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Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft is the world's largest company specializing in production of the software, provision of services and development of Internet technologies for computers.

Gates Bill - 7%
Ballmer Steve - 4,4%
Paul Allen
At the NASDAQ exchange - 85.9 Other managers of corporation - less than 1%
Revenue and Net Profit billions $

Number of employees



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Microsoft develops and releases a broad spectrum of software products. Their number includes desktop also network operating systems, server applications for client-server environments, desktop business applications and office applications for users, interactive programs and games, means for work on the Internet and building tools. Besides, Microsoft offers interactive (online) services, publishes books on computer subject, makes peripheral equipment for computers, is engaged in research activity and development of new computer technologies. Products of Microsoft are on sale more than in 80 countries of the world, are translated more than into 45 languages (including — into Russian) and are compatible to the majority of platforms of personal computers.


Main article: History of Microsoft

The history of the American corporation Microsoft is story of the most successful IT company of the world in the XX century.

Internet audience

2018: In top-20 Internet giant by the Internet audience size

The Internet companies by the audience size


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CEOs of the company:


As of the end of June, 2019 business of Microsoft is constructed on the following main divisions:

  • Productivity and Business Processes; 
  • Intelligent Cloud;
  • More Personal Computing;

Other divisions of Microsoft:

Performance Indicators

Main article: Financial performance of Microsoft.

Financial year of the company comes to the end at the end of June.


Growth of revenue by 14% to $125.8 billion

In 2019 financial year of Microsoft gained $125.8 billion, having increased by 14% concerning the 2018th. Cloud business remains the main catalyst of financial growth of the company.

The division of Intelligent Cloud which is responsible for it for the 12-month reporting period which came to the end on June 30 2019 calendar year registered turnover in the amount of $39 billion against $32.2 billion the previous year.

Financial performance of Microsoft

The division of Productivity and Business Processes (office applications  of Office  and  Office 365 and also  Dynamics CRM customer relationship management system) received revenue in the amount of $41.2 billion at the end of 2019 a fiscal year. The previous year income was measured by $35.9 billion here. By the end of June, 2019 the number of users of Office 365 in a consumer sector reached 34.8 million.

In division of More Personal Computing (among other things is responsible for sales of licenses  of Windows and brings to Microsoft the most part of income) annual revenues raised from $42.3 billion to $45.7 billion. The head of department of investor relations in Microsoft Mike Spencer explained this rise with replacement of Windows 7 by Windows with 10 consumers and the companies and also the fact that some computer makers began to increase equipment stocks in anticipation of possible increase in duties. Spencer noted that Microsoft did not feel any influence from the American sanctions against Huawei.

The net profit of Microsoft in 2019 financial year turned out equal to $39.2 billion that is 137% more than an indicator of year prescription.

In day of the publication of annual accounts of Microsoft the quotation rate of the company increased by 2.66% and exceeded $140 (record result) at electronic biddings after closing of the exchange. Market capitalization of software giant reached $1.05 trillion. [1]

Business in the countries of the world

Business in Russia

Main article: Microsoft Rus

The corporation opened the representation in Russia in November, 1992 (since July, 2004 — Microsoft Rus LLC). The office promotes the software, development of a partner network, product introduction, localization of the advanced solutions and development of the Russian market of information technologies.

Business in Ukraine

Main article: Microsoft Ukraine

Business in China

Main article: Microsoft China

In 1995 the representation of Microsoft China began work.

Company takeovers

Main article: Merger of Microsoft

Business culture

Microsoft is often characterized as corporation which business culture is constructed around developers. Annually the company spends many funds for replenishment of the state by young software developers, their training and keeping in the company.

Within Microsoft expression "Is widespread you eat food of the dog" (dogfooding) which reflects the policy of corporation for the newest versions of the products. The policy, actually, is that the latests version of products of Microsoft are used directly in the company to test them in actual practice. As a rule, as "dog food" (dogfood) use only not ready versions of programs.

Employees and personnel management

Main article: Employees and personnel management in Microsoft

Own IT infrastructure

The IT budget of Microsoft in 2011 will remain at the level of 2010 and will make a little more than $1 billion, the Chief information officer of corporation Tony Scott[2] told CNews[3].

Microsoft divides all the IT expenses into two parts. 60% of means go on the organization of communication channels, data warehouses, information security support and other general infrastructure works for which it is difficult to define specific internal customers. The remained 40% are spent for development and service of the internal business software used in specific business processes. This ratio, according to Scott, will change: "A target indicator for me - 50% for 50%".

As core of IT infrastructure of Microsoft serves the ERP system of SAP, satellites for different tasks are products based on own Microsoft Dynamics system, he says. In particular, on the SAP company tests new versions of SQL Server. According to the Chief information officer, Microsoft is not going to change the main ERP system.

In corporate infrastructure of Microsoft 1.2 million user devices (the PC, notebooks, smartphones, etc.) and 7.5 thousand servers located in 8 data centers work (3 main are in the USA). Concerning this or that supplier, according to the Chief information officer, the company has no preferences.

"The policy of support of the equipment of different vendors in Microsoft differs from those companies where I worked earlier, - Tony Scott says. - Usually consumers try to limit number of suppliers, but in Microsoft own products should work on the equipment of the most different vendors therefore we use devices practically of all large players".

At offices Microsoft 106 thousand copies operating system Windows 7 and 105 thousand packets of Office 2010 are set worldwide, the company uses more than 1 thousand different business applications. For internal needs in Microsoft 746 thousand websites SharePoint 2010 work. The wireless internet is provided by 15.5 thousand access points. In staff of Microsoft there are about 89 thousand employees.

To the official site of the company in the Internet - - 1.7 billion addresses a day happen, and the number of the sessions started at the same time reaches 750 thousand, Scott tells. In the short term the website, according to him, is waited by complete reorganization.

About 2.5 years ago Microsoft headed for transfer of the infrastructure to clouds. In the closest four years of 80% used in software company it has to be provided as service, Scott says. Use of the remained 20% of applications gradually will it is stopped as superfluous.


The Redmond company from its 10 thousand patents (2010) is among five largest patentees of the USA. The majority of security documents on intellectual property belongs to very extensive area of the software. But there are that matter also for broad masses of consumers. For example, the five-thousandth patent is taken out for technology of remote monitoring process of games on the popular Xbox console.

Separate articles are devoted to some directions in work of Microsoft:

Microsoft platform

Vision of Microsoft of use of IT
Controllability and security of infrastructure
Microsoft platform components for public, hybrid, private clouds
Cloud infrastructure of Microsoft

Certification of partners

Основная статья: Microsoft Partner Network

On October 29, 2010 around the world became effective rules and requirements of the new affiliate program - Microsoft Partner Network.

Collection of art of Microsoft

For 2010 Microsoft is a largest corporate collector of art with number of works about 5 thousand. These are pictures, sculptures, works by modern writers (including multimedia art). The most part of exhibits is exposed in 150 office buildings of the company. According to the management, communication with works of art helps employees to reduce stress.



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Stock price dynamics

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