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Microsoft Open Technologies is child structure of Microsoft, is engaged in open technologies.

It is organized in 2012.

2015: Activity of MS Open Technologies stops

On April 20, 2015 Microsoft announced the termination of activity[1].

The company was engaged only in the Open Source direction — implementation of own open program projects, development of open standards and support of relationship (including - questions of investments) with independent open projects and community Open Source.

The president of MS Open Technologies in the corporate blog explained to Jean Paoli the solution with the fact that the company executed the mission, the corporation is not required any more separate Open Source-структура which will join the structure of Microsoft now.

Creation of the autonomous company was necessary for working off in the pilot mode of methods and opportunities of Open Source, including for the solution of the main strategic objectives of corporation, establishment of communications with different projects and communities. For April 21, 2015 it is possible to draw a conclusion: the stage of "pilot approbation" of the open ideas and approaches in all the activities is successfully complete and Microsoft starts their "industrial" implementation. The separate company is not necessary any more as Open Source are already used in divisions of corporation to some extent.

According to Paoli, engineers of Microsoft are engaged almost in two thousand the open projects provided on the websites GitHub CodePlex. In many respects thanks to cooperation with community Open Source the company could perform successfully works on full support of Linux in Azure, integration of Docker technologies with Azure and Windows, creation of Azure HDInsight on the Apache Hadoop platform and Linux, to providing development tools for Android, iOS, Node.js and Python. Actually, in three years of Microsoft created own community Open Source.

According to observers, the announced liquidation of MS Open Tech speaks not only intention to move works on Open Source "from the isolated island to the continent", but also the organizational and financial moments. It is possible to assume surely that the company of such profile was planned and unprofitable, subsidized. It is more convenient to support such structure in corporation for many reasons, than in the form of separate company. Now on the basis of the MS Open Tech group the division of Microsoft Open Technology Programs Office which task includes distribution of the Open Source methods in scales of corporation is created.