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Transmitting medicine Consortium



The consortium "Transmitting Medicine" is created by State Corporation Rostec for development, approbation, serial production and an output to international market of the neuroexercise machine based on virtual reality of ReviVR designed to help with rehabilitation of the patients who had a stroke.

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2018: Formation of consortium

The State Corporation Rostec announced on June 21, 2018 creation of consortium "Transmitting Medicine" for development, approbation, serial production and an output to international market of the neuroexercise machine based on virtual reality of ReviVR, for the patients who had a stroke.

The National medical and surgical center of N.I. Pirogov, JSC Engineering Marketing Center of Concern Vega (enters into Ruselectronics holding of State Corporation Rostec) and the Samara state medical university (SAMGMU) were a part of consortium.

Within consortium, SAMGMU and "National medical and surgical center of N.I. Pirogov" are developed, modify pilot and pre-series samples of ReviVR neuroexercise machines and carry out their clinical approbation.

According to Rostec, ReviVR neuroexercise machines will become the first development of medical school transferred to serial production of large Russian corporation. IMTs of Vega Concern locates all necessary licenses for production of the similar equipment.

Just before "IMTs of Vega Concern, under the terms of the agreement, there is a problem of serial production and commercialization of the developed innovation hardware-software complexes in the field of rehabilitology.

Development of health sector is included into strategic priorities of State Corporation Rostec: the project investment cost in the field of health care till 2020 will exceed 6 billion rubles, about 50% from them will be enclosed in development of the new medical equipment that will allow to create over 100 samples of the modern iatrotechnics. Creation of consortium is one of opportunities to optimize development process and equipment manufacturing that will allow to pass in the shortest possible time all stages, necessary for serial production, from a prototype before clinical trials. Further experience of such cooperation can be widespread also for other medical developments — the chief executive of State Corporation Rostec Oleg Yevtushenko said.

The basic principle of operation of the ReviVR exercise machine — immersion of the patient in virtual environment for accomplishment of exercises using technologies of augmented reality which promote creation of new communications between nervous cells of a brain of the patient. According to Rostec, use of the exercise machine allows to reduce the rehabilitation period by one and a half times. The patient plunges into virtual environment and can see himself in vertical position, independently move. So far two environments are synthesized: football field and embankment.

Intermediate results of clinical trials showed that patients have after passing of a course of recovery using traditional techniques of rehabilitation and occupations with Revivrv one and a half-two times indicators of physical activity improved. Modification of the neuroexercise machine is planned: creation of new virtual environments and also release of model of the exercise machine for recovery of the movement of upper extremities — the director of Institute of the innovative development of SAMGMU, professor of RAS Alexander Kolsanov reported.