the analyst of IDC said. - The main focus of Windows 10 is directed to change of balance of experience so commercial clients will see the value of Windows 10 which they do not see in Windows 8".

Microsoft tried to solve with variable success these and other problems in the subsequent audits and updates of Windows 8. However most of IT heads remained are right firm, steady Windows 7, without wishing to subject the end users to the long, influencing performance training.

In Windows 10 Microsoft plunged into problem solving of the user interface, and, apparently, it, at last, made everything correctly. The traditional interface of a desktop began to look much more similar to Windows 7, and touch optimized user interface became more intuitive. Besides, interaction between two interfaces was considerable is improved.

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Security of Windows

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Errors Windows 10

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Windows 10 Lean

Windows 10 S


Microsoft provided LGBT design for Windows 10

At the end of June, 2020 Microsoft provided the new   subject Phantom Pink Pride Edition developed for the purpose of support of LGBT community for Windows 10. In this design of the user interface pink, blue, lilac and white colors are used. The Start menus with tiles of Live Tiles and elements of windows are translucent.

The new subject was provided by Microsoft 365 project team on the official page on Facebook. In the same message it is specified that on creation of a subject the company discussion of a subject of inclusivity and equality of the movement LGBT inspired.

The subject Phantom Pink Pride Edition for Windows 10

  Phantom Pink Pride Edition is not the first project of Microsoft directed to support of people with nonconventional sexual orientation. Earlier for  Microsoft Office  the corresponding subjects, for video service of Microsoft Mixer — stickers were released. Besides, the company released game controllers for Xbox with flowers of LGBT community.

Besides, there is a consolidation of the gays, lesbians,  bisexuals and  transsexuals working in Microsoft called by GLEAM. Participants of GLEAM achieved that Microsoft offered an insurance and other types of material benefits jointly to the living same-sex partners.

In spite of the fact that Microsoft repeatedly was recognized as one of leading companies of the USA "regarding respect for human rights in corporation" some employees gays are sure that the attitude towards them prejudiced. So,  Jamie Durant, the British homosexual, the programmer working in one of design bureaus of the belonging Microsoft accused the management of corporation of a homophobia. He claimed that he addressed to HR department with a request to protect it from mocking jokes, notes and electronic messages from homophobic colleagues. However there from it waved away, motivating it with the fact that it "one with such problem" and advised to be silent not to create "the unpleasant atmosphere" in collective.[1]

Large-scale updating of Windows 10: Linux kernel, etc.

At the end of May, 2020 there was a new updating for Windows 10. Use of the subsystem  of Linux of the second generation including a full-function kernel of Linux became one of innovations within Windows 10 of May 2020 Update (version 2004). Also support of ELF64 files was added, and performance of the file system for work with Linux systems directly in Windows is increased.

The voice Cortana assistant underwent processing: now he is not attached to a task bar, but learned to create events in the calendar, to send e-mails and to find letters from the selected users.

In Windows 10 Linux kernel after large-scale updating of the operating system appeared

Also there was a data recovery function "from a cloud" Cloud Recovery. Traditional recovery remained as an option. Besides, in Microsoft note the following innovations in Windows 10:

  • Means of the choice of an emodzha received a set of new characters.
  • The feature to independently set names of virtual desktops was added.
  • There was a new feature of cloud loading intended for reset of data of the PC.
  • The Task manager application displays temperature of the graphic chip and type of the drives installed in the computer.
  • In title bar of the Notepad application the asterisk is displayed if in the file there are not saved changes. The new keyboard shortcuts became available. At selection of the text function of search/replacement will automatically place it in a text box.
  • The Calculator application can be configured for demonstration over all windows.
  • There was a possibility of adjustment of the size and color of the cursor on the text entering.
  • Dictation became available in several languages, including French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Windows 10 of May 2020 Update (version 2004) is the largest updating of the operating system in 2020. By May 28, 2020 it it is available to downloading to all users of Windows 10.[2]

In Windows 10 it is possible to start the Linux-application with the graphical interface

On May 19, 2020 Microsoft announced adding in Windows 10 of support of start of the Linux-applications with the graphical interface. Read more here.

Microsoft integrated Conductor of Windows with Linux

On April 8, 2020 Microsoft provided updating for Windows 10 in which among other things implemented integration of Conductor into operating systems of Linux. The innovation providing access to files of Linux in the environment of Windows is noticed in assembly of Windows 10 of Fast Ring 9603 which is available within. Insider Preview programs.

The new feature is implemented thanks to a subsystem of Windows Subsystem for Linux), intended for start of Linux programs in Windows 10 OS. Gradually improves this subsystem of Microsoft, integrating Bash cover, native OpenSSH and even loading of Ubuntu, SUSE of Linux and Fedora from Windows Store. Also American company started the new tool of the command line Windows Terminal.

In the Conductor Conductor of Windows integration into files of Linux appeared

As representatives of Microsoft in the blog of the company explained, users had the accessibility to files of Linux in the version of Windows 10 1903, but addition in the 19603rd assembly simplifies to users scanning of content (through the left navigation bar in Conductor).  Having selected the Linux icon, it is possible to display all the Linux distribution kits, and when choosing these options users will move directly to the root Linux file system for a specific distribution kit.[3]

Besides, in updating appeared some other additional functions. So, in the Windows 10 settings the option concerning optimization of use of storage became available. A system can prompt to the user what not used files and applications it is possible to delete to make a disk space. In fact, the new feature is the advanced Disk Cleanup program — it shows how many places are taken by these or those categories of software or files and also allows to delete them quickly. In test assembly of Windows 10 of Insider 19603 it is possible to see the new option "Recommendations about Cleaning of Space on a Disk".

Microsoft will block updates of Windows 10 for devices with problem drivers

On January 10, 2020 it became known that Microsoft partners will be able to request blocking of updates for devices with inappropriate drivers.

Windows 10

As it was reported, the incompatibility of the drivers loaded by "The center of updating Windows" for peripheral devices (a mouse, the printer, the keyboard and so forth) with upgraded versions of the operating system already became the usual phenomenon. Nevertheless, to unexpected "blue screens of death" the end can soon come.

Automatically loaded incompatible drivers continually cause on some computers "blue screen of death". For example, in 2018 the Intel company accidentally distributed through "The center of updating Windows" audiodrivers for the devices working with Windows 10 which were incompatible with OS. In 2019 updates of Windows 10 were several times blocked because of problems with compatibility of audiodrivers.

Now, according to internal documents of Microsoft, the company changed the approach to a problem of incompatibility of drivers. From now on Microsoft partners, such as Intel, HP, Dell and Lenovo will be able to request blocking of functional updates for Windows 10 on devices with inappropriate drivers. If the Microsoft partner sends a request for blocking, "The center of updating Windows" will not offer functional updates to users of devices with problem drivers.

According to internal documents of the company, blocking will be time, and problem devices will be able to receive them as soon as correction is released. This measure will allow to avoid emergence of "the blue screen of death" and data loss.

One more change concerns installation of drivers on "Tuesday of corrections". Microsoft works on blocking of installation of drivers through "The center of updating Windows" a day before and next day after an exit of monthly security updates. Besides, installation of drivers will be blocked in two days prior to and within two days after an exit of functional updates for Windows 10.[4]


Implementation of DNS-over-HTTPS technology

In November, 2019 Microsoft announced implementation of the protocol of enciphering of "DNS over HTTPS" (DNS-over-HTTPS, DoH) in the Windows 10 operating system. Read more here.

Calls via Android smartphone

On September 10, 2019 it became known of emergence in Windows 10 of function which will allow to make calls from the computer through Android- smartphones when those are far from the user.

The first the attention to this technology was paid by the user of Twitter under the nickname Ajith. He tested innovation and reported that it works.

All participants of the program of beta testing of Insider Preview can check function, it already works in test assembly of Windows 10 v1.19082.1006.0.

It became known of emergence in Windows 10 of function which will allow to make calls from the computer via Android smartphones

The innovation is that the user of Windows 10 will be able to make calls from the smartphone and directly to manage them. For this action there was a special switch which is placed in settings. After its activation there will be a point Calls which will be in the main menu at the left. By its clicking on the screen the dialing panel and also a search box of personal contacts will be highlighted.

Phone numbers and photos of contacts will be automatically synchronized between Android - and Windows devices. In general, possibilities of Calls standards for the phone application: users will be able to switch-off the microphone, to reset a call and to switch a call to the smartphone.

By September 10, 2019 in Windows 10 an opportunity to call from smartphones of Samsung and OnePlus companies is implemented. It is supposed that by the time of final release the list of compatible devices will be extensive.

This function will be a part of large updating of Windows 10 20H1 which will come out in the spring of 2020. It will also introduce some other innovations. Among them — the separate application for Cortana. The window of the voice assistant can be separated from a task bar, to move on the screen and in general to work as with the normal universal application. Size variation, drag and drop and to that similar standard opportunities are supported.[5]

Emergence of function of reinstallation of OS from a cloud

At the beginning of September, 2019 it became known of emergence in Windows 10 of a possibility of reinstallation of the operating system from a cloud. It is available in the version of Windows 10 of Insider Preview Build 18970.

To reinstall Windows 10 of a cloud, it is necessary to come into settings. Further "Updating and security" – Recovery. After reinstallation all user applications and settings will be deleted from a cloud. However the user will have an opportunity to save personal files.

Windows 10 can be reinstalled from a cloud now

It will be necessary to load from a cloud not less than 2.86 Gbytes of installation files. It requires uninterrupted connection to network. The same assembly of the operating system which worked on the computer at the time of reset will be installed at the same time.

Microsoft warns that at first function will not work if in a system some optional additions — the EMS and SAC tool kit, the infrared IrDA interface, the Management console by printing, the Wireless display and some other are set.

Users of any desktops and notebooks can use a new feature, however by the beginning of September, 2019 it is available only in the version of Insider Preview - it is the program of a preliminary estimate Windows which participants before others get access to updates and announce the detected bugs. Broad access to a new option will be open later.

As reported in Microsoft,  added function of reinstallation of OS from a cloud at  requests of users who  would prefer to accelerate process, having just downloaded Windows.

Using a new feature it is possible to reinstall the operating system without boot USB stick. It is extremely convenient when there is no boot drive near at hand and there is no time for repeated record of like that.[6]

It should be noted that the possibility of reinstallation of the macOS operating system in a cloud appeared several years to Windows earlier.

Integration into Samsung Galaxy Note10

On August 8, 2019 the companies Microsoft also Samsung announced development of long-term strategic partnership in the field of innovations. Since Samsung Galaxy Note10 productive applications and Microsoft services will be are integrated in products of the line, including function of automatic synchronization with PC Link to Windows OneDrive, Outlook and also Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In more detail here.

Windows 10 WSL2 allows to configure global settings

On August 5, 2019 became izvsetno that Microsoft released the function for WSL2 subsystem (Windows for Linux of version 2) allowing to configure global settings for all set distribution kits on the Windows 10 system. Read more here.

The lack of backup copies of the register in Windows 10 is not an error

On July 2, 2019 it became known that Microsoft published technical documentation according to which the lack of backup copies of the register in Windows 10 is not an error, and the planned function.

That Windows 10 does not create backup copies of the register any more, it was reported in November, 2018. Then many took it for a bug in October 2018 Update, however, as explains Microsoft, everything works as it is planned. Starting with Windows 10 April 2018 Update (1803), OS does not create automatically any more and does not save backup copies of the register in the RegBack folder.

If you open folder \Windows\System32\config\RegBack through search of Windows, then will see each branch of the register, but the size of files will be 0 CBs. This change is planned and is intended to reduce the size of the disk space taken by Windows. For system recovery with the damaged branch of the register Microsoft recommends to use system recovery point, - Microsoft explains.

The users wishing to return function of automatic preserving of backup copies of the register can configure entry in the register and reboot the system[7].

The full-fledged kernel of Linux will be built in Windows 10

On May 7, 2019 it became known that the Microsoft company provided the updated WSL 2 subsystem intended for start of executable files of Linux in Windows. Key feature of updating of WSL 2 is the built-in full-fledged kernel of Microsoft Linux. Read more here.

Work on the version of Windows 10 Lite

On February 27, 2019 it became known that Microsoft works on the Windows Lite operating system for cheap computers and notebooks. In Network its first unofficial screenshot is already published.

Windows Lite interface. Photo:

Microsoft pursues only one aim – Windows Lite is created for capture of the market of available mobile PCs and compact desktop computers (nettop) including for an educational segment of the market. In this sphere for February, 2019 Chrome OS is in the lead, in the IV quarter 2017 based on this platform 59.8% of all notebooks and nettop for pupils and teachers in the USA worked. At the same time on the world scene, taking into account all types of the PC in all segments, the share of Chrome OS does not exceed 1.25%.

From Windows Lite can remove the majority of the functions filling full Windows 10, but basic opportunities among which there is a file manager ("Conductor") and the menu of settings ("Control panel") should remain.

According to data, Microsoft nevertheless will leave users of Windows Lite without a possibility of installation of programs from any carriers including downloaded from the Internet. Instead they will be forced to use only so-called "universal" applications (UWP, Universal of Windows Platform) presented in the Microsoft Store directory. Also support of the PWA web applications (Progressive Web Apps) will be added.

Integration into Windows Lite of support of Win32-applications still remains possible, but in initial serial assemblies of a system it will probably not be.

Beta testers can get access to test assemblies not earlier than the beginning of summer of 2019.

But nevertheless the expediency of release of Windows Lite remains open for two reasons so far: restriction of opportunities and existence in the market of very available solutions running full Windows 10. One of the last examples is a 14-inch notebook Lenovo 14w Enterprise based on dual core processor AMD, with support of permission of Full HD and Windows 10 of the version of Pro. There is such copy from $300 (19.7 thousand rubles).

On February 14, 2019 it became known about at once two modifications of Windows Lite for the devices which are conditionally separated into categories Pegasus and Centaurus. Pegasus are mobile devices with two separate or one folding display, and means various laptop moddings by Centaurus Microsoft – classical, transformers and with the removable keyboard. So far it is unknown whether there is a speech about representatives of the Microsoft Surface family especially as rumors about the first Windows smartphone with the working name Surface Phone appear with enviable regularity.

Microsoft integrated support of ARM processors into Windows 10, and this feature can remove to its light version that substantially will expand the list of the supported devices.

Third-party producers can work on devices with Windows Lite too.

Emergence of the second Microsoft OS can separate all market of computers into two parts – for beginners and undemanding users and for advanced "users", not persons interested to be reconciled with restrictions of Windows Lite. Microsoft will also offer them Windows 10 which in 2019 can strongly change.

Innovations in Windows 10 will concern first of all its functions – in particular, will add "sandbox" for safe start of doubtful software, and the updated Edge browser on the Chromium engine. In passing Microsoft is going to refuse completely "live" tiles in the Start menu[8].


Announcement of Office for Windows 10

On December 20, 2018 it became known that the Microsoft corporation announced the Office for Windows 10 web application allowing to simplify work with all documents created in programs from a packet of MS Office and Office online services. It is some kind of universal hub allowing to find quickly documents in a local workplace or in clouds of OneDrive and Sharepoint, to work with them and to share them with employees without need to start several services at the same time and to switch between them. Read more here.

Updating of Windows 10 of October 2018 Update "manually"

On December 18, 2018 it became known that Microsoft announced availability of Windows 10 of October 2018 Update to "advanced users".

Because of abundance of various errors in work of Microsoft it was necessary to suspend deployment of updating and even repeatedly to release the corrected version. Microsoft recommended to users not to hurry with its installation and to wait until a system itself suggests to be updated.

On December 17 on the page of history of updates Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 on the website of Microsoft there was an updated status: "Windows 10, version 1809, is completely available to the advanced users who manually included search of updates in the Center of updating Windows now". Nevertheless, automatically Windows 10 October 2018 Update is still not offered.

Though the company announced availability of Windows 10 (version 1809) to "advanced users", not all will be able to set updating all the same. In particular, users on whose systems there were following problems will not be able to set it:

Incompatibility with versions of graphic drivers of Intel and;

Unstable connection when using F5 VPN when the VPN client is in a configuration of the separated tunnel;

Incompatibility with software products Trend Micro of OfficeScan and Worry-Free Business Security;

Problems with the blocking screen on computers with the video cards Radeon HD2000 and HD4000.

The users who decided to set manually updating are recommended to make previously backup copies of important files[9].

Red Hat Enterprise Linux became available in Windows 10 in the form of the WLinux Enterprise distribution kit

In December, 2018 the WLinux Enterprise distribution kit which represents the version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux optimized under Windows 10 went on sale. WLinux Enterprise is available to Microsoft Store and is offered at the discount price of $5. After the end of an action cost will be $100. Read more here.

Microsoft ceased to insert the main drivers for printers

In October, 2018 Microsoft announced that it ceased to include basic drivers for printers in Windows 10. The company optimizes the place in the operating system, preparing the "facilitated" version for corporate clients.

Starting with Windows 10 of version 1809 the built-in drivers of printers and scanners are transferred to the Center of updating Windows. The previous versions of Windows 10 included basic drivers of printers which allowed to print even when full-function drivers are not set. To reduce the Windows size and to provide to users more than free disk space, these drivers are not delivered with the operating system any more and will be available to loading in the Center of updating Windows — it is said on the website of Microsoft.

Installation of the new printer in Windows 10

Thus, loading of drivers for printers in Windows 10 will require Internet access. If it is provided, then downloading and program installation, necessary for operation of the printing equipment, is automatic.

If the user of Windows 10 installs the new printer when the Center of updating Windows is unavailable, then the driver will not be automatically set. In this case will install Windows printers, compatible to Mopria, without requiring the external driver.

Mopria  is  service  for printing from smartphones and tablets running Android. In fact, it is some kind of Android analog AirPrint Apple.

In October, 2018 Microsoft announced finding solutions for reduction of the size of the version of Windows 10 for corporate clients. Then the software giant noted that to the companies it is expensive and labor-consuming to load all files for updating of the operating system. By the time of this statement of Microsoft offered two major versions "tens" — with architecture of x64 and x86. Both options have the size exceeding 4 Gbytes.[10]

Big updating: mirroring of the Android screen, etc.

On October 2, 2018 there was the next large updating for Windows 10. Operating system received a set of new features among which — the Your Phone application allowing to start on the computer any programs with Android-smartphones.

Thus, it is possible to use mobile applications on the big screen — for example, to communicate in messengers or social networks. 

The new feature allows to manage notifications, to transfer photos from phone to the computer or to insert them into documents without preliminary loading on the device.

"Time line" (Timeline —  allows owners of the PC to find quickly files and other information on which they worked today, week or a few weeks ago) for Android smartphones also allows to synchronize work between devices. For work of this function it is required to set Microsoft Launcher.

In addition to Android, partial mirroring with iPhone is adjusted — by the beginning of October, 2018 an opportunity to bring web pages from the Apple phones to the computer running Windows 10 is provided.

All Android-applications can be started in Windows 10 now

In Microsoft note that updating of Windows 10 of October 2018 Update will allow users "to pass imperceptibly from one device to another and to overcome a gap between devices based on iOS and Android and the PC".

Among innovations which appeared in Windows 10 in October, 2018 It should be noted a cloud clipboard. It is possible to copy content from the computer on the computer on the Internet.

Besides, there were a dark subject of Conductor, the new tool for creation of screenshots and a lot of visual changes.

After installation of updating October 2018 Update there are new emoji and support of text typing of SwiftKey, control of memory state amplifies. The Edge browser was also finished.[11]

Control of drones

On May 7, 2018 the Microsoft company announced creation of tools, joint with DJI company, for developers (SDK) thanks to which the Windows 10 operating system can be used for control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The announced set of development tools will help to provide full control of management of flights and data transmission in real time on devices with Windows 10 which number by the beginning of May, 2018 makes nearly 700 million worldwide. It is supposed that possibilities of UAVs will be expanded, and devices will become more universal thanks to integration into Windows 10.

Drones will work at Windows 10

Within commercial cooperation of DJI and Microsoft will develop solutions on the basis of Azure IoT Edge and Microsoft services based on artificial intelligence, expanding opportunities in such spheres as agriculture, construction, public security, etc., says the company.

Microsoft AI services will be used by DJI for the analysis and interpretation of pictures and video from air for commercial clients.

DJI which by the time of the declaration of partnership with Microsoft is the world's largest producer of drones also selected Azure as priority cloud infrastructure for further development of solutions for commercial UAVs and solutions SaaS.

Within the Build 2018 conference of DJI and Microsoft company showed one of the first results of joint work. The Mavic drone connected to new SDK and a cloud of Azure was used for scanning and detection of damages of pipes at factory. The analysis and tracking were kept on the computer running Windows 10 in an UWP-application.[12]

Work with DJI is a part of strategy of Microsoft on business development in the market of Internet of Things in which the American software giant is going to invest $5 billion till 2022.

Announcement of Windows 10 of April 2018 Update

The Microsoft corporation provided on April 27, 2018 updating of Windows 10 of April 2018 Update which will become available since April 30. It contains the whole range of functions which will give to users the chance to save time.

The main changes / innovations implemented in Windows 10 April 2018 Update:

  • Timeline (time line) — helps to find easily important information on any device
    • The Timeline function in Windows 10 on the PC will help "be transferred" to the past until 30 days and find all necessary. Function will also help to check actions which were made under the account of Microsoft.

  • Nearby Sharing — allows to share instantly video, a photo, documents and websites with people and the devices which are nearby on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Windows Ink — for use of a digital feather adds the Tap to Ink functions (hand-written input on contact) and Ink Acceleration (acceleration of hand-written input). Now it is by hand more convenient to draw and write.
  • Focus Assist — helps to concentrate

    • The Focus Assist function helps to save concentration. It is necessary to include it when it is necessary to make something, without being distracted by social networks and notifications. It is also possible to program automatic switch-on of this function in certain time during the day when it is necessary to concentrate. Upon termination of work the user will receive all notifications, e-mails and updates which he missed while it was busy. In case of waiting of specific letters or calls, the necessary people can be added to the list of exceptions.

  • Updated Browser Microsoft Edge — will help users to be focused during the work online.

    • Now it is possible to click audio icon to switch off or again to unmute on a tab. Books, the PDF files and the Reading View pages can be switched to the full-screen mode that nothing distracted during reading. It became simpler to shop as the e-mail address, payment and other information it is possible to save using function of autocompletion of payment online forms. In addition, the function allowing to remove the excess text from the web page for printing is added. And, at last, the people experiencing difficulties when reading can use the Grammar Tools button to receive the help. Grammar Tools can break words on the page into syllables and also select different word classes, such as nouns, verbs and adjectives.

  • The voice for natural input — can completely change how people interact with the devices

    • Voice input just allows to say what needs to be made, without printing anything. In updating of April 2018 Update the Dictation function (Dictation) appeared. Now to make a note or to make the document, using only a voice, it became simpler, than ever. Having delivered the cursor in a text box in the program or the Windows application 10, just click Win+H and begin to speak. The improved Dictation function in Windows 10 will help to record quickly and accurately thoughts.

  • 3D to Windows 10 — now it is possible to add 3D - elements and animation to photos, video and even PowerPoint presentations.
  • HDR video — a bigger number of devices can play video in the HDR format with the Windows application of HD color now.
  • The optimized "Game panel" — allows to pass quickly to records, to turn on the microphone and the camera, to select a subject and to edit headings of broadcastings Mixer.

With updating of April 2018 Update and Cortana on the PC with Windows 10 it is possible to manage the smart home system directly from the computer, using only a voice. In addition, in updating there is a set of other innovations, including functions of the simplified management of IT for corporate users, possibilities of creative work with a photo and Windows Mixed Reality, methods to ensure safety online, improvements of the touch keyboard for a set of languages, intellectual opportunities in Office, the optimized localization of Microsoft Store.

In new assembly of Windows 10 Edge became the browser by default

Microsoft in every way tries to advance the Edge browser and, it seems, gradually goes beyond all limits. In the last assembly of Windows 10 (17623) for the participants of the Windows Insider program who selected the option Skip Ahead, the built-in e-mail client opens all links in Edge even if the user selected by default other browser[13].

As[14] in the blog of the company is reported, this step was taken for the benefit of users. "For the participants of Windows Insider who selected the option Skip Ahead we begin testing of a possibility of opening of links in the email application of Windows via Microsoft Edge providing the best, safest and reliable experience with Windows 10 on all devices", reported in the blog of Microsoft.

According to the message of the company, "with such built-in functions as notes and Cortana and also with quick access to SharePoint and OneDrive services, Microsoft Edge does your work more productive, organized and creative, saving at the same time a charge of the accumulator and ensuring safety".

Details about the version of Windows 10 for ARM processors

In February, 2018 Microsoft accidentally disclosed some details operating system Windows of version 10 for ARM processors. Judging by these data which were published on short term, in a software platform there will be a set of restrictions.

For architecture of ARM the Microsoft company announced plans for release of Windows 10 at the end of 2017, however at that moment did not begin to provide any parts concerning a product. On February 16, 2018 on the portal for Windows Dev Center developers the document under the name Limitations of apps and experiences on ARM appeared.

In Windows 10 for ARM processors there will be a set of restrictions

In materials it was reported that the new version of Windows 10 will be incompatible with many devices and programs. So, the platform supports only drivers for ARM64 that does it incompatible with older devices.

In a system there is no support of х64-applications though are going to add it to Microsoft later. Also the games and applications using OpenGL of the version later 1.1 or requiring hardware acceleration of OpenGL will not work.

The UWP-applications available in Microsoft Store shop, will also be available in the 32-bit version with optimization under architecture of ARM32. Whereas versions of applications under ARM64 on notebooks and tablets with chipsets of Qualcomm Snapdragon are not able to be started.

Also Microsoft announced nonserviceability of applications, changing definitely the user interface Windows. In particular, it concerns client programs of cloud services which add the point "send to a cloud" to a context menu.

According to the The Verge edition, data on features of Windows 10 for ARM chips were deleted from the Microsoft portal in couple of days after the publication. Terms of a release of the version of OS are not called.[15]

Mode of maximum capacity

In February, 2018 in to the operating system Windows 10 there was a mode  of maximum capacity when all resources of the personal computer focus on one task.

At the time of the announcement of function under the name Ultimate Performance it is available only in the version of the platform to workstations — Windows 10 Pro for Workstations.

In Windows 10 the mode of maximum capacity appeared

This setup can select both equipment manufacturers, and end users from a control panel in the section Power supply. At the same time it will not be available to notebooks and other devices working from rechargeable batteries.

After Ultimate Performance activation all capacity of the computer is focused on the current resource-intensive task, and resource costs for background tasks decrease to a minimum or completely stop.

However, PC energy consumption significantly increases in such mode, and the completing devices wear out quicker, warn in Microsoft.

The new scheme of power supply is based on the present version of the High Performance mode ("High performance"), but received a number of additional optimization which are designed to provide higher power of a system. It is reached due to elimination of microdelays and is directly connected with operation of the hardware. 

After a progressive tense we collected a set of settings which allow OS to change quickly work indicators on the basis of preferences of users, policy, a basic hardware or workloads, said in the statement of Microsoft.

By February 16, 2018 the Ultimate Performance function appeared in assembly of Windows 10 of Insider Preview Build 17101, access to which participants of the program of early testing of Windows Insider OS have. An exit of large updating which will add turborezhy to the final version of the operating system is planned for March-April, 2018.[16]

Prohibited to impose to Microsoft installation of applications in Windows

In February, 2018 the Finnish management on consumer protection (Finnish Consumer Authority) agreed with  Microsoft  that the company will not install the application on computers of users in Finland without their explicit consent any more.

According to the Xinhua agency with reference to the Finnish daily Kauppalehti, the agreement also means that  Microsoft  will not change value of characters in windows of programs.

Interface of the Get Windows 10 utility

For example, in the Get Windows 10 application which  performs preparation for   the Windows 10, Microsoft installation changed  value  of the X button in the upper corner  of the screen. The button usually means action "close" or "cancel", but Microsoft  changed value on  "confirm" or "begin". Thus, if the consumer clicked "X" to close  a window, he or she actually  agreed  to begin loading of software.

 During the investigation, which began  in 2016,  it was established  that actions of Microsoft contradict the legislation of Finland in the field of consumer protection.

According to the Finnish media, users in Finland complained of unauthorized loading of the application of Windows 10 from the middle of 2016. The local management of Microsoft explained that the Get Windows 10 installation was "the recommended updating", and the explaining information was published in the blog of the company.

Official comments  about  promotion of Windows 10  from the Finnish management on consumer protection at that time did not arrive, but  the lawyer Miina Ojajarvi  told media that "mentioning in the blog is not enough"  and that the company should "provide important information to consumers".  Users should have an opportunity to refuse installation. Management established that Get Windows 10 is the instrument of direct marketing which was installed without the consent of users.[17]

Under court for shutdown of autoupdating of Windows 10

The Microsoft company warned users of Windows 10 in Russia that shutdown of automatic updates of OS grants it the right to file a lawsuit against users for violation of the law. It is said on the official site of technical support of the company[18].

The position of Microsoft became known after the user under the alias kochurovaleksandr addressed[19] in technical support with the purpose to learn how it is possible to disconnect service of autoupdating Windows 10 on the notebook. As he explained, on the device the hard drive with a capacity of 32 GB, the most part from which is already occupied with files of the operating system, is used, and on it just there is no place for updates. In reply one of official moderators of community explained that it is impossible to turn off autoupdating categorically as because of this Microsoft can give on the user (the legal user) to court. According to him, shutdown of function of automatic update in the Windows 10 operating system is direct violation of Articles 1229 and 1235 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Article 146 "Violation of Copyright and Related Rights" of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. Forced failure is qualified by the Russian legislation as illegal use of the software and can cause not only administrative, but also criminal liability.


Function of fast file sharing

On November 8, 2017 the Microsoft company announced function of fast file sharing between computers for the Windows 10 operating system. The tool under the name Near Share reminds AirDrop from Apple. Something similar was created also by Google.

Through Near Share it is possible just to send quickly and photos and documents to the next computer by means of the wireless Bluetooth connection. By transfer of the file the notification is output to the PC of the receiver.

Near Share

Access to a new feature which is in Center of notifications can be received in browser Edge, to the Photos program, in Conductor and other programs, having pressed the Share button. 

In addition to Microsoft, similar AirDrop function is implemented also by Google. It found application in the File Go file manager who by the beginning of November, 2017 was in a beta testing stage.

The Near Share technology appeared in test assembly of Windows 10 (17035) which by November 9, 2017 is available to participants of the Windows Insiders program.

Updating also included the following functions:

  • in the Edge browser it is possible to disconnect quickly a sound in a certain tab (for example, at autostart of video or annoying advertizing);

  • in the Microsoft Store shop which is built in Windows 10 there was an opportunity to buy Surface devices and accessories to them;

  • loading on the computer of e-books in the EPUB format (it is necessary to click an icon with a diskette in the upper right corner) and their opening;

  • possibility of restriction of speed of loading in the background;

  • separate tab for settings of a sound in the section System.

Also Microsoft works on creation of a universal clipboard between devices which will work through a cloud.[20]

The AirDrop function for the first time appeared in to the operating system Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in 2011. For iPhone it it became available in 2013 in the version iOS 7. Thus, Microsoft was required six years on implementing similar function of century Windows.

Exit of large updating is Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

On October 17, 2017 the Microsoft company announced release of large updating for the Windows 10 operating system. The packet which received the name Fall Creators Update is intended for installation on personal computers.

According to the statement of Microsoft, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will begin to be installed on more than 500 million devices. Main innovations following:

The screenshot Windows 10 with the set Fall Creators Update
  • the section of Photo - an opportunity to add cinema 3D - effects based on artificial intelligence technologies is updated;
  • availability of Windows Mixed Reality;
  • opportunity in real time to impose 3D - objects on the image in a camera lens by means of Mixed Reality Viewer, integration 3D - elements in Office packet;
  • function of economy of memory of the Files of OneDrive on Demand device for optimization of loadings of files from a cloud;
  • the multifunction address directory My People (it is possible to fix contacts of the necessary people on a task bar for quick access. For example, it will be possible to call them Skype or to send the file by e-mail, having dragged it on a contact icon);
  • the strengthened protection against viruses racketeers (such as WannaCry or Petya) Windows Defender Exploit Guard.

The updated OS also received a cloud clipboard for Windows, iOS and Android by means of which content copied on the PC can be inserted on the smartphone (similar function was provided earlier by Apple company). One more innovation of Fall Creators Update is the OneDrive Files On-Demand function by means of which users will be able to see files and their parameters in OneDrive cloud without loading — to download files it will be necessary to open only in need of them.

To users available three methods of receiving Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: download updating (it is relevant for those who locate the PC with the previous license versions of Windows 10), to purchase the computer from the preset Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and to purchase the operating system and to independently install it on the computer.[21]

Updating of Fall Creators Update: emphasis on AR and VR

On September 1, 2017 Microsoft disclosed details of new large updating for the Windows 10 operating system. In a set of Fall Creators Update emphasis will be put on complemented (AR) and virtual (VR) of reality.

The Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality platform which Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP Inc are going to use will be a part of updating . and Lenovo in the VR equipment.

The updated Windows 10 will receive expanded functions of virtual reality

The Windows Mixed Reality tools will allow to use the normal webcam for imposing of virtual objects on the real image. It is possible to see something similar in applications for smartphones of some producers.

Besides, in the updated OS its appearance and system applications will be changed according to the new concept under the name Fluent Design System. Use of different effects of transitions and new animation is its cornerstone.

Among other innovations — the People functions (fixing of contacts on a task bar) and OneDrive Files On-Demand. Thanks to the last users will not need to synchronize constantly files from the corporate cloud storage of the company or to entirely load folders: all elements will be visible initially, and the necessary content can be downloaded.

We approach the fourth large updating of Windows 10. The main objective of these innovations — to create the platform which will inspire on creativity and creation. We see how students play and study with Minecraft, lawyers actively work with words, accountants use digits, designers share the ideas using slides, and programmers write the code. Creativity is universal and in itself motivates — the executive vice president of division  of Microsoft Windows and Devices Group   Terry Myerson said.[22]

The release of the update Fall Creators Update is planned for October 17, 2017. In the 2018th there will be a new update — under  the name Redstone 4.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

Main article: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

On August 11, 2017 Microsoft confirmed data on creation operating system Windows 10 for workstations. Its differences from the normal version in focus on fast processing of large volumes of data.

Eye Control will allow to manage the computer the movements of eyes

On August 2 the Microsoft corporation announced that the Eye Control function which helps users to manage with violations of a motor and motive system the computer will become a part of Windows 10. Participants of the Windows Insiders program can already test this opportunity, and officially it will leave together with Windows 10 Creators Update in the fall of 2017. The purpose of introduction of this function — to make a maximum of opportunities of Windows available to use without traditional management tools.

Some functions from the Eye Control set are intended to replace a mouse, others — the keyboard. In general this method of recognition shape-writing allows to enter quickly the text the movements of eyes: the user, looking at the virtual keyboard, delays a look on the first letter of a word, and then can quickly carry out by eyes on all following characters. It is more effective, than input on single letter when it is required to delay a look on each of them. Hints which simplify printing process by a look are also available to users of Eye Control, told in Microsoft.

To use new features of a system, the Eye Tracker 4C controller camera from Tobii company will be required. The detailed management how to configure and use this system, can be found in the blog of the company.

The special development team whereas everything began within the project on a week-long hackathon in 2014 is responsible for development of Eye Control in Microsoft now. By its results judges selected winners among 3 thousand projects, and the head of the company Satya Nadella awarded the first prize to creators of technology which formed Eye Control basis.

As noted, Steve Gleason's letter — the former famous American soccer player suffering from a disease of motor neurons became inspiration for team members. Gleason urged to create new technological solutions which could facilitate life to the people limited in an opportunity to move.

Windows Subsystem for Linux will be a part of OS

On August 1, 2017 it became known of plans of Microsoft to include functionality of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in release of Windows 10 of Fall Creators Update (FCU).

In assembly 16251 WSL has no status a beta - the subsystem of Linux can be used as a full-fledged component of tool palette Windows 10. WSL allows to work with tools of the command line Linux, to initiate from it processes of Windows and to get access to files of Windows. It is possible to initiate processes of Linux of the CLI Windows (for August 1, 2017 files of Linux are unavailable from Windows — Microsoft works on elimination of a problem)[23].

Windows Subsystem for Linux in the status a beta, (2017)

The Linux distribution kits work over WSL in interactive scenarios, the developer company stated. The subsystem is not expected start of workloads ApachenginxMySQL///MongoDB and so forth. Also there are no plans of support in it of the X/GUI applications, desktops and servers.

Start of "native" executable files of Linux is implemented through the special layer broadcasting system calls of Linux in system calls of Windows "on the fly" - the return analog of the Wine system. The environment of the user is created on a package basis of Ubuntu. Canonical and Microsoft added a feature for start of Ubuntu over Windows 10 to provide to system administrators and developers a possibility of use of bash and other Linux tools and utilities (make, gawk and grep) directly in Windows.

A month earlier Microsoft added in Windows Store SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 and openSUSE Leap 42. After their installation users of Windows will have an opportunity to work with Linux environment in a virtual sandbox, as on separately set OS with all its functionality, but without the need for separate start of Linux loader. The SLES 12 and openSUSE Leap 42 distribution kits will become available also to users of Windows 10 S.

Preassembly of Windows 10 of Insider Preview Build 16251 is released

On July 28, 2017 a goal the Microsoft company announced release of preassembly of Windows 10 of Insider Preview Build 16251. It is available to participants of the Windows Insider program.

The main in this assembly became the Continue-to-PC function. It can be tested on the example of cross-platform web surfing. To synchronize two devices, it is necessary to come into the section of Phone ("Phone") in the Windows 10 settings, and on Android to install experimental Microsoft application of Apps, the link to which will come by the SMS[24].

Representation of connection of two devices, (2017)

Users can continue to watch the websites which are earlier opened in the mobile browser on the big screen, to copy and insert content from a universal clipboard. This buffer — one of the main innovations of autumn updating of Windows 10 of Fall Creators Update.

In preassembly are supported only Android smartphones, in final support of iPhone should appear. It is one of functions which Microsoft is going to add within the concept of the "continuity" meaning close interaction with devices on iOS and Android. Microsoft wants to make so that in the future users could switch between devices on different platforms and have an opportunity to resume work in this or that application from that place where stopped.

The assistant to Cortana is updated, voice commands for blocking, an exit from an account, reset and switching off of the PC are added. Changes in process of reset allow to log in quicker to an account and to recover applications. Changes are made to process of input by means of the touch keyboard, in the Edge browser reliability of work, including with the PDF files is increased.

For July 28, 2017 date of release of Fall Creators Update is not announced. It is expected that the update will leave, perhaps, in September-October, 2017.

Devices based on Intel Atom Clover Trail will not receive updating of Windows 10 of Creators Update

Devices based on processors Intel Atom with architecture of Clover Trail will not receive updating of Windows 10 of Creators Update. About it in July wrote ZDNet with reference to the words of representatives Microsoft. In exchange the corporation will offer for such devices the previous version of updating — Windows 10 Anniversary Update and also security update up to January, 2023 (period end date of expanded support of the original version OS Windows 8.1).[25]

Earlier the company regularly provided free updates of Windows 10 for notebooks and convertible tablets based on Intel Atom Clover Trail chips. As found out in ZDNet, a number of compatible drivers does not allow owners of such devices to receive updating of Windows 10 of Creators Update any more.

In the official statement of Microsoft concerning a situation with the Intel processors Atom it is explained that for support of all new functionality implemented in program updating of Windows 10 Creators, the processor architecture of Clover Trail would need additional hardware support.

"However these systems any more are not supported by Intel (End of Interactive Support) so without necessary support by drivers they are incapable to pass to Windows 10 Creators Update without potential decline in production" — the representative of Microsoft said to the The Verge edition.

Microsoft began development of the Controlled folder access function

On June 30, 2017 the Microsoft company announced the beginning of testing of function of access control to folders.

After the May attack of the WannaCry virus the Microsoft company corrected vulnerability in all versions of the OS (including in unsupported), but mass infection with the NotPetya virus showed that on many systems updating is not set. Microsoft decided to develop the method ensuring safety of users in the absence of system security patches[26].

The company intends to include the Controlled folder access function in the next versions of Windows OS ("Are controlled access to folders"). Purpose of function - control over access to crucial folders. In each attempt of a certain application to make not authorized notification, the user will receive the corresponding warning.

The Controlled folder access tool is integrated with Windows Defender Security Center in preassembly of Windows 10 of Fall Creators Update and will be available to a wide range of users with a release of the version of OS in September, 2017. With its help users will be able to monitor each folder and also network resources and the connected disks - in case of hit of software from racketeers on the user's computer, to cipher files it will not turn out.

A number of settings is provided in Controlled folder access. Users can select folders which need to be secured, done exceptions, permitting some applications to make changes to certain folders. But the Documents, Images, Video and Desktop folders will be protected by default, and the user will not be able to enter them in the list of exceptions.

Discount to the Indian users

In June, 2017 the Indian authorities asked Microsoft about providing to residents of the country of a big discount for the Windows 10 installation after a series of large-scale cyber attacks which affected generally computers on older operating systems. About it the Reuters news agency was told by the coordinator for cyber security of India Gulshan Rai.

According to him, the management of Microsoft "in principle agreed" to a request to install more "the democratic prices" for loading of Windows 10 on the user and corporate computers.

India demanded from Microsoft a discount for the Windows 10 installation after large-scale cyber attacks
It will be the single offer on updating of OS to Windows 10. The reduced cost will work through the whole country — said Paradise.

He did not begin to call the specific size of discount, but expressed confidence that Microsoft will allow to set the new computer platform for a quarter of the current price.

As of the beginning of July, 2017 the retail cost of Windows 10 Home in India is 8 thousand rupees ($124), versions of Windows 10 Pro — 15 thousand rupees ($232). About 96% from 57 computers in the country are controlled different versions of Windows, counted in Counterpoint Research analytical company.

Gulshan Ry told that the Indian government began to conduct with heads of Microsoft negotiations on reduction of prices of the Windows 10 installation after viruses racketeers affected computers in many countries, using vulnerabilities of older versions of Windows.

Reuters notes that if Microsoft agrees to a discount, she can receive similar requests in other countries. Considering that in India there are not a lot of users of Windows 10, sale of OS at the price reduced by 75% can deprive the company of several billion dollars of income.

The Indian users and the small organizations often do not transfer the PCs to fresher OS because of big costs. The government wants that all people updated the systems, Gulshan Ry reported.[27]

Large-scale leak of the source code

In June, 2017 a part of the source code Windows 10 was denied a public access. Files with a total amount of 32 Tbyte which were published on the website BetaArchive (monitors release of updates for this operating system), contain official and private assemblies of the platform, the source code of the Windows 10 drivers, stacks of USB and Wi-Fi and also the code of the ARM version of a core OneCore.

Besides, in archive several versions of the application of Windows 10 of Mobile Adaptation Kit allowing to port "ten" on different mobile devices were detected.

The source code Windows 10 got to the Internet

The The Register edition writes that leak came from internal storage Microsoft in March, 2017. More precisely, the Microsoft Shared Source Kit set extended among OEM-Microsoft partners became a source of loss of information.

The representative of Microsoft confirmed to the website The Verge that the files which got to the Internet really are fragments of the source code Windows 10. They were a part of the Shared Source Initiative project and were used by equipment manufacturers and partners of the company, he explained.

Journalists christened this leak of source codes of Windows of the largest from the moment of the similar incident which happened to Windows 2000 in 2004. Though files were deleted, any who managed to get access to them could use data for search of vulnerabilities in OS security system so Windows computers are under the threat of global cracking.

Meanwhile, the administration of BetaArchive reported that were published not 32 Tbyte of the confidential data connected with Windows 10, and only 1.2 Gbytes. Possibly, the editions which announced leak meant large release of Windows 10 of March 24, 2017 which source were members of a forum, participants of the Windows Insider and Microsoft Connect program. This archive included outdated assemblies of the operating system to replace which new were already let out, noted in BetaArchive.[28]

The release of Windows 10 of Fall Creators Update is announced

On May 11, 2017 the Microsoft corporation announced the large-scale updating of Windows OS which is coming in 20174 under the name Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Screenshot of the presentation Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, (2017)

It is supposed that updating will be available to loading in the fall of 2017. Are announced:

We created Windows 10 that each of us could realize the creative potential. We are glad that our users will be able to receive unforgettable impressions of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Updating will create more opportunities for creativity, work and entertainments. And the stylish and modern universal interface is equally convenient for use on any types of devices. Besides, the last update will allow developers to create more simply applications, making the contribution to development of technologies of the future.

Terry Mayerson, executive vice president of Microsoft Windows Device Group

Windows 10 Creators Update

On March 29, 2017 Microsoft announced the release of the update Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11, 2017. Changes developers refer broadcast of playing games by means of Beam service to the main and expansion of scope of application Windows Ink.

Games and video become available in permission 4K and in this permission it is possible to look Netflix in browser Edge [29].

In Windows 10 Creators Update the Beam service allows to conduct online broadcast of playing the game with a delay less than in 1 village. Service gives to the audience an opportunity to interact with the player and a video flow, to influence the game course in real time. The game toolbar allows to begin broadcast of Beam, to make a screenshot or to write a game fragment, without distracting from game process.

For stabilization of a video flow the game mode is created. It allows to optimize PC capacity, in particular, operation of the processor and devices for processing of graphics, during the game.

Permission 4K is added to Windows 10 Creators Update, it is 4 times more accurate than Full HD and does graphics of compatible games of more realistic.

Microsoft positions Windows 10 Creators Update as updating for people with a creative potential. It is supposed that will help to implement it an ecosystem of 3D-applications, the Windows Ink tool and cards.

The 3D Paint application gives an opportunity to create and modify 3D - objects. The user can change their color or texture, to transform 2D - images to the 3D format.

Using Windows Ink it is possible to sign photos. Windows Ink allows to write by hand to Word and to create 3D models in Paint 3D using digital ink. Ink can be applied to marks on cards. By means of Windows Ink it is possible to draw in photos and video.

Windows 10 Creators Update includes the application for watching video files of Movies & TV. It allows to watch video with the resolution of 4K shot in the form of a 360-degree panorama.

The musical Groove application is integrated with the cloud storage of OneDrive. It allows to create playlists, the general for all devices of the user, including working running Android, iOS, Sonos, Windows and Xbox.

In the Edge browser an opportunity to save selections of tabs works and the user can return to the previous sessions. Books in the EPUB format became possible to read in the interface of the browser, having configured the scale, a font and text color.

In Edge the built-in online protection is implemented from phishing and malware. The expansions allowing to use services Ebates, Intel TrueKey, Read & Write, Ghostery and RoboForm from the browser are added. Edge allows viewing Netflix channel in permission 4K if the 4K-compatible screen and a chipset Intel of KabyLake is connected to the PC.

In Windows 10 Creators Update there was a control panel confidentiality where it is possible to browse data on work of different services and to manage them. Representations of settings it is upgraded. The procedure of the choice of a configuration of collecting of diagnostic data is changed. The quantity of possible options of a configuration decreased from 3 levels to 2 – basic and complete. At basic level less data are collected. The center of security of Windows Defender assembled in one place all management tools by a status and security of the PC.

In Anniversary Update there was a centralized Center of Security of Windows portal relating to service of corporate security Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. Now from there it is possible to pass to Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection via Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. It allows the system administrator to monitor network attacks and penetrations into mail, without preventing work of users.

Windows 10 Creators Update continued transfer of resources and resource-intensive tasks in a cloud. Developers claim that process of purchase, commissioning, ensuring support and security of corporate PCs is facilitated. The modifed Analytics panel should simplify installation process of Windows 10 and the subsequent support.

The claim because of an automatic update

On March 27, 2017 media published information on the claim of three residents of the State of Illinois to Microsoft company, declaring data loss as a result of an automatic update of Windows 10.

Claimants announced destruction of data and damages of computers as a result of installation of automatic update Windows 10. Affirms as the claim: "Windows 10 is a defective product, his creators did not warn users about potential dangers of the OS installation, in particular, of data loss and stability of a system".

Advertizing Windows 10, (2017)

Lawyers of authors of the address insist that it should receive the status of the class action, and each U.S. citizen who passed with Windows 7 to Windows 10 and the victim of data loss or other damage of software within 30 days from the moment of the OS installation can become the claimant. According to lawyers, the number of victims of OS is measured by "hundreds and thousands"[30].

The corporation reacted to the statement of claim of residents of Illinois quietly.

In the program of free upgrade of OS to Windows 10 the principle of the choice was underlain in order that users defined for themselves the safest and productive system. Users have an option not to update a system to Windows 10. If the user after upgrade had any problems, there are different methods of their solution, including free customer support and 31 days on returning to old OS. We consider requirements of claimants unreasonable.

official letter of Microsoft

The period of free updating of Windows 10 ended on July 29, 2016.

Features of support of Intel processors and AMD

On March 24, 2017 the Microsoft corporation published data on work of Windows 10 OS on Intel processors and AMD according to which, the companies need to pay attention to features of support of these processors operating systems of the Windows family.

  • Intel processors for personal devices of the 7th generation (the code name of microarchitecture Kaby Lake, the beginning of release – 1 quarter 2017);
  • AMD processors of the seventh generation (the code name of microarchitecture Bristol Ridge, the beginning of release – the 3rd quarter 2016);
  • Processors of Qualcomm 8996 (are used, generally for mobile devices).

Operating systems Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and earlier versions on devices with processors of the specified or later generation will not be able to execute verification of presence of updates any more and to load updates through the Center of updating Windows. In attempt of carrying out updating the user will see the error message about incompatibility of the equipment and will not be able to complete the procedure of updating.

Screenshot of the software window, (2017)

In a window of the Center of updating Windows the error message of failure of search of updates can appear.

The specified error will arise in attempt of receiving any updates through official service of updates Microsoft, including the Microsoft Office software package.

Except impossibility to receive updates users can face change of an operation mode of some devices. When using desktop computers and monoblocks with the Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or more operating system of early versions with processors Intel or AMD the 7th or later generations, standard drivers operating system for work of some types of devices without a possibility of installation and further use of specialized drivers are established.

Respectively, for such devices their opportunities are not used fully, devices work at the minimum functionality.

For correction of the specified situations the company recommends to carry out OS update to Windows 10.

Windows 10 for the People's Republic of China

On March 22, 2017 Microsoft announced completion of development of specialized operating system Windows version 10 and readiness to deliver it in the People's Republic of China.

In 2016 representatives of Microsoft announced work on the special version of Windows 10 for the government sector of China. The version of the operating system approved by the country leaders is developed by the joint venture created by Microsoft together with China Electronics Technology Group Corp company. (CETC). C&M Information Technologies - the exclusive licensor for the state and crucial state[31].

Screenshot of the software window, (2017)

The Chinese "government" version of Windows 10 under the name Zhuangongban will be delivered to the country along with the version of Windows 10 for consumer market and the companies from the non-governmental sector.

Properties of the state version

Official representatives of Microsoft do not discuss distinction of the version of Windows 10 and specialized. It is known only that in the last a number of consumer applications and functions for the sake of increase in security, security and controllability is deleted.

According to official media of the People's Republic of China, the version of Windows 10 for the government sector of China passed test "at three large corporate clients" and is recognized rather protected and controlled.

Redesign of OS

On February 22, 2017 the Microsoft company announced preparation of an exit of updates of Windows 10 OS in a type Creators Update update - spring of 2017 and Redstone 3 which should change the graphical interface of a system.

The edition announced plans of corporation to provide the design Project Neon language which should pull together interfaces of desktop PCs, mobile devices and devices of augmented reality to Redstone 3. Microsoft Design Language 2 (MDL2) will form a basis for language, it is used by a system for February 22, 2017[32].

Screenshot of the OS window, (2017)

Neon should make interfaces of different Windows applications more uniform (it is supposed, it will help users easier to change one worker of a table for another on different devices) and smoother, to add to OS of visual effects. With reference to insiders, the edition declared opportunities of Neon to take out elements of applications out of limits of their windows.

Possibly, at Redstone 3 there will be functions which did not enter earlier into Creators Update, it can be the My People panel which integrates into a system connection with important contacts, or the Home Hub applications for use of the voice assistant to Amazon Alexa and the wireless loudspeaker with voice actuation of Google Home.


Microsoft starts PCs programs on Windows smartphones with processors of Qualcomm

On December 7, 2016 the Microsoft company submitted the version of Windows 10 compatible to processors of Qualcomm. It will allow to start on smartphones of the program for personal computers.

At the Windows Hardware Engineering Community conference (WinHEC) in Shenzhen (China) work of Windows 10 on the device equipped with the single-crystal Snapdragon 820 system with clock rate of 1.59 GHz was shown. In particular, Microsoft showed start of the Adobe Photoshop program, the game World of Tank Blitz and a packet of Office with a possibility of a touch control, including by means of the digital stylus.

It is noted that it is about support by processors of Qualcomm of full Windows 10, but not its mobile or some cut-down version. For start of computer programs on portable gadgets developers should not make any changes to the software as Qualcomm and Microsoft implement mutual support of the products via the emulator which, according to the companies, works very quickly.

Microsoft and Qualcomm reported that the first devices on Windows platforms 10 and Snapdragon will appear in the market in 2017. They will differ in thin construction and capability to work without recharge several days and to be constantly connected to network. The companies did not tell the names of producers which will release electronics with Windows 10 and Snapdragon in a basis.

Processors of Qualcomm use ARM architecture which Microsoft already tried to connect with the operating system. However in addition to Microsoft, only four producers of tablets used such version of Windows which appeared in 2012. The project was failure: two companies were limited to release of small batches of Windows devices on ARM chips, and Microsoft was forced to reduce the cost of self-produced such tablets and then and to write off unsold products, having suffered heavy losses.[33]

Anniversary updating of Windows 10

On August 2, 2016 Microsoft announced the beginning of shipment of anniversary updating of Windows 10.

This Week on Windows: Anniversary Update, (2016)

It will become available users around the world. In it, in particular, functions and opportunities are added:

  • function of hand-written input Windows Ink for creation of notes, drawings and sketches of your idea directly on the screen.
  • the security level of access to applications and the websites using Windows Defender and Windows Hello is raised.
  • the energy efficiency of Microsoft Edge is improved that will help to spend more economically computer battery power, * the Pinterest Pin It Button, Amazon Assistant, AdBlock, Adblock Plus and LastPass expansions will help to personalize the user experience with the browser.
  • app store contains a wide choice of applications for work and entertainments.
  • technologies for educational process among which there is a simple and fast set of services in installation which teachers can independently configure in a class.

Anniversary updating of Windows 10 contains more than 150 parameters of optimization of energy consumption which significantly improve performance and increase computer operating time.

Exit of the first large updating

On June 29, 2016 the Microsoft company officially designated date of an exit of the first large updating for Windows 10 and the number of the devices managed by this operating system.

According to the message from the website of Microsoft, updating of Windows 10 of Anniversary Update will be available to downloading on August 2, 2016. Users will be able to set it free of charge.

Microsoft will release the first large update for Windows 10 2 of August

Updating of Anniversary includes significant improvements of a system as for private, and corporate users. Among innovations — function of hand-written input Windows Ink, the improved opportunities browser Edge, new means of protecting and game opportunities. Besides, the user interface of the platform is a little finished.

Two new elements of security will be available to business users: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) and Windows Information Protection. The last function allows to separate personal and corporate data.

WDATP serves for detection, the analysis and response to the harmful attacks to corporate network at the expense of the extensive system of identification and analytics of threats. By the end of June, 2016 this technology is unrolled more than in 700 thousand workstations and is tested among 300 companies in 70 countries of the world.

The name of the first large-scale update for Windows 10 is selected not casually: the word "anniversary" in translation from English means anniversary, and exactly a year will be performed on July 29, 2016 from the moment of emergence of the final version of Windows 10 in a public access.

Owners of computers based on Windows 7 Windows 8.1 will also be able to install free of charge Windows 10 only till July 29, 2016. Microsoft does not open how many will cost further operating system for corporate clients, but the price for consumers is already known — 7900 rubles for the version of Windows 10 Home.

Microsoft reported that by the end of June, 2016 in the world there are more than 350 million active devices based on Windows 10, and the general operating time in OS exceeded 135 billion hours.[34]

The user adjuded $10 thousand for the unsuccessful Windows 10 installation

At the end of June, 2016 it became known of results of judicial proceedings in which the American accused Microsoft of slow operation of the personal computer as a result of unsuccessful automatic update of its operating system to Windows 10.

According to the British edition The Guardian, the inhabitant of California Teri Goldstein used the notebook based on Windows 7. Once the PC tried to be updated automatically to Windows 10, however process did not manage to be completed successfully then the device began to work unstably and often hung up, the dissatisfied user in the legal claim claimed.

Microsoft will pay to the user $10 thousand for the unsuccessful Windows 10 installation
"I never  heard about   Windows 10. Nobody  ever asked me  whether  I want to update the computer"  — the claimant said.

According to her, in a support service of Microsoft did not see in it a problem then she decided to submit a claim to Microsoft, having demanded from the company cost recovery of the computer and loss of the salary as Goldstein used the PC for work. The court supported charge and obliged to pay Microsoft to $10 thousand.

Microsoft tried to appeal against this solution, however afterwards withdrew the appeal, having reasoned it with the fact that it is simpler to company to pay to the user money, than  to continue judicial proceedings.

It is the first well-known case when  someone managed to seize from Microsoft of means for   software updating. According to Teri Goldstein, her example can become a precedent for other users affected by incorrect updating of Windows.

According to NetMarketShare service, by the end of March, 2016 Windows 10 was installed on 270 million computers in the world that corresponded to 17.4% in a total quantity of systems. Owners of the PC based on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will be able to install free of charge Windows 10 till July 29, 2016.[35]

Windows 10 Anniversary the First large update

On March 31, 2016 Microsoft announced the first large update of Windows 10. An exit of software is planned for summer of 2016[36].

Microsoft announced Windows 10 Anniversary — the first large updating for Windows 10 (the following iteration "tens"). The announcement is made within the Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco.

Users will be able to call on the PC under Windows 10 Anniversary (2016)

Among the main changes:

  • support of Windows Hello in applications (including the Microsoft Edge browser),
  • Windows Ink function,
  • the improved Cortana function,
  • support of universal applications on Xbox.

Windows Hello is the function allowing an input in Windows without password entry by means of a fingerprint or scanning of an iris of the eye of an eye. In Anniversary this function will work for authentication at the websites when using the Edge browser. Also it will appear in different Microsoft applications.

Windows Ink is a possibility of hand-written input (using a digital feather) in OneNote, other customized applications for notes, in applications of Maps Microsoft Edge Office , etc. Developers can add support of function to proprietary applications.

The voice assistant to Cortana will be able to carry out tasks in Anniversary. In particular, it is about pro-active hints for day, availability of function without unblocking of the device, directly from the blocking screen. Third-party developers will have ability to integrate functions into the applications.

Support of universal applications on Xbox will allow to create applications and games for desktop Windows and Xbox at the same time. Besides, Microsoft promised to turn the Xbox prefix into an application development platform. Developers will be able to activate the mode of development Xbox Dev Mode on any copy of the console.

Updating of Windows 10 Anniversary will be available to all users of Windows 10 free of charge.

Windows 10 is installed on more than 300 million active devices

According to MS, Windows 10 became Windows which is the most quickly updated by the version for all history of development of the operating system. Brian Rouper from the Windows command presented in the video 10 main arguments for benefit of transition to Windows 10.


The technical support of Dell, HP and Lenovo dissuades to use Windows 10

At the beginning of November, 2015 it became known that the technical support of large producers of computers Dell, HP and Lenovo actively recommends to users not to work in the environment of Windows 10. It can be connected with two reasons: incompetence of staff of the companies and shortcomings of the operating system.

About what workers of technical support services of Dell, HP and Lenovo do not advise owners of the PC to use Windows 10, observers of the Laptop Mag edition found out during own research. They called in call centers of vendors from a user name which allegedly had problems in work with "ten".

PC makers recommend to avoid Windows 10

During one of such addresses the IT specialist of Dell, having heard about faulty operation of the touchpad in the notebook based on Windows 10, suggested "roll away" OS and noted that the company receives a huge number of calls by an occasion of a new software platform of Microsoft.

Similar recommendations to users are made also in technical support of HP and Lenovo, explaining it with presence of considerable quantity of defects at Windows 10 and also the fact that the main task of the specialist of technical support  — to make the computer again completely operable even if for this purpose it will be required to return software of last generation. In certain cases technical specialists by phone or in an online chat give to clients detailed instructions on the Windows 8.1 installation instead of newer Windows 10.

However, also other version explaining why the users of Windows 10 addressing to technical support, dissuade from work with this "OS" expresses. Perhaps, it is connected with incompetence of staff of call centers who did not deal with functionality and the Windows 10 interface, and therefore it is simpler to them to dissuade people from updating[37].

Free virtual machines for Hyper-V, vSphere, VirtualBox and Parallels Desktop

On August 18, 2015 the company Microsoft announced free availability of virtual machines with the new version of guest Windows 10 OS in the form of ready virtual modules (Virtual Appliances) for platforms virtualizations: VMware vSphere / Workstation Microsoft Hyper-V Oracle VirtualBox and Parallels Desktop[38].

On hostovy Windows OS use of the Workstation, Hyper-V or VirtualBox platforms is possible, for Mac OS it is possible to use VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop or VirtualBox, on Linux it is possible to start the machine only on VirtualBox.

Screenshot of the OS screen, 2015

The company will publish machines and in other formats (for example, QEMU) - Microsoft automated process of creation of virtual modules. It becomes for retraction of users in use of the Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 browser.

Virtual machines extend in the form of zip-archives about 5 Gbytes in size where there are VM files in formats of virtual modules (for VMware it is OVA). The machine is configured on obsolescence in 90 days from the moment of the first inclusion - it is necessary to consider it as the testing environment, but not the production machine (as, after obsolescence data will become unavailable). Microsoft recommends to create the snapshot VM that it was possible to be rolled away on a net system right after loading.

Loading of ready virtual machines with Windows 10 is available according to the link.

Windows 10: all will pay

On July 30, 2015 Microsoft answered with the comment on emergence in network of messages about free updating of piracy versions of OS to Windows 10 briefly sounding as: it is necessary to pay all[39].

According to media, within the first day Microsoft received base from 14 million users. Each of them is "under observation of Windows 10 OS". Computers of users of the previous versions of Windows in automatic loaded necessary files and updates suggested the owners to carry out the procedure.

Allowed to be updated also to users of piracy versions, but already in a day Microsoft commented on the events: "Even if the users using the piracy version of Windows OS will be able to be updated to Windows 10, the status of their system from it will not change – and after updating it will remain not license".

Windows 10, 2015 screen

And the main thing is displayed: the users of Windows 10 who were earlier working in piracy versions of OS receive the notification on need of activation of a system. The message is imposed on the image and remains on the screen until the copy of Windows is not purchased in Microsoft Store.

The official prices on Windows 10 in shop of the company are higher than on what OS is on sale at retailers of the software: the original copy of Windows 10 Pro for "pirate" will rise in 13,900 rub, the version of Home in 7,900 rub. The Russian retailers offer the version of Pro for 9,900 rub, Home - 5,790 rub.

On July 29 day of official release of Windows 10

On July 29, 2015 the company Microsoft announced official date of an exit in 190 countries of OS Windows 10. Users of devices under control of license versions Windows 7 Windows 8.1 can be also updated to Windows 10 free of charge within a year from the date of a release of this OS.

Windows 10, 2015

The company management considers this day than other as "a new era of Windows" which "will help people and the organizations around the world to make great causes".

Windows 10 will be provided as service, i.e. all updates, relevant security settings and the innovation services will be established in the automatic mode. Windows 10 will work on any device: PC, tablets, smartphones, Xbox One, device of augmented reality HoloLens, etc. For July 29, 2015 more than 2 thousand different devices and configurations are tested, the company stated.

OS is created taking into account the user feedback which became participants of the Program of preliminary testing. According to some participants, the program of preliminary testing – first, an opportunity for users to be heard, to influence development of Windows 10. Secondly, for Microsoft - the experience got not from abstract focus groups and groups of testers, and responses from the most important people for the company – users of Windows. Thirdly, for category of IT fans, it is an opportunity to touch to an inner sanctum, to see - "as your ideas and responses influence development new operating system Microsoft"".

As a part of Windows 10:

  • Microsoft Edge is absolutely new browser of Microsoft. Users of any Windows 10 devices will be able not only quickly to find information now and to browse search results, but also to take notes on the page using the stylus, a mouse or a finger then to share them with friends and colleagues.

  • Integration into Xbox – the Xbox built-in application will allow to play with friends on any devices and also to start games from the Xbox One console on the tablet or the PC. Besides, thanks to the DVR function, players will be able to save, edit and share the best game moments with friends.

  • The Start menu is Start-up and Task bar familiar to users Windows 7 and Windows 8, will allow to get access to the most important content quickly.

  • Kortana is the personal assistant who simplifies search and finding of the necessary information on phone, the PC or the tablet at any time.

  • Continuum – optimizes applications for equally comfortable work on devices with the touch screen and on traditional PCs.

  • The built-in applications – the new, developed for Windows 10 applications:
    • Photos,
    • Cards,
    • Mail and the Calendar, are suitable both for entertainments, and for work.

  • The Partner application – allows smartphones running Android and iOS seamlessly to interact with devices on Windows 10.

  • Microsoft Office applications of Mobile there is new Word, Excel, PowerPoint created especially for Windows 10. Universal applications, will be free of charge available to loading in Windows Shop.

Since July 29, 2015 users Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 8.1 will also begin to receive gradually notifications on free updating to Windows 10 as far as possible of its installation.

Plans of Microsoft after July 29

On July 27, 2015 media knew of plans of an output of release operating system Windows 10 on July 29, on Wednesday[40].

On July 29, 2015, 2015

This day will become the beginning of process of distribution of a system for the PC and tablets. In the fall emergence of Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones on Intel processors and ARM, for small tablets also is expected. A system for Surface Hub holding of conferences, the device of virtual reality HoloLens, different devices of Internet of Things will appear in 2015 or even later.

Declaring financial results of the 2nd quarter, the head of the company Satya Nadella answered a question of analysts that he should be expected in the near future:

  • initial distribution of Windows 10 will happen in three stages

  • in the fall numerous new devices on Windows 10 will be available for sale.

By words Nadella, producers prepare more than 2 thousand models and configurations of devices with a set of new designs. A part them will be on sale in the summer of 2015, the majority will appear in time to festive sales of the end of the year.

The management of corporation promised new functionality for the enterprises and the companies still until the end of the year. Mass implementation by clients is expected in the first half of 2016. What is represented by these functions which can be a part of autumn updating of Threshold 2?

In the table comparing functionality of different editions Windows 10 there is a footnote that at the time of release in editions Pro, Enterprise and Education there will be no Enterprise Data Protection function. It separates personal data from workers preventing their leak.

Other innovation - Business Store shop for Windows 10, the web portal for distribution of proprietary applications by the companies. There can be also Messaging, Phone and Video applications which in Windows 10 replace with themselves the traditional Skype application which is not logging in by default.

Initially Microsoft was going to provide Windows 10 in the fall, but decided to be in time by the beginning of academic year. In addition to large-scale updating of a system under the code name Threshold 2 this October in the summer and fall of next year updates of Redstone 1 and 2 are expected.

There was Windows release assembly 10 10166

On July 9, 2015 the Microsoft company provided assembly 10166 Windows 10 for participants of the program of preliminary testing[41].

Emphasis of this bild on correction of defects of a system, performance improvement and stability. In it the functionality - service is added Wi-Fi while it acts only on USA the territory (Seattle). He allows users to purchase Windows Store the right to work with millions of access points in shop Wi-Fi. The corresponding application is going to be released for platforms iOS, Android and OS X. Access will be got by subscribers of the application Skype Wi-Fi and service Office 365 Enterprise.

Screenshot of a desktop of OS, 2015

The next option of a set of development tools Windows 10 Preview SDK is at the same time provided. In it to an akzha errors are corrected, improvements and images of the latest version of the emulator for Windows 10 Mobile are entered. It is recommended to developers to delete previously the former version of the emulator and only then to set new, in order to avoid the conflict with the Visual Studio.

The release of the next version of RTM is expected in July 15-16, 2015, and release of the final version on July 29, 2015.

Distribution of Windows 10 will take place in several stages

On July 2, 2015 it became known of an order of distribution of free copies of Windows 10 - not all will receive free copies on July 29, 2015. The first the final version of OS will be found by participants[42].

Microsoft will carry out mailing of updates in several steps. Since July 29 operating system participants of the Windows Insiders program will begin to receive copies of the final version. Then mailing will reach owners of licenses of systems Windows 7 and 8.1, seized the opportunity of reservation of updating using the program which icon began to appear on screens in notification area in May, 2015. The program will automatically load the copy, will check compatibility and will notify the user on readiness for installation.

Wall-paper of Windows 10, 2015

Step-by-step distribution of new versions - the phenomenon not new and developers use this mechanism for in large quantities the used programs. It load of servers decreases and correction of the errors revealed in the course of updating is allowed.

Distribution of corporate versions (Windows 10 Enterprise) and versions for educational institutions (Windows 10 Education) will begin on August 1, 2015. These versions are not included into the program of free updating. OEM-Microsoft partners, as promise in the company, will receive versions for installation on new computers earlier. Dell and other equipment manufacturers are going to put on the market computers with Windows 10 already on July 29, 2015.

Assembly of Windows 10 of Build 10151 flowed away in network

On June 28, 2015 it became known of leakage of assembly of Windows 10 of Build 10151[43].

Complete number: 10151.0.150617-1826.FBL_IMPRESSIVE_CLIENTPRO_VOL_X64FRE_ZH-CN.ISO. Judging by the identifier, assembly is intended for users in the People's Republic of China. As mass media reported earlier, the previous assembly 10147 also flowed away from China[44].

Screenshot of the Windows 10 screen assembly 10151, 2015

Any innovations in a bilda 10151 it is not announced. Media do not predict some significant changes in relevant assembly.

The Windows Insider program does not grant the rights to free updating to license Windows 10

On June 23, 2015 it became known of the publication in the blog of Microsoft company which entered confusion to a question of a possibility of obtaining the program of preliminary testing of Windows Insider of the license version of the Windows 10 Neowin operating system by participants[45].

Earlier it seemed that at users will provide a method of free obtaining this OS, however later article was updated and Microsoft clarified a situation how participants of the program who will be updated to the final version and will leave the program, will be able to obtain the license.

Journalists of the Neowin portal consider that only updating from license Windows 7 and 8.1 will give free license Windows 10 and there are no alternate paths. The users who left the program of testing will not receive any privileges in comparison with all others.

If users update piracy versions, it will be offered to them or to return on the old version of a system, or to purchase the license for new. It Microsoft lets know - the Windows Insider program will not become a source of free license Windows 10 for owners Windows XP and Vista.

This opinion contradicts opinion of the Arstechnica portal according to which participants of the Windows Insider program will receive license Windows 10 when updating the preliminary version to final (as a gift for a contribution to business of system development).

Those who wants to remain in the Windows Insider program need to do for this purpose nothing. Each assembly of Windows 10 for insiders comes out with a time key which allows the operating system to remain activated. After certain time the expiration date of a key expires that motivates users to upgrade to newer versions with the operating key.

Microsoft designated start date of sales of Windows 10

On June 1, 2015 Microsoft designated date of world start of Windows 10. The company does not sound the price of OEM versions of the new operating system yet, however they are already known from unofficial sources.

According to the message of Microsoft, sales of Windows 10 in 190 countries of the world Russia (including) will begin on July 29, 2015. Owners of computers based on Windows 7 Windows 8.1 will also be able to set free of charge "ten" within a year from the moment of its exit.

Sales of Windows 10 in the world (including Russia) start on July 29, 2015

Sales of Windows 10 in the world (including Russia) start on July 29, 2015

"With start of this operating system we start the embodiment in life of our concept of the personalized computers which cornerstone are a responsible approach to data protection and inviolability of personal information, succession of functions on any devices and the user-friendliest interaction with a system including functions of voice actuation, touch input, notes by hand and also tools for creation of holographic images" — the executive vice president of Microsoft corporation Terry Meyerson reported.

According to its forecasts, the number of devices on which Windows 10 will be installed will exceed 1 billion by 2018.

Meanwhile, the online store which published data on the prices of new OS of Microsoft before their availability earlier made the same in a case with Windows 10. According to promulgated data, the cost of OEM versions of Windows 10 Home will be $110 (about 5900 rubles at the rate of for June 1, 2015), and Windows 10 Professional — $150 (8000 rubles).[46]

At the time of the publication of material in the press service of Microsoft did not comment on the appeared price list on Windows 10. Also in the company did not report the official prices in Russia.

Windows Hello will be a part of Windows 10

On March 18, 2015 the Microsoft company confirmed existence and availability to users in the future working release of Windows 10 OS of a system of biometric identification of Windows Hello. Emergence of Windows 10 is planned for summer of 2015.

For user identification different biometric sensors will be used: in a case with a fingerprint - the special scanner if it is a question of an iris of the eye of an eye or the person - software and hardware packages, they will help to exclude use of photos or simulation of real users. In particular, cameras will use data of the sensor in an infrared spectrum, and the scanner of a retina will be able to identify the user in different conditions of lighting.

Windows Hello is designed to replace the system of logins and passwords which are widely used for identification of users now. Even the most difficult passwords can be cracked or stolen, the Windows Hello system is designed to eliminate these defects, it conforms to the most strict industrial standards of security and security.

In addition to Windows Hello and websites the program system Passport will be available to administrators of information networks, application developers - it the code name means the system of identification without passwords which they I can apply to identification of users. Windows 10 will allow to identify in a protected way the user for an input on the website, in the application or network, without password – thus, storage of passwords or derived data on server side is excluded, and hackers have no opportunity to compromise them, even in case of cracking of the server. Once activating Passport on the device, the user will be able to enter without identification on a certain set of web resources.

Use of Passports and the Windows Hello system will not be obligatory – users can always refuse them for benefit of more traditional methods of authentication.

Microsoft works with developer partners of devices for integration of Windows Hello into their systems – in particular, all systems equipped 3D - the camera Intel RealSense will support technology of unblocking of the device at identification of the person or an iris of the eye of an eye.

Windows 10 Technical Preview became officially available to phones

On February 13, 2015 Gabe Aul, the head of division of Windows Insider Program, announced availability of Windows 10 of Technical Preview to phones. New bild it became available to all participants of the program of early testing of Windows Insider Program and comprises not only a set of usual functions and small improvements of a system, but also and absolutely new opportunities which were provided in January of this year.

Windows 10 Technical Preview is developed for phones especially for the enthusiasts ready to use preliminary versions of software on the additional devices. Windows 10 everywhere will be available later within this year.

Detailed information on the program and its functions, support of devices and languages and also on methods of its installation and providing responses is available on the official site. The updated description of Windows 10 of Technical Preview can also be found here.

Updates of Windows 10 OS

On January 22, 2015 the Microsoft company announced additions and new products in new OS.

As a part of the updates provided by the company to Windows 10:

  • Cortana for the PC and tablets. The voice assistant to Microsoft Cortana provided last year in structure operating system Windows Phone from now on will work both on the PC, and on tablets running Windows 10.

  • The new Internet browser "Project Spartan" is developed for Windows 10 taking into account requirements of functional unit-to-unit compatibility.

  • Xbox for Windows 10. Users will be able to play on the PCs, displaying a game from the Xbox One console thanks to the new program interface DirectX 12 for Windows 10.

  • Office for Windows 10: Universal applications of Office for Windows 10 are adapted for touch input for comfortable work on different devices.

  • The first-ever holographic platform for the computer: Windows 10 allows developers to create these three-dimensional holograms. Microsoft HoloLens-the first holographic computer which is not requiring to connect it to the Internet, phone or the PC.

  • New Microsoft Surface Hub optimizes joint work in Windows 10: Surface Hub allows to use all advantages of Windows 10, Skype for Business and Office 365 creating effect of presence of all participants of a meeting at uniform space regardless of location of each of them.

The second presentation of Microsoft Windows 10, 2015

Free updating to Windows 10 with Windows 8.1

On January 21, 2015 Microsoft reported - updating to Windows 10 will be free on all devices running Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 within the first year after a system exit.[47]

Windows 10 OS for a line of devices, 2015

Transition within a year will be free on all devices running Windows 7. Earlier it was reported that Windows 10 will be equipped with the Start menu, however from product demonstration in Redmond it became obvious that the menu will work differently in the mode of the desktop PC and tablet.

In regime of the desktop PC of the menu it will be similar to the former Start menu familiar according to Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows, but with "live" tiles. Such format of the menu is shown to Microsoft in September, 2014. If the user passes into the tablet mode, the Windows 10 interface will be rebuilt and will begin to work in the touch mode. Such mode means management using gestures on the screen, generally. All opened applications at the same time will remain in memory, but will be displayed not in windows on a desktop, and in the full-screen mode. Switching between applications will be executed by gestures.

The company officially provided function of voice actuation Cortana on the PC. On smartphones it is available (in Windows Phone 8.1). It will help to execute search on the Internet and to start installed applications with input data. For example, such commands will be supported as "Show me photos for December" or "Send the letter to such addressee". Function call will be performed by pronouncing the word "Kortana".

The release of assembly of Windows 10 for the PC is planned after January 26, 2015, and bild by Windows 10 for smartphones — in February, 2015.


Leak of Windows 10 of build 9901 in network

On December 14, 2014 leak in network of the version of Windows 10 Consumer Preview (Windows 10 build 9901) was reported by mass media[48].

Microsoft is going to release this OS, approximately, at the end of January, 2015. Among innovations: voice search of Cortana, updated applications, the new application for management of user preferences, etc.

Function of voice search Cortana and the new Get Started application for personalisation it will be possible to see in the preliminary version of Windows 10 for consumer market (Windows 10 Consumer Preview).

In Windows 10 CP the Cortana function will be built in a search line in a task bar.

The pop-up window with search results contains headings of the latest news and information on weather (thus, reminding Center of notifications in OS X).

The new Get Started application will allow to configure appearance of the Start menu, function of search and other main applications. In addition to emergence of Get Started, in Windows 10 CP it is possible to see the updated application of management of settings.

In Windows 10 CP the Photos, Xbox and Store applications are updated. For example, in Store the main groups of goods (applications, games, music and movies) are taken out on the homepage. In updated applications navigation is made simpler.

OS interface screenshot with data on a product

The Microsoft corporation is going to provide the new OS user features on January 21, 2014. The press conference is appointed to this date. Approximately in the same time the release of the Consumer Preview distribution kit is expected.

Submission of Windows 10 OS

The corporation plans release of Windows 10 for 2015.

Official announcement of Windows 10

On September 30, 2014 the Microsoft corporation officially announced the successor of Windows 8 — the operating system of the next generation Windows 10.

Windows 10 OS will be able to work on the most different devices: from single-crystal platforms of Internet of Things and office PCs to high-end servers in data centers. The new operating system is intended generally for business applications. In Windows 10 there will be "master program" which will allow to manage all devices of the enterprise.

Microsoft noted that users, looking at new OS "in all beauty", will understand why the name "ten" is suitable for it better. According to statements of the company, Windows 10 will be installed on a broad spectrum of devices of different type in comparison with the previous versions.

Desktop of new OS

These devices will be is among by desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, TVs. New OS will be compatible to all traditional management systems used at the enterprises.

Desktop of new OS


The interface of a desktop Windows 10 is similar to Windows 8. Difference in the Start-up button which opens the menu - in the desktop lower left corner. The left column of the menu contains labels to the last started applications, in right — tiles of applications of Metro. In the menu of the control button a power supply as it was to Windows 8. In the Start menu there is an updated search function: with its help the user can look for information in a local system and on the Internet.

Windows 10 can start applications of Metro in a window on a desktop. On terminology of corporation, applications "universal", normal applications OS developers call it — "classical".

Innovation in the version is the Snap View function, it supports an output of universal and classical applications at the same time, separating the screen into windows.


On a task bar there is a Task View button now. With its clicking on the screen windows of all started applications in a reduced form appear. At Apple OS X similar function Mission Control is called. In the Task View mode the user can see all started applications and desktops.

Task View mode


Support of virtual desktops - one more innovation of OS. The user can create several desktops and place on them windows of the different started applications. It is possible to display all created tables and to switch between them. The similar functionality works in OS X and in the majority of OS on the basis of Linux kernel.

Command line

In the command line of Windows 10 OS the possibility of use of a system clipboard is implemented. Now the user will be able to insert, for example, into the command line the copied way to the file.

Start-up screen

In Windows 10 there was a Start-up screen which remained for touch devices. More labels at the expense of an additional column are located on it at the left. Besides, at the Start-up screen there is a task bar (a standard element of a desktop).

Representatives of corporation announced release of the technical preview of Windows 10 for desktop PCs and notebooks on October 1, 2014. After and for servers. The release of the final version of Windows 10 is planned for 2015.

The corporation did not announce, neither the cost, nor conditions of transition to the new version, referring to additional announcements.

Submission of Windows 10 OS

Innovations in a technical prereliz of Windows 10

In functionality of Windows 10 of Technical Preview for Enterprise the accelerated switching between tasks, links to often used files and folders in the Conductor, placement of windows acts on the screen using Snap. A number of the incarnate ideas remind implemented in Windows Vista. In addition the WinRT applications began to be opened in windows on a desktop, and the version of IE, uniform for all devices, is replaced with the browser only for desktop PCs. But it is even more important architectural changes.

Authentication and data protection

It is necessary to have an account for obtaining the technical fact-finding version of Windows 10 in Microsoft, but for final release of it it is not required. It is possible to use an account in Azure AD for an input in Windows, to receive the Store and Live Tiles applications and to provide synchronization of different devices. Any of these transactions requires existence of registration at Microsoft.

Windows 10 in a new way defines powers of users. Are supported single registration for the user services like Twitter, corporate authentication. Management tools all this are still unavailable.

Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) — use of the file container for department of personal data from corporate will be a part of Windows 10. Developers are convinced that it will facilitate work in comparison with other platforms as users should not install twice applications or to think - in what zone they want to open them - in personal or working. Unlike management of the rights on the basis of documents, there is no need to write applications for work with EDP. Instead the mark of corporate applications becomes and the policy which will not allow users to copy data from corporate in personal applications is created and, on the contrary - to copy doubtful data in corporate applications. However, if users have a need to copy data, the IT department can register and warn these data the user about copying only with the permission of IT specialists. Or completely to prohibit.

In addition to the applications intended only for business or for the personal purposes, Windows 10 will support "advanced (enlightened) the applications working in both zones". They need to be written specially that users could select, save the document as corporate or personal. The corresponding tools are absent so far as there are no means of a task also such the politician.

Transformation of modern applications into acceptable

Changes in modern applications of WinRT in Windows 10 visually are found out that they appear on a desktop in the same way as all other software: in windows with headings and with the Charms panel optimized for use of a mouse. So far in later version of Windows 10 there will be no mode of the tablet which Microsoft calls Continuum, it can seem a step backwards for got used to the touch screen to users. That who prefers the keyboard and a mouse they will look as desktop applications with very simple interface and the increased fonts.

The model of universal applications applicable to Windows and also to Windows Phone and Xbox One and even to devices of Internet of Things, stimulates developers to create applications of WinRT, and the environment of execution WinRT receives all new features. But for the enterprises the problem with new applications in Windows 8 consisted not in development model, the full-screen interface or emphasis on management of touches of fingers (here difficulties were connected only with training and user support). Problems were caused by too difficult deployment and need to each user to have an account at Microsoft. In Windows 10 they are considerably eliminated.

Instead of creation of own shops of the corporate applications (including links to the applications in public Windows Store recommended to employees for use, the help during creation of an account at Microsoft), publications of the portal application which workers should not forget to open of passing acquisition of the corresponding client licenses (CAL), the companies can create own app stores with licenses of Custom (client) and Volume (on a certain number of computers) which will open in Windows 10 in the main Store application. The Store application will become useful to the enterprises as it will include tools like VPN clients of third-party producers which can be managed by means of solutions for mobile device management (MDM).

Passing acquisition of licenses can be managed completely through MDM, and there is an opportunity to send links by e-mail, to send modern applications using tools, desktop applications used for deployment, with a possibility of deployment of applications in primary sections of disks, the subsequent sections, on the SD cards and USB flash cards, if necessary to provide to users flexibility of use of devices with a small volume of storage. There is an opportunity to send users to Windows Store shop with their accounts in the Active Directory directory, but not personal accounts in Microsoft which are out of control of IT department. There is an opportunity to select whether to allow to install personal applications using the personal account in Microsoft or to block all Store applications except for on what you have licenses Volume.

The WinRT applications are important for Microsoft as they are more protected and isolated, than desktop applications, and can significantly save battery power.

Windows 10 management tools

No special tools for deployment of Windows 10 are provided. But problems with installation of OS on the physical equipment or on virtual machines do not arise. System requirements to the hardware are low: the 1-GHz processor, OZU on 1 or 2 GB (for the 32-and 64-bit version respectively), 16 GB of an empty seat on a disk and the graphic map with support of DirectX 9 and the WDDM driver. Will not work at the outdated 64-bit Windows 10 systems if they do not support hardware safety features (CMPXCHG16b, PrefetchW and LAHF/SAHF). The corporate version will be required to be activated, but for consumer version in it there is no need.

Set of new features which will be included into Windows 10 for the enterprises are absent in the technical fact-finding version. The next version of System Center Configuration Manager can be learned not earlier than the first half of 2015 (MDM will demand new versions of Intune and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite). Existing and earlier versions of SCCM (up to SCCM 2007 SP2) will support Windows 10. The oldest version will allow to manage this OS, newer — to develop and update Windows 10, the next version will give the chance to manage update rate of each device with Windows 10.

The technical version is stable and shows good performance, it is not the beta, but Microsoft warns against use her as the platform of development. Nevertheless, developers for certain will want to test it for creation of modern applications. IT professionals will want to test its compatibility with the LOB applications and the internal websites (especially with IE 11 in the mode of corporate compatibility), to estimate changes in the interface. However, updates of the technical fact-finding version are expected each four-six weeks and so far early to draw conclusions about suitability or unfitness of Windows 10 for business.


  1. Microsoft teases new-look Start Menu for Windows 10
  2. Windows 10 May 2020 Update now available with built-in Linux kernel and Cortana updates
  3. Microsoft adds File Explorer integration to Windows Subsystem for Linux in new Windows 10 Fast Ring build
  4. Microsoft will solve a problem of incompatibility of drivers with Windows 10
  5. Windows 10 Your Phone app can now be used to make calls from Android phones
  6. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18970
  7. of Microsoft purposefully removed function of preserving of backups of the register from Windows 10
  8. of Microsoft creates absolutely new Windows for cheap computers. Screenshots
  9. Windows 10 (version 1809) now it is possible to install manually
  10. Inbox print and scan drivers available through Windows Update
  11. Microsoft announces app mirroring to let you use any Android app on Windows 10
  12. Microsoft partners with DJI on a new Windows 10 drone SDK
  13. [1]
  14. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17623 for Skip Ahead
  15. Microsoft accidentally reveals Windows 10 on ARM limitations
  16. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17101 for Fast & Build 17604 for Skip Ahead
  17. consumers now protected against unauthorized installations by Microsoft
  18. Russians can be brought to justice for shutdown of autoupdating of Windows 10
  19. the Question: Turn off automatic update of Windows 10
  20. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17035 for PC
  21. Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update is now available
  22. Create and play this holiday with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update coming Oct. 17
  23. Microsoft completed beta testing of Windows Subsystem For Linux
  24. New assembly of Windows 10, provides interface of the PC to Android smartphone
  25. Microsoft refused to update Windows 10 in devices on Intel Atom
  26. In Windows 10 function of protection against WannaCry and NotPetya will appear
  27. Exclusive: India presses Microsoft for Windows discount in wake of cyber attacks
  28. Microsoft confirms some Windows 10 source code has leaked
  29. Microsoft opened new features of the largest updating of Windows 10 of Creators Update
  30. prepared the claim For Microsoft from all updated with Windows 7 to Windows 10
  31. enterprises Microsoft of the People's Republic of China returns to a public sector of China from Windows 10 under control of the authorities
  32. Windows 10 by the end of 2017 will pass to new design
  33. Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 for Qualcomm Chips, Blow to Intel
  34. Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update available Aug. 2
  35. Microsoft pays out of $10.000 for automatic Windows 10 installation
  36. details about the new version of Windows 10 Are disclosed
  37. of#sthash.3Oe0chiD.dpuf PC Support Reps Tell Users to Uninstall Windows 10 (Exclusive)
  38. Windows 10 is available in the form of ready virtual machines to Hyper-V, vSphere, VirtualBox and Parallels Desktop
  39. Users of "pirates" nevertheless it is necessary to pay for Windows 10
  40. What plans Microsoft after July 29?
  41. of Windows Insider Microsoft released assembly of Windows 10 10166
  42. of the program Windows Insiders Release of Windows 10 will pass in several stages
  43. In network assembly of Windows 10 of Build 10151 snared
  44. Windows 10 build 10151 has leaked
  45. : the Windows Insider program will not give free updating to license Windows 10 with Windows XP
  46. Retailer leaks some Windows 10 prices
  47. Windows 10 will be free
  48. new features of Windows 10 Are declassified