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Microsoft Center for fight against world cyber crime





On November 19, 2013 the Microsoft Corporation announced opening of the Center for fight against world cyber crime. Its creation marked the beginning of a new era in fight against crime on the Internet. The center will counteract online-crimes, including distribution of malware and a bot networks, to violation of intellectual property rights and protection of the rights of children on the Internet.

The center the State of Washington, the USA is discovered in the corporation headquarters in Redmond. Its divisions will work at 12 offices and regional laboratories of the company worldwide: in Beijing, Berlin, Bogota, Brussels, Dublin, Edinborough (USA), Gurgaon (India), Hong Kong, Munich, Singapore, Sydney and Washington.

It will allow Microsoft to reveal and analyze the maximum number of cyberthreats and IP crimes and also to share the global best practices with the clients and partners. The center will promote in every possible way that people could be around the world sure of security of the devices and the services used by them.

"The Microsoft center for fight against cyber crime combined efforts of experts, clients and orchestra seats of the company to focus on one purpose – protection of Internet users, – David Fynn, the assistant to the general counsel of Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit told. – Using advanced technologies, professional knowledge and innovations, we can make the Internet safer for all".

Departments of the Center will use all range of technologies of Microsoft which will allow a command to fight in real time against global cyberthreats. For example, the SitePrint technology will help to keep track of location of kiberperstupnik, the PhotoDNA program will allow to protect the child from a pornography in Network. The so-called cybercriminalistics will give the chance to monitor global cybercrimes which online frauds are among and thefts of personal data, and calculation of cyberthreats and destruction a bot networks will protect the devices working in Network.

In the Center for fight against cyber crime the separate department for work with third-party partners which will allow experts in cyber security to interact from around the world with specialists of Microsoft directly in the Center was also founded. Such opportunity will allow to develop multilateral communications between the major partners in fight against cyber crime – business, the scientific organizations, law enforcement agencies and clients. In the Center nearly 100 lawyers, investigators, technical experts and court analysts from around the world work.

"In fight against cyber crime at the level of the state experience of private companies, such as Microsoft, is of great importance – it allows to protect more effectively citizens from crimes on the Internet, – the chief executive told the Nakatani Set, the INTERPOL of Global Complex for Innovation. – To be ahead of criminals, the community of specialists in a computer security should work is coordinated. Thanks to the Microsoft Center for fight against cyber crime accomplishment of this task will be more effective".