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+ RT-Invest Transport Systems (RTITS)
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"RT-Invest the Transport Systems" is organized on July 24, 2014. The project company implementing the Concessionary agreement with Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor)

The company is an operator of collection of a payment from owners of vehicles on account of the indemnification caused to public highways of federal importance.

The main activity - software development.


For June, 2019 the "RT-Invest Transport Systems" company belongs to RT-Invest (50%), the son Rotenberg's Arcadia to Igor Rotenberg (23.5%), Andrey Shipelov (19%) and Anton Zamkov (7.5%). At this time the company spends 84.2 billion rubles for repair of roads and bridges, including the maintenance of a system of Platon. And annual fees from cargo carriers lag behind approximately on 20 billion. Such arithmetics does not leave doubt that increase in rates is only a matter of time.


2019: The Platon system will be implemented in India

In 2019 in India the Russian system of collection of a payment on highways, similar to the Platon system will be implemented. The operator of Platon, "RT-Invest Transport Systems" company (RTITS) on the website reports about it. In India RTITS will be engaged in system implementation — the company already signed the relevant contract with the National agency of automobile trunks of India (NHAI)[1].

RTITS won the right to signing of the contract, having won an open competition. In addition to the Russian operator the Slovak Skytoll, the Indian Efkon India Pvt participated in the tender. Ltd. and Hungarian National Toll Payment Services PLC. RTITS notes that it is the first case of large non-oil export of the Russian technologies in the field of transport telematics.

Meanwhile the analog of Platon will work only at a transport corridor of New Delhi — Mumbai 1419 km long. The onboard devices manufactured by RTITS supporting GLONASS will be installed on the Indian cars. According to Ashish Sharma, the board member of NHAI if the technology proves the efficiency in fight against the present problems existing on the Indian highways in an effect it can be unrolled all over the country.

According to the CEO of RTITS Anton Zamkov, in addition to implementation actually of the system of collection of a payment, within the project in India the system of weight and dimensional control developed by RTITS and some other services will also be tested. According to Zamkov, RTITS considers the possibility of participation even in several tenders as the company sees the high export potential in the developments.


The operator of Platon it is uncontested received the project of shadowing the international autotransit

The "RT-invest Transport Systems" company (RTITS) known as the operator of Platon — the system of collecting of a payment from trucks for damage caused by them to federal highways of our country will become operator of a monitoring system of transit automobile transportations across the territory of Russia within the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). No. 1890-r which was signed by the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev[2] is said about it at the disposal of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 8, 2018[3].

Tracking of transit loads in real time will begin to be performed using the so-called navigation seals imposed on cargo compartments of vehicles. These seals in fact represent on-board computers with a broad set of different functions. Seals will function in turn on the basis of technology of the GLONASS global navigation satellite system. At violation of integrity of a seal information on it will instantly come to a system.

Till November 1, 2018 the project of monitoring will begin to be performed in the pilot mode. During this period RTITS will fulfill duties of the operator of a system on a grant basis. Participation of drivers in an experiment will also happen on a voluntary and non-paid basis — seals will issue to them free of charge.

Ensuring carrying out an experiment is entrusted to the Federal Customs Service of Russia (FCS) which according to the results of the pilot till November 30, 2018 will need to carry out the assessment of its results and to report on them in the Government of the Russian Federation.

At the expense of the Platon system in the next 2 years 10 bridges will be built

According to "RT-Invest the Transport systems", at the expense of means of the state Platon system in the next two years reconstruct 10 bridges. Among them there are such important road objects as bridges through Volga in Dubna situated near Moscow, through Terek in the Chechen Republic and through Katun in Altai Republic and also overpasses in Udmurtia, the Oryol and Samara regions.

In March, 2018 the Minister transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov confirmed former intentions of the state to raise rate rates in the Platon system since July 1, 2018 to 2.15 rub/km, and since July 1, 2019 — to 2.24 rub/km. In more detail - Increase in a rate since July 1

In addition, more than 1700 kilometers of roads are already repaired: the most broken highways in 40 cities and regions and also problem sections on 10 federal highways. According to this program the movement on 20 overpasses is already open. The bridge through Cheptsa in Glazov – the twenty first crossing constructed or repaired on means from the Platon state system.

In total in 2016 the Government of the Russian Federation directed to repair and construction of 31 bridges at the expense of means of Platon more than 12 billion rubles. In the next two years financing at the expense of Platon will make 3.2 billion rubles.

So, 500 million rubles are selected for construction of the bridge through the Volga River in the city of Dubna in the Moscow region. 930 million more rubles - on construction of Frunzensky Bridge in Samara, 625 million rubles - on construction of the bridge through the Katun River (Gorny Altai). On construction of the bridge through the Cheptsa River in Udmurtia 380 million rubles, are directed to reconstruction of the bridge through the Terek River on Ishcherskaya Highway - Grozny - more than 330 million rubles. Construction and reconstruction of bridges through the Cheptsa Rivers (two overpasses in Udmurtia in the Balezino and Kezsky districts), the Pine (the city of Livny of the Oryol region), Zusha (Mtsensk), Oka (Oryol region), the Samara River (Samara region) is also planned.

Also in 2018 funds from the Platon system will be allocated for joint financing of repair of federal highway R-243 Kostroma - Sharya - Kirov - Perm. The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and Rosavtodor made such decision on the basis of the choice of cargo carriers within the project of ONF "The map of the killed roads".

2015: "RT-Invest the Transport systems" purchased DPC of "DataPro Tver"

On March 18, 2015 it became known of acquisition of DPC of "DataPro Tver" by "RT-Invest Transport Systems" company for creation of Command center and monitoring of a system of collection of a payment from cars more than 12 t[4].

The operator of a system of collection of a payment of RT-Invest Transport Systems LLC signed the contract with DataPro company for acquisition of the data processing center (DPC) necessary for creation of Command center and monitoring (TsUiM) of a system of collection of payments from heavy-load transport on federal highways of the Russian Federation.

"DPC of DataPro Tver", 2014

Under the terms of the concessionary agreement with the state customer, Federal Road Agency for functioning of a system of collection of a payment from owners of vehicles on account of indemnification caused to public highways of federal importance "RT-Invest the Transport systems" it is obliged to ensure functioning TsUiM, infrastructure and the equipment of the main data processing center placed in the same building.

RT-Invest Transport Systems LLC booked full audit of all subsystems of the center with involvement of the specialists having certificates of Uptime Institute and the corresponding experiment on creation of world-class failsafe DPCs.

The DPC of "DataPro Tver" of DataPro company meets all requirements of the concessionary agreement.

The command center and monitoring is located in Tver. Total area is 2650 sq.m. Total power of DPC is 4.5 MW. The premises consist of four machine halls on 170 mm2 everyone, it allows to place up to 400 server racks, as with standard energy consumption (about 5 kW), and high-loaded (up to 20 kW on a rack). The total area of a raised floor is 1 thousand sq.m.

The center should function in the round-the-clock and year-round mode.

"We create a federal system with powerful infrastructure through the whole country. The similar systems of such scale in the world were not yet. The command center and monitoring is a basic element of a system which will allow to manage all structure in any point of Russia", - Alexander Sovetnikov, the CEO of RT-Invest Transport Systems LLC noted.
Evgeny Bogdanchikov, the chief executive of DataPro, emphasized: "By search of the potential platform for placement of TsUiM by "RT-Invest Transport Systems" company quality requirements and reliability of infrastructure of DPC were imposed very much. The fact that the choice fell on data center of DataPro once again confirms compliance of our DPC to the highest international standards".


Concession agreements with Rosavtodor

On September 29, 2014 the concessionary agreement between Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) and RT-Invest Transport Systems LLC is signed. The agreement provides creation of an automated system of compensation of damage caused to federal roads by cargo transport weighing more than 12 t (according to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 29, 2014 N 1662-r).

The scope of the system of collection of a payment (SCP) extends to 50774 km of federal highways. The contract of lifecycle between Rosavtodor and RT-Invest Transport Systems LLC is signed for a period of 13 years from signature date of the Concessionary agreement (9/29/2014).

For this period the concessionaire completely will provide operation of a system: the automated collecting, processing, storage and data transmission about the movement of heavy-load vehicles in the mode of "real time".

Tasks of the operator of a system of collection of a payment

  • Providing collection of a payment in the mode of the multiband unceasing movement;
  • Creation of frame constructions with the hinged equipment over a cloth of the federal highway (481 units) – the system of stationary control;
  • Management of the park from 100 cars with the special equipment – the system of mobile control;
  • Organization of the Centers of information support of users: 103 regional and 35 on border check-points of the Russian Federation;
  • Providing the onboard device to owners of vehicles on a grant basis and service of the users of a system of collection of a payment who issued the route chart for driving through federal highways;
  • Creation and operation of Command center and monitoring and Data processing center;
  • Transfer of data on violations of payment in Managements of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of regions of Russia;
  • The organization information and service support using the Website, mobile application and Call center in format 24/7/365 in the Russian and English languages.