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Representative office of Microsoft corporation in Russia. Since July, 2004 — Microsoft Rus LLC. Promotes the software, development of a partner network, product introduction, localization of solutions.

The history of business in Russia

Chronology of the main events at the Russian office Microsoft from the first visit of Bill Gates to Moscow - up to now.

The main article History of Microsoft in Russia (Microsoft Rus)

The top officials

Performance Indicators


Reduction of revenue for 6.5%, profit increase - for 116%

Revenue of the Russian office Microsoft - Microsoft Rus — in 2017 was reduced by 6.5% to 9.2 billion rubles, follows from accounting records of the company published in July, 2018 in base " circuit.focus ". At the same time, the net profit of Microsoft Rus in a year grew by 116%, from 537 million rubles to 1.16 billion rubles.

For 2017 Microsoft Rus paid to the parent company dividends of 1.14 billion rubles. It is almost twice more, than in 2015 when the company paid 570 million rubles. In 2016 dividends did not pay Microsoft Rus.

The Russian division of Skype Technologies belonging to Microsoft — "Microsoft Development Centre Rus" — in 2017 earned 381 million rubles, is 20% more, than the previous year. The net profit of division increased twice to 36.9 million rubles.

The profit of the Russian office Microsoft significantly grew in 2017

In Microsoft Rus did not comment on financial results of activity in Russia. Preferred to refrain from comments on the same subject and almost all Russian distributors of corporation which TAdviser addressed.

In October, 2017 during a conference call according to the results of a quarter with top managers of Microsoft and analysts the CEO of software corporation Satya Nadella noted that in such markets as Russia and Brazil was observed stabilization. During the same conversation the chief financial officer of Microsoft Amy Hood designated the same two markets among key for the company.

In August, 2017 the representative of analytical center of "The national rating of transparency of purchases" provided data that against the background of import substitution policy of state company and state agencies began to buy less products of Microsoft [1]. In particular, state companies in the II quarter spent 668 million rubles for products of state corporation that is 6 times less, than for the same period of 2016 and 3 times less, than in the I quarter 2017. State agencies, in turn, for the first two quarters 2017 spent for Microsoft for 4 million rubles less, than in the II quarter 2016, and 91 million rubles less, than for the first two quarters 2015.

In 2017 Microsoft Rus continued to sign direct large contracts with customers. From the contracts signed according to the results of biddings on the official portal of state procurements for it contracts with Sberbank for services of premieres support of software of Microsoft of 134 million rubles and two contracts with Rostelecom for similar services of 107 and 71 million rubles became the largest.

The majority of the agreements signed by Microsoft Rus directly with customers according to the results of biddings on the portal of state procurements in 2017 were connected with support services.

The large distributor explained profit increase and falling of revenue of office Microsoft in Russia

The representative of one of the largest distributors of Microsoft in Russia which wished to remain unnamed noted that the corporation not only propagandizes a didzhitalization of the companies, but also didzhitalizirutsya: the company changes many manual processes for automatic that on the one hand leads to increase in efficiency of work with partners and customers, from another to reduction of the staff of personnel. According to him, decrease in operating expenses and, as a result, growth of net profit can be connected with the fact that for the last year "the number of the Russian representative office of Microsoft was considerably reduced".

In terms of products Azure well grows though these rates are lower, than on average in the world, the interlocutor of TAdviser says. Demand for Office remains approximately at the same level, as a year before, only the model of its consumption changes. Earlier Office bought on the Open model (one-time payment), on the CSP model (monthly payments) now, he tells.

Other representative of the same distributor of Microsoft notes that the corporation, including its Russian representative office, teaches several years a course towards sale of the cloud-solutions. According to him, it is reflected also in financial performance: the total turnover at the expense of the smaller amount of transactions falls whereas profit grows.

Moreover, the interlocutor of TAdviser, the main focus of the company and in terms of support and development of partners added, and concerning customers becomes on monthly schemes of licensing that allows to conduct more predicted and in the future profitable business, despite initial visible falling in turnover of the company now.

The representative of distributor added that their company showed the fivefold growth of turnover of cloud solutions of Microsoft in 2017 financial year.

2016: Growth of revenue by 11%

Revenue of the Russian office Microsoft (Microsoft Rus) at the end of 2016 increased by 11% in relation to 2015 and reached 9.9 billion rubles.

The net profit of the company was 537.6 million rubles against 836.5 million rubles the previous year.

Revenue of the Russian representative office of Microsoft grew by 11% at the end of 2016

In 2016 by 17% - cost of sales increased to 6.8 billion rubles - for 8% - business expenses grew to 2 billion rubles-.

The Russian office Microsoft does not comment on financial results. Among domestic distributors of the American corporation also persons interested to estimate results of year were not.

The Corus Consulting company which is engaged in product introduction of Microsoft told about the high interest of the Russian customers in solutions on their basis.

The great platform and industry solutions of Dynamics AX allowed to develop systematically practice of business solutions of Microsoft due to new implementations and development of the current clients. Also we see great interest to a cloud platform to Azure and the advanced services regarding analytics, forecasting and machine learning: the pilots begun last financial year gave the reliable platform for further development of our cloud direction, - Ivan Fyodorov, the director of the department of ERP of Corus Consulting Group told TAdviser

In addition Fyodorov is happy with the new solution of Dynamics 365 available as in a cloud, and on-premises, including native integration with Power BI, Machine Learning, Office 365 and other flagship products of Microsoft.

At the same time, revenue of Microsoft Mobile Rus (Ex-Nokia) which is engaged in sale of smartphones dropped in 2016 in comparison with 2015 by 71% - from 13 billion rubles to 3.7 billion rubles. Net profit was reduced from 1 billion to 389 million rubles.

Development center revenue of Microsoft - "Microsoft Development Centre Rus" - made in 2016 317.7 million rubles (in 2015 the company did not open revenue, in 2014 it reached 524 million rubles). Profit was reduced from 45 million in 2014 to 18 million in 2016.


Partners in Russia

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Software development in Russia

Microsoft development center in Russia functions under the legal person of "Microsoft Development Centre Rus".

As of July, 2011 two programming teams with a total number about 80 people work for Microsoft corporation in Russia, CNews[2] told[2] the director of Microsoft of work about Skolkovo Alexey Palladin, and their number constantly increases.

The first group is engaged in development of modules for the systems of the class ERP of the Microsoft Dynamics family, the second – writes the libraries for supercomputer Windows HPC Server OS aimed at improving its performance and to optimize for work in a cloud.

The Dynamics command includes about 50 people. Part of them are issued to the state, others work under the contract. Formation of this group, according to Palladin, began in 2008-2009, and it continues to grow.

"The command extends because develops a high-quality product which is very much highly appreciated by our management in Redmond", - the representative of Microsoft adds.

The HPC Server group is "pilot". According to Alexey Palladin, it was gathered in 2011 financial year and now consists of 30 people: 10 is based in Moscow, the others – in regions.

All programmers working on the HPC project are contract employees, their principle places of employment are the Russian companies. What - in Microsoft preferred not to specify.

"Over time we also expect to increase the number of this command", - Palladin claims. Besides, according to him, it is possible that a part of these employees will be admitted to staff of corporation.

In further Microsoft she intends to transfer two Russian development teams in the uniform center which should open in Skolkovo. Let's remind that the memorandum of understanding meaning start of such center, Microsoft signed with Skolkovo Foundation in the fall of 2010.

The fact that on involvement of the Russian developers Microsoft began to be quite active relatively recently in the company is explained with appearance of strong "lobbyists" in the headquarters.

"If to look at experience of how the basic centers in China and India were created, then the significant role in their emergence was played by diaspora – in Redmond a large number of natives of the Chinese and Indian schools of information science works, - Palladin tells. - Having worked several years in the headquarters, they decided to return to the sources and to entrust certain projects to small local laboratories which grew afterwards in big commands".

Russia, according to Palladin, to some extent repeats experiment of India and China: "If to look, for example, at the Dynamics command, then the head of business solutions – Kirill Tatarinov, the native of Russia. The global manager of division of HPC is other employee with the Russian roots - Kirill Fayenov".

Worldwide hundreds of natives of Russia work for corporation, Palladin says, most of them is concentrated in Microsoft headquarters in Redmond: "There are people very outstanding, very noticeable. For example, Evgeny Veselov who in due time developed the Lexicon word-processor, and who is nowadays one of the leading developers Internet Explorer. Thanks to it and Alex Mogilevsky IE9 became more productive and improved, than IE8".

There are natives of Russia and in development team of Windows for personal computers. In particular, they are involved in work on Windows 8 kernel. Actually in each division of Microsoft natives of Russia and the CIS at the different levels – from the basic developer to the head of commands are provided, Alexey Palladin concludes.

Microsoft Research

Since 1991 in Russia the research division of Microsoft Research works. As of March, 2011 within the External Research program the research center conducted work in Russia on interaction with a number of leaders of universities of the country. In particular, on the SDS project (Scientific Data Set) laboratory of calculus mathematics Microsoft Research in Cambridge (Great Britain) and laboratory of Work benches of mathematical modeling of faculty of Calculus mathematics and Cybernetics of Lomonosov Moscow State University create class library for work with the multidimensional arrays which are the main type of scientific data. The SDS library in the form of the source code is in open access.

Microsoft to Skolkovo

Основная статья: Microsoft to Skolkovo

  • In November, 2010 Victor Vekselberg, the president of Skolkovo Foundation and the head of Microsoft corporation Steve Ballmer signed the agreement of intent.

  • On March 24, 2011 the vice president of Skolkovo Foundation, it is the general manager of this fund by training and to researches Oleg Alekseev, signed with the president of Microsoft Russia Nikolay Pryanishnikov the agreement on strategic cooperation in the field of development of education in future innovation center. One of the directions of this cooperation is creation of Skolkovo school - the innovation general education educational institution.

  • On November 6, 2012, two years later after signing by the head of Microsoft Steve Ballmer and president Skolkovo Victor Vekselberg of the memorandum of understanding, Microsoft expanded former arrangements. This time in the presence of Ballmer the document on it was signed by the senior vice president Skolkovo Igor Drozdov and the president of vendor in Russia Nikolay Pryanishnikov.

Regional centers of innovations

As of October, 2010 in the Russian Federation 11 Centers of innovations Microsoft work in 8 cities of Russia. The purpose of their work – to combine efforts of leaders of universities and the IT industry for the purpose of development of the IT sector of economy of Russia. The centers of innovations Microsoft will organize additional training of students with assistance of partners of the Centers (IT companies), create conditions for work of students on their own projects, look for new ways of more effective training of specialists for the IT industry. Besides, the Centers are aimed at development of software technologies and solutions, including, carrying out specific research and development. Key partners of the Centers of innovations of Microsoft are academic centers, the industrial companies and public institutions.

In October, 2012 opening of the Center of solutions of Microsoft in the city of Yaroslavl took place. About 20 invited guests, representatives of the largest enterprises and the organizations of the Yaroslavl region, the staff of the Russian representative office of Microsoft Corporation and also authorities of regional and city administrations gathered in office of ALAN company — the partner of Microsoft corporation who acted as the initiator of creation of the Center of solutions.

The Center of solutions Microsoft created in Yaroslavl is actually the first specialized partner Center in the CFD. It is designed to become the resource providing productive development of application of information technologies of the companies, organizations and organizations of the Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Ivanovo regions and all economy of the region in general. The center of solutions Microsoft is a notable contribution to implementation of the state strategy of transition of the country to the innovation economy.

Using technology features of the Center of solutions of Microsoft, specialists of ALAN company held for participants at the event the first practical seminar at which questions of cloud services of Microsoft corporation and also new products in a line of the joint communications were in more detail considered: Microsoft Lync Server 2013, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and new technologies in Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

The meeting continued in an informal situation where guests and company management of ALAN could discuss possibilities of cooperation and development of the Center of solutions of Microsoft and further perspectives of the state program on informatization.

Technology centers

The technology centers Microsoft are the IT platforms integrating in themselves resources of world leading manufacturers hardware and the software. Thanks to these centers partners and customers of Microsoft have an opportunity to significantly reduce costs for development and optimization of IT solutions. For June, 2011 23 technology centers Microsoft work in 12 countries of the world.

In Russia the first center was open in Moscow in November, 2009. It became the first center in Eastern Europe with the largest show room located out of the USA for modeling of solutions.

On June 2, 2011 opening of the first regional technology center Microsoft in Novosibirsk took place. The opened center in Novosibirsk becomes for company 24 on the account. The Head of Department of informatization and development of telecommunication technologies of the Novosibirsk region Anatoly Dyubanov, the president of Microsoft in Russia Nikolay Pryanishnikov, the director of the technology center Microsoft in Moscow Oleg Karacharov and also representatives of other partner companies of Microsoft participated in the opening ceremony of the center.

The Novosibirsk technology center will provide to the partners and customers of the company conducting the activity in Siberia and in the Far East, access to the latest products and technologies. In the center the show room in which regional developers will be able to test and show the solutions that will allow them to receive more perfect IT products as a result is provided. Besides, in data center of MTS the latests version of demonstration scenarios covering a broad spectrum of the solutions constructed on products and technologies of Microsoft and partners will be unrolled.

Online store

Microsoft Online Store began work in Russia in November, 2015.

Internet and business in Russia

2013: Alkasar is selected by a seller

On July 8, 2013 it became known that Alkasar will be engaged in sale of advertizing opportunities of group of Internet services and platforms of Microsoft corporation in Russia. The agreement on implementation of advertizing in service of voice and video conference Skype and Skype Mobile, game service Xbox Live and the information website of MSN is reached.

Negotiations between Microsoft and Alkasar corporation began at the end of 2012. According to the agreement signed between Microsoft Online Inc. and Intra LLC entering into the Alkasar group since May 1, 2013 the seller began on an exclusive basis implementation of banner formats and special projects on four resources of corporation.

Sale of video advertizing on resources of Microsoft is still performed by Gazprom-Media Digital company. Alkasar already began federal regional sales in 30 largest cities of Russia in which branches of group work.

Effective banner formats are offered advertisers. In Skype banners on the homepage and in an audiocall window are available. In Skype Mobile and Xbox Live the line of banner formats which allow to use the classroom capacity of both services fully is offered. On the website of MSN "Alkasar" in addition to banners will offer opportunities for branding of pages and placement of special projects.

Advertizing in Skype is distinguished by lack of a klatter or advertizing noise which clients traditionally face on many large Internet resources where for attention of the user the mass of advertizing messages often competes. Having placed banners in a window of an audiocall Skype and Skype Mobile, the advertiser actually contacts to the consumer in private.

"In comparison with other large players of the market of TV advertizing Alkasar rather went on-line recently and actively develops this direction, setting before itself ambitious goals. Our partner achieved impressive progress in implementation of advertizing in regional traffic of a pool of Gazprom-Media Digital and also the Media-Today resources and the Kinopoisk portal, and we decided to rely on Alkasar, – the commercial director of division of Internet advertizing (Microsoft Advertising) of Microsoft corporation in Russia Alexander Yakovlev says. – We are sure that Alkasar will help us to understand better the Russian market, its commercial and regional relations as the biggest has in Russia own regional network".