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40 employees in 2019


PromoteIQ — developer of marketing technologies for online retailers and brands. The slogan of the company sounds as "PromoteIQ automates for producers marketing in e-commerce".

The company which initially was called Spotfront is founded in 2012, the office is in New York. Number of staff is about 40 people, reported on the PromoteIQ page on social network LinkedIn (for the beginning of August, 2019). Such large companies as B&H, Kohls, Kroger and Office Depot were among clients.


2019: Microsoft purchased PromoteIQ

At the beginning of August, 2019 Microsoft announced PromoteIQ acquisition. The cost of the transaction of the company did not begin to be disclosed.

Microsoft notes that PromoteIQ technologies strategically supplement the current advertizing offers of Microsoft for  the sphere of retail that will allow retail sellers to upgrade the platforms of e-commerce.

Microsoft purchased the developer of marketing technologies for online retailers
Microsoft purchased the developer of marketing technologies for online retailers

After closing of the transaction PromoteIQ will become division of the Internet advertizing Microsoft Advertising (it is created in 2018, it does not include Bing search engine),  at the same time having saved the brand.

In the Microsoft search engine earned nearly 9% of total revenue according to the results of 2019 financial year which came to the end on June 30 2019-g calendar from sale of advertizing.

The corporation develops the Microsoft Audience Network program which uses artificial intelligence and data from Microsoft services, including Bing, MSN, Outlook, Skype and LinkedIn to help advertisers to direct native advertizing to certain users on the basis of their activity on the Internet.

PromoteIQ says that the situation in retail changes, and Microsoft offers "modest, thoughtful approach to creation of the operating system which defines the future of business".

Cofounders of PromoteIQ Alex Sherman and Pieter Schwartz at the beginning of August, 2019 reported that about fruits of integration of products of the companies it is going to tell in the coming months.[1]