Alt Workstation

The name of the base system (platform): OS Alt (formerly Alt Linoux (ALT Linux)
Developers: Basalt ACT (BaseALT)
Last Release Date: 2022/05/12
Technology: OS,  Office Applications


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Alt Workstation is a universal distribution containing an operating system and a set of applications for full operation.

Alt Workstation is an enterprise-level technology that facilitates migration to import-substituting software. It can be used as part of a valid Active Directory infrastructure (domain authentication, access to file and print resources) and a heterogeneous network managed by Alt Server.

Screenshot of the software window, (2015)

It is possible to work as a thin client for disk-free systems with downloading over the network and connecting the user's home folder from the server (if the ALT domain is used).

Both options include the necessary components for the installation of Crypto Pro cryptoproviders.

You can use the system to:

  • work on the Internet: in a browser, with e-mail, for instant messaging;
  • Creation and editing of texts, spreadsheets, presentations: includes a modern office package with support for Microsoft Office formats (including docx, xlsx, pptx and vsd);
  • working with video and sound files, complex graphics and animation.

The graphics environment helps the user adapt to the operating system, the Alterator setup and configuration program helps you configure the system, add printers, and install software. With built-in drivers for peripherals, compatible hardware can be connected.

The main components of the distribution and their versions:

Alt Workstation 8.1 only:

Alt Workstation K 8.1 only:

  • working environment KDE 5.8
  • KRDC Remote Desktop Client 15.12
  • Backup Services Agents Bacula 5.2 and Monitoring Zabbix 3.0
  • Owncloud 2.2 and Seafile 5.1 cloud storage clients
  • separately delivered LiveCD image with session save

Distribution Alt Workstation is included in the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases.


"Alt Workstation K" 10 with Linux kernel 5.15 LTS

On May 12, 2022, the company "" announced BaseALT the release of the next version of operating system "Alt Workstation K" 10. OS Alt Workstation K 10 can be used in computers both home and enterprise environments. For enterprise users, the distribution of this operating system includes a mechanism for applying group policies for users and computers, members, domain Active Directory as well as a graphical utility for managing the enterprise domain. Other changes include support for root security certificates, Ministry of Digital Affairs of Russia for software two-factor authentication the user using hardware tokens, access to the Flathub application repository directly from the OS Application Center.

Together with the operating system, users will receive a set of backgrounds of the desktop - photo versions of Russia.

"We optimize the Alt Workstation K 10 OS, ensuring its effectiveness for both home and professional applications. This is quite important, since many the Russian organizations and private users were left unaccompanied by manufacturers of foreign systems due to. sanctions Our solutions provide Russian consumers with an operating system that has the functionality familiar to users and system administrators. In the tenth version of "Alt Workstation K," we paid special attention to usability, interface design and issues integration in the existing IT Infrastructure enterprise, "-

noted Anton Farygin, Deputy General Director of BaseALT.

Major changes:

  • The operating system is based on the current Linux kernel of 5.15 LTS (long-term support). The transition to this core provided many opportunities. In particular, the work processors Intel with the 12th generation is optimized, Alder Lake support on the video cards AMD RDNA 2 architecture is added, the current driver for the file NTFS system is included (increase in the transfer rate between data file systems). Optimized work with the classic file system ext4 for Linux, increased performance of the Btrfs file system.
  • The Secure Boot signature scheme has changed. The distribution is still installed without disabling Secure Boot.
  • The functionality of group policies has been expanded, templates have been added. You can manage Active Directory Domain and Group Policies using the ADMC development tool BaseALT.
  • A package with native root encryption certificates has been added.
  • Packages are included to support two-factor authentication on hardware tokens (Rutoken, JaCarta, ESMART).
  • Added packages for installing compatible domestic software: ViPNet, "1C: Enterprise," "Yandex.Browser" and others. On the site "Basalt ACT" you can see a complete list of software compatible with the Alt OS (both requiring additional packages for installation and not requiring).
  • Optimized support printers and scanners OKI,,.Brother Epson
  • The Application Center OS has added support for the Flathub repository to install third-party applications in flatpak format. The user can work with the software he needs without risking negatively affecting the operating system.
  • Added support for SNAP applications.
  • Useful utilities are included: clinfo (obtaining information about the status of acceleration of calculations OpenCL), glxinfo, vulkan-tools (for checking 3D acceleration parameters) and many others.
  • You can take screenshots during installation.
  • A secure system upgrade has been implemented. When updates appear, a reboot is offered, during which the system is updated.
  • Qt 5.15 cross-platform long-term support (LTS) framework is enabled. It has many additional functions. Significant changes occurred in the graphics part and affected, in particular, support for 3D graphics.

The Alt Workstation K 10 OS, as before, is equipped with a Plasma graphic shell, which is closest in style to the usual most OS users. Windows Its current version of KDE Plasma 5.23 includes support for Wayland graphics, which provides the ability to work on tablet computers. Alt Workstation K 10 supports four generations of drivers for the graphics processors NVIDIA series 340, 390 and 470, 510. If you install the OS on a computer with an NVIDIA graphics card, the correct version of the driver is installed automatically. Two types of LiveCD mode are still available. The first is that the installation image contains the option of loading the "live" system - you can try the OS compatibility with the user's equipment or use the system recovery utilities. The second - on a separate image there is a "live" system, which you can work with without installing on, but with the hard drive ability to save data.

OS Alt Workstation K is the version of OS Alt Workstation (No. 1292 in the Unified Register of Russian Programs). According to the license agreement, individuals can use the software product free of charge for personal purposes; distribution is available for free download. Legal entities must purchase an Alt Workstation license with a KDE graphics shell.

All users who have bought Alt Workstation K 9 after 01.09.2021 are provided with an update for 10% of the cost of Alt Workstation K 10. The same preferential upgrade is available to anyone who has purchased annual (standard or extended) support at Alt Workstation. Technical upgrade from 9.2 to 10 is possible. Organizations using Alt Workstation K version 9 with basic support need to purchase support for version 10 separately when upgrading to version 10. For more information on purchasing a software product, see BaseALT Sales.

Alt Workstation Compatibility (p9 and p10) with Zecurion DLP

The Russian companies Zecurion and "" BaseALT have confirmed the compatibility of their products. About this company Zecurion April 12, 2022. The test results confirm the correct collaboration between Zecurion DLP (Linux Agent) OS and Alt Workstation (versions p9 and p10). More. here

Rutoken Line Compatibility

Russian companies BaseALT and Asset, the creator of information security products and solutions, have completed tests and confirmed the compatibility of Rutoken devices and software products with Alt operating system distributions on the Russian Baikal-M and Elbrus platforms and classic x86/x86-64 architectures. More details here.

"Alt Workstation 9.2" compatibility with SETERE OCR 1.0.07


Alt Workstation 10.0

"Alt Workstation" 9.2

On August 3, 2021, BaseALT announced the release of versions 9.2 of the Russian operating systems Alt Workstation, Alt Server and Alt Virtualization Server. These are the final versions of the OS, based on the Ninth Platform Alt (p9) - a stable branch of the Russian independent repository "Sisif." Further, the Alt OS family will develop on the basis of the Tenth Platform (p10), which will be released in the near future. More details here.

Alt Workstation K 9.1 with improved integration into heterogeneous IT infrastructure

The company "BaseALT" on March 16, 2021 released an updated version of the operating system "Alt Workstation K" 9.1. The development of the operating system is aimed at improving the stability, quality and convenience of users and technology in a heterogeneous corporate environment, as well as at supporting current equipment. The introduction of the Alt Workstation K 9.1 OS will allow organizations to make a comfortable transition from Windows to the Russian OS. They will be able to better protect their digital resources, manage the computer fleet, easily providing work with computers of various modifications and office equipment of different years of release, and user accounts.

The release of the next version of the distribution "Working Station K" is the result of the coordinated work of Bazalt ACT specialists and companies of our partner network, "said Anton Farygin, Deputy General Director of Bazalt ACT. - Developers "BaseALT" develop "Alt Work Station K" on the basis of current technologies taking into account the wishes of our partners. Thanks to collaboration, we have been able to significantly improve hardware support in the latest version of the OS.

Distribution "Alt Workstation K" 9.1 contains the latest versions of application programs. This software is included in the Ninth Platform - a stable branch of the independent Sisyphus repository, on the basis of which the entire Alt OS family is developing.

Main changes in "Alt Workstation K" 9.1:

The OS developers paid special attention to supporting the equipment:

  • Thanks to the transfer of Alt Workstation K 9.1 to LTS-kernel Linux 5.10, the quality of support for equipment, including processors Intel 11th generation and processors, has significantly improved; AMD Ryzen
  • expanded range of supported scanners and printers, including network ones;
  • added support for Intel RST controller for NVMe hard drives;
  • compatibility with sound boards is ensured;
  • NVIDIA video card drivers have been updated to the latest versions, including with support for video accelerators from NVIDIA;
  • Improved support for tablets and other touch devices
  • possibility to install the OS on computers intended for sale. For equipment manufacturers, an OEM installation mode is provided - with the initial configuration of the system at the first start.

Under the license agreement, individuals may use Alt Workstation K 9.1 for personal purposes free of charge. The distribution is available for free download.

Alt Workstation 9 compatibility with USB tokens and smart cards JaCarta

On March 2, 2021, Aladdin R.D., a Russian developer and provider of information security solutions, announced that, together with Basalt ACT, the developer of Alt's Russian operating systems, they had completed testing their products for compatibility. Test tests confirmed the correctness of sharing USB tokens and smart cards of the Aladdin R.D. development JaCarta line with Alt Workstation 9 OS. More details here.

Compatibility of "Alt Workstation 8" and "Alt Workstation K 8" with EDO "Etla"

BaseALT and Atlas-Soft announced the compatibility of the Alt Workstation 8, Alt Workstation K 8 operating systems with the ETLA electronic document management system. More details here.


Compatibility with the SoundWeb on "Baikal" processors

The companies Dr.Web"," "" and Baikal Electronics"" BaseALT announced that Dr.Web it was the first to antivirus be compatible with the hardware platform Baikal managed by Alt OS Workstation 9. This was announced by Baikal Electronics on December 18, 2020. More. here

Compatibility of version 9 with RES "Priority"

Version 9 compatibility with Tionix Cloud Platform and Tionix VDI

On September 14, 2020, Tionix announced that together with BaseALT, they confirmed the technological compatibility of their products. The compatibility of the cloud platform TIONIX Cloud Platform, software for building the infrastructure of virtual desktop TIONIX VDI and the operating systems Alt Workstation 9 and Alt Education 9 have been tested. More details here.

As part of the solution for safe remote operation from BaseALT and Asset

OS "Alt Workstation 9.1"

On July 29, 2020, BaseALT announced that it had released an updated release of the Alt family operating systems - version 9.1. The Alt Server, Alt Workstation and Alt Education OS were developed. More details here.

OS "Alt Workstation K 9"

On June 23, 2020, BaseALT the company announced the release of an updated version of operating system Alt Workstation K 9 for automated workstations. This is OS with the Plasma interface, which allows you to easily master its functionality. The updated version extends the capabilities of the OS for managing the working environment, provides stable and safe operation applications with high-resolution graphics, and strengthens the tools safety and management of the system.

BaseALT "released an updated version of OS" Alt Workstation K 9 "
"OS" Alt Workstation K 9 "is a complex mechanism that is easy and convenient for anyone to use. Operating environment is intuitive in operation. The user can set up the work environment himself, turning the OS into a personal tool for work, communication and leisure. Updated OS can be included in import substitution programs - this is the version of Alt Workstation OS, which is included in the Unified Register of Russian Software, "

The Alt Workstation K 9 distribution is available for the x86_64 hardware platform (Intel 64-bit). According to the developer, users of this OS received the following features.

  • Use of current - cryptoalgorithms relevant the Russian GOST. This makes it possible, for example, to take into account GOST requirements when calculating passwords user hashes. The essence of hashing is to data file encrypt any array (password, executable program, text, etc.) in the form of a fixed-length string consisting of letters and numbers. Enciphering is performed using special mathematical algorithms. This allows you to store, for example, not a sample password, but its hash, that is, a numeric-letter equivalent. When a password is entered, its hash is recalculated each time and compared with the reference one. If the user is mistaken in at least one character, the hashes will not match, and the user will not get access to the resource. It is not possible to determine the original string by hash, so no one but the user knows the password, even. Having a system administrator hash as a reference sample, it is possible to check the integrity of the data that is transmitted through. Internet The hash function is used to provide protection VPN for -tunnels - "bridges" between the user's device and. server Information is transmitted through such a tunnel in the form of packets. Control of their integrity is provided by creating hashes of packet headers - they are also calculated using GOST algorithms. For enciphering in accordance with domestic GOST, the Streebog function is used in the updated version of the OS. It was developed by Russian from Team programmers Alt Linux and is included in the standard version of the kernel. Linux
  • Play complex graphics and high-resolution video without delays or failures. The updated version of Alt Workstation K 9 includes OpenGL and Vulkan libraries. They allow you to use all the computing capabilities of your computer for hardware acceleration of graphics, including 3D. Movies, videos, games with complex graphics are played with increased quality.
  • Working on a computer with a high-resolution monitor. OS "Alt Workstation K 9" is optimized for working with HiDPI monitors (Hi Dots Per Inch). These are screens with a high pixel density: more than 160 per square inch of working surface. As a rule, operating systems with such monitors require manual configuration, "Alt Workstation K 9" - an operating system where this option works "out of the box." The OS automatically calibrates all interface elements to display on the HiDPI monitor.
  • Create theme rooms - a convenient working space for the user, where everything you need is "at hand." The user can independently create rooms for various activities: for example, for working on a project, communicating in several social networks, training. It places files, applications, widgets, virtual desktops in the room and configures its appearance. Unlike the virtual desktop, the room does not disappear when closed. You can activate it at any time and continue to work with the right set of software and data.
  • Running Alt Workstation K 9 from USB media without installing it on your computer's hard drive. You can use the fixed asset flash drive as a portable work center. Free space on the media is available for recording user data: electronic key certificates, third-party applications, electronic documents, etc.
  • The connection of the computer with Android-. smartphone This feature is provided by KDE Connect, which is included in the distribution of the updated OS. The user can, for example, connect laptop to, to the TV start the movie and control the screening using (smartphone stop video, rewind, etc.).

Reducing the price for educational institutions


Compatibility with Unidata

Compatibility with BARS. Health "(web client)

On November 5, 2019, BARS Group, together with BaseALT, announced the successful testing of the latest versions of their products: the Alt 8 operating system joint venture Workstation and the Medical Information System (MIS) BARS. Health Care (web client). More details here.

OS "Alt Workstation 9"

On October 28, 2019, BaseALT announced the release of three products of version 9.0 based on the Ninth ALT platform (p9 Vaccinium): Alt Workstation 9, Alt Server 9, Alt Education 9. When creating Alt 9.0 distributions for a wide range of hardware platforms, Alt developers focused on the needs of corporate customers, educational institutions and individuals.

BaseALT announced the release of Alt Workstation 9

As noted in "BaseALT," one of the main trends in the modern development of computer technology is the variety of hardware platforms, including in Russia, where there are own developments in processor architectures. Workstations and servers on Russian processors are in demand in the public sector, in the field of education and health care, in large business and power structures - in all organizations that implement large-scale import substitution programs.

According to the developer, domestic operating systems are available simultaneously for seven Russian and foreign hardware platforms. The Alt OS runs on the following processors:

  • "Alt Workstation 9" - for x86 (Intel 32 and 64-bit), AArch64 (NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer kit, Raspberry Pi 3 and others), e2k and e2kv3 ("Elbrus"), mipsel ("Tavolga Terminal").
  • "Alt Server 9" - for x86 (32 and 64 bits), AArch64 (Huawei Kunpeng, ThunderX and others), ppc64le (YADRO Power 8 and 9, OpenPower), e2k and e2kv3 ("Elbrus").
  • "Alt Education 9" - for x86 (Intel 32 and 64 bit), AArch64 (NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer kit, Raspberry Pi 3 and others).

Packages included in the listed distributions are assembled for all architectures directly on processors of this architecture, without cross-compilation. This significantly reduces the risk of abnormal situations during the operation of the operating system by consumers, according to BaseALT.

"With the release of Alt 9.0 distributions, consumers were able to select one or more hardware platforms based on their specific needs and install the appropriate operating system from the updated version of the Alt line on all computers. For example, data centers are interested in introducing servers on Huawei Kunpeng processors. Government agencies - in the transfer of IT infrastructures to Russian hardware. For private users, educational institutions and small businesses, an interesting alternative to desktops and laptops is becoming inexpensive, but productive single-board computers. With the advent of specialized versions of the Alt OS, such computers can be seamlessly embedded in a local network running a Linux-like operating system. In addition, ARM and MIPS processor-based platforms are beginning to be actively used in robotics and IoT devices, "

In the near future, BaseALT is the release of the Alt Server B 9 distribution. A beta version of the product as of October 2019 already exists and is available for testing. The distribution will work on the platforms x86 (32 and 64-bit), AArch64 (Baikal-M, Huawei Kunpeng), ppc64le (YADRO Power 8 and 9, OpenPower). Alt Workstation K distributions with KDE and Simply Linux for home users are also being prepared for release also for different hardware platforms.

Users of distributions built on the Eighth Platform (p8) can update the system from the p9 branch of the Sisyphus repository. For new corporate users, it is possible to receive test versions, and private users are traditionally offered to download the necessary version of the Alt OS for free from the BaseALT website or from the download site

According to the developer, in addition to expanding the range of hardware platforms, a number of other significant changes have been implemented for Alt OS 9.0 distributions:

  • in apt (advanced packaging tool, system for installing, updating and removing software packages) there is support for rpmlib (FileDigests), which will allow you to install third-party packages (Yandex Browser, Chrome and others) without repackaging, and many other updates;
  • The LibreOffice office package is implemented in two versions: Still for enterprise customers and Fresh for experimenters and advanced users;
  • the uniform samba package is available (to usual jobs and to controllers domenaactive Directory);
  • The Application Center (analogue of Google Play) is available in distributions, in which you can search for the necessary free program from various categories (educational, office, multimedia, etc.) and install it on your computer;
  • support of current GOST algorithms is implemented.

According to October 2019, work on porting Alt OS distributions to updated hardware platforms continues. In particular, it is planned to release versions for systems on Baikal-M and Raspberry Pi 4.

Compatibility with SED Delo-Web and Karma

On September 19, 2019, the company EOS announced that, together with "" within the BaseALT framework of a technological partnership, they tested the compatibility of the subsystem Case-Web"," the system "" KARMA(both produced by EOS) with " OS Alt Workstation 8" and "" Alt 8 SP(developed by "BaseALT"). More. here

Compatibility with eDocLib

On September 18, 2019, EOS announced that, together with BaseALT, they successfully completed testing for compatibility of the Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) eDocLib ( development of EOS) and the Alt 8 SP and Alt Workstation 8 operating systems (development of BaseALT). More details here.

Compatibility with ViPNet Client for Linux

On August 9, 2019, it became known that BaseALT, the developer of the Alt family of operating systems, and Infotecs, a manufacturer of high-tech software and hardware for information protection, ensured the compatibility of their software products. More details here.

Compatibility with RUSTEK

Compatibility with P7-Office

July 31, 2019 it became known that the companies "BaseALT" and "New Communication Technologies" ("NK NKT) tested the latest versions of their products: operating systems of the Alt family and the desktop application" P7-Office. " Read more Here.

Compatibility with JaCarta

July 23, 2019. Aladdin R.D."" and BaseALT"" announced the successful testing of electronic keys smart cards JaCarta and the production of Aladdin R.D. operating systems and the Alt family produced by Basalt ACT. More. here

Compatibility with SED THESIS

On June 5, 2019, the company Haulmont announced the compatibility of current versions EDMS THESIS OS and the "" family. Viola More. here

Compatibility with BOSS-Personnel

On June 6, 2019, the company BOSS. Human resources systems"" announced that together with the company BaseALT"" they ensured the compatibility of their products - the software complex for Human Resources Management BOSS-Personnel both " operating systems 8"Alt Server and "Alt Workstation 8." More. here

OS "Alt Workstation K 8.3"

On May 30, 2019, BaseALT announced the release of the Alt Workstation K 8.3 version of the operating system for use in workplaces. It has been modified to enhance the ability of users and system administrators to install and work with the system. The introduced version of the system provides advanced capabilities for managing computer resources and peripherals, enhanced security features and a more comfortable user environment.

"Enterprises and organizations are interested in a stable and secure operating system as the basis of an enterprise IT infrastructure. The presented release "Alt Workstation K 8.3" meets the needs of users and allows you to equip workstations with a convenient and high-performance operating system. "

Alt Workstation K 8.3

Improve hardware support. The operating system must work with a wide range of computing and peripherals so that the organization can seamlessly integrate it into the IT infrastructure already in use. Therefore, BaseALT expanded the functionality of Alt Workstation K 8.3 in terms of equipment support. It is possible to install an OS without a hardware keyboard on systems with 32-bit EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface, the interface between the operating system and firmware that controls low-level hardware functions). Added automatic definition of virtual machine type during installation. Improved support for Intel, AMD, and NVidia video adapters. Added drivers for some Realtek WiFi adapters, noted in BaseALT.

Control over the RAM. The possibility of unexpected full memory filling of office computers is a potential risk of slowing down the work of staff and reducing the effectiveness of the organization as a whole. A special KDE module developed by BaseALT to prevent overflow of RAM will help solve the problem of rational use of memory resources, the developer says.

Installation on LVM and LUKS. During the preparation of "Alt Workstation K 8.3," a number of tools were redesigned for the rational use of disk space. It is possible to install the operating system on LVM logical volumes, which allows you to change the size of the disk space required for its operation, without binding to the physical size of the hard disk partitions. This change is aimed at improving the efficiency of system administrators and optimizes the lifecycle of the operating system. According to Basalt ACT, the operating system installation tools for encrypted system partitions (LUKS) included in the OS creates reliable data protection from someone else's interference.

Entropy service. According to the developer, when creating the presented version of the OS, special attention is paid to safety issues. One of the key additions is the default entropy filling service, which allows you to use modern software and hardware entropy generators in the early stages of starting the operating system. This accelerates the operating system when it is used as a virtual machine in the VDI infrastructure.

Updated software versions. Changes to "Alt Workstation K 8.3": kernel Linux updated to version 4.19.33 LTS, in which the disk file and network subsystems are improved, functions virtualizations and security are expanded, drivers of various devices are improved. Enabled 4.2 WINE - win32- startup environment. applications The office package LibreOffice has been updated to version 6.

Improve translations. User interaction with the system largely depends on the friendliness of its interface. Alt Workstation K 8.3 improved translations of help and application interface into Russian by the BaseALT translation team.

According to the developer, the system has many other visual and useful improvements. For example, the distribution includes the chrony service, which allows you to synchronize the clock of a local computer with accurate time servers connected to the Internet. Improved operation of many KDE applications, navigation through help topics and search by bookmarks, etc.

Compatibility with the Vertex software platform

On May 22, 2019, BaseALT announced the successful completion of testing of the compatibility of the Vershok software platform and the Koreshok distributed real-time database for the development of the Fizpribora plant with operating systems on the Alt platform. Compatibility and correctness of their operation with distributions of OS "Alt 8 SP," "Alt Server 8" and "Alt Workstation 8" has been confirmed. More details here.

Raidix Storage Compatibility

On May 7, 2019, Raidix announced the successful completion of testing of PORAIDIX 4.X and Alt operating systems. More details here.

Compatibility with VideoMost

On April 23, 2019, the companies BaseALT announced SPIRIT the successful completion of software servers and client testing for video conferencings unified communications VideoMost and production of SPIRIT and operating systems () OS of the "" development family of the Viola company "BaseALT." More. here

Compatibility with Postgres Pro Standard v. 11

On March 26, 2019, BaseALT announced that, together with Postgres Professional, they had successfully completed compatibility testing of the latest versions of SUBDPostgres Pro Standard v. 11 manufactured by Postgres Professional and operating systems (OS) of the Alt family developed by BaseALT. More details here.

Launch of Alt OS vendor support service for Elbrus

On March 11, 2019, it became known that BaseALT (a Russian developer of operating systems for the public sector, state corporations and large businesses) and ALP Group (a Russian IT service company, a provider of IT outsourcing and IT audit services) officially announced the start of the provision of vendor technical support services. The essence of the service is to ensure the reliable operation of versions of the Alt Workstation and Alt Server software products specially developed for the domestic Elbrus hardware and software platform manufactured by MCST JSC.

Customer organizations will have a convenient mechanism for solving IT incidents at any level of complexity as quickly as possible. This is extremely important for all large Russian customer organizations that have included processors Elbrus-based computing in their IT landscapes.

The bundle of Russian Elbrus processors and the Russian Alt OS is a universal system platform, the use of which really increases the level of information security and sanction security of customer organizations. The guarantee of these OS properties is the independent Russian repository Sisif, on the basis of which versions of the Alt OS are being developed for all supported processors, including Elbrus. BaseALT organizes the development of the repository by the international community ALT Linux Team. The main part of this team is made up of domestic developers. Repository management from Russian jurisdiction provides a long life cycle of the Alt OS family.

For the entire Alt OS line, user interfaces, work methods and administration are maximally unified, which protects the customer's investment in training personnel and eliminates the long-term addiction to computing on unfamiliar processors.

In the presented service, the speed of response to IT incidents is determined by the service quality agreement (SLA), valid throughout the Russian Federation . Solutions to IT incidents that do not require referrals to the third support line in most cases take no more than a day.

The leading specialists of BaseALT are connected to the requests of the expert level, which allows you to develop final solutions that require changes to the software product code as quickly as possible. Or temporary solutions for a specific customer.

Vendor technical support for Alt OS for Elbrus is carried out according to a proven scheme, which since 2017 has been used to support the entire Alt OS line for x86 processors. ALP Group, a strategic partner of BaseALT, provides the first two technical support lines, as well as a special portal where users and representatives of the customer organization can leave applications and monitor their status. At the same time, the Alt OS VTP service (for all computing platforms) is based on a single technology for working with IT incidents and on the ALP Group regional partner network, presented as of March 2019 in 550 cities of the Russian Federation. In turn, BaseALT works out requests that really require an expert level of knowledge of Alt OS. At the same time, the interaction of BaseALT and ALP Group is completely hidden from the consumer, who receives an important service with guaranteed characteristics.

To start using the vendor technical support service for Alt Workstation and Alt Server software products for Elbrus, the customer enters into a service contract with BaseALT, choosing the most suitable service level (Basic, Standard, Extended).

Integration with TONK computers

Compatibility with DocsVision

On February 21, 2019, DocsVision"" announced that together with BaseALT"" they successfully completed testing the work of a web client EDMS Docsvision manufactured by DoxVision with operating systems () OS Viola of the Bazalt ACT development family. More. here

Compatibility with SKALA-R hyperconvergent complex


Compatibility with ABBYY FineReader Engine

On December 25, 2018, it became known that BaseALT and ABBYY successfully tested the tools for developers ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 and 12 versions for Linux with Alt Linux SPT 7.0, Alt Workstation 8, Alt Server 8, which allows you to recommend ABBYY recognition technologies for embedding in applications running OS ALT.

"Tavolga Terminal" with pre-installed OS "Alt Workstation"

On December 17, 2018, BaseALT announced that together with T-Platforms they had signed an agreement on the supply of Tavolga Terminal computers with the Alt Workstation pre-installed OS. By purchasing computers, consumers can quickly deploy a ready-made workplace equipped with an operating system and a large set of office software. More details here.

Compatibility with R-Virtualization 7 and R-Storage 7

Compatibility with Linter Bastion DBMS

On July 5, 2018, it became known that according to the results of the tests, the compatibility and correct operation of SUBDLinter Bastion with the operating systems of the Alt family, including Alt Workstation K 8.2, was confirmed. More details here.

Closing the Meltdown vulnerability

BaseALT, a Russian developer of operating systems for the public sector, state corporations and large businesses, announced on January 12, 2018 the release of updates blocking the possibility of using the vulnerability CVE-2017-5754 (called Meltdown) in all distributions and the current development repository. Updates are available from January 11th. More details here.

2017: Compatibility with Prognoz Platform

On September 11, 2017, Forsyth and BaseALT announced a compatibility test of their solutions. The test results confirmed the stable operation of Prognoz Platform with the Alt Workstation solution. More details here.