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Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited



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Revenue and profit of the company

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Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited — the affiliate of Microsoft who performs providing the rights (licenses) for use of software products of corporation in the territory of the Russian Federation. The company is registered in Ireland and created for simplification of tax burden.

Performance Indicators

2014: Growth of revenue by 15%

In February, 2015 financial results of activity of Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited company from which the Russian and European distributors buy software licenses of Microsoft were published. Both profit, and revenue of Irish "subsidiary" of software giant grew.

According to the The Irish Times edition with reference to the data published by Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited for financial year which came to the end on June 30, 2014 the company gained $22.2 billion that is 15% more, than the previous year. This rise is connected with high demand on Xbox and other electronics of Microsoft and also on cloud solutions, such as Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM.[1]

Revenue of the seller of licenses for products of Microsoft in Russia grew by 15%

The annual net profit of Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited was before tax $1.4 billion against $1.3 billion fixed according to the results of the previous reporting year. Operating profit of the company year on year jumped by 10% to $1.4 billion. Also it is announced growth of the total costs and costs connected with product sales.

In structure of revenue of Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited about $3.1 billion fell to the share of income in Great Britain. Other European business brought the companies of nearly $16 billion. Sales in Russia it is not announced. In Ireland where the company is registered, revenue at the level of $212 million is received.

For financial year which end fell on June 30, 2014, Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited, created for simplification of tax burden paid taxes in the amount of 204 million euros at an effective rate in 14.4%.

As of the end of June, 2014 the number of staff of Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited grew to 735 people from the 703rd the previous year. In October, 2014 it became known of plans of the company to employ about 100 graduates of higher educational institutions.