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Bash Today is the Russian service for lease of platforms for actions. In addition, on the website it is possible to order additional services — a catering or free canceling of armoring.

For September, 2019 Bash Today works in Moscow and St. Petersburg where actively expands base of platforms. Until the end of 2019 start of service in London is planned — the first platforms are already now connected there. Global plans — leadership in a niche in the Russian market and transfer of experience on the markets of Europe.


2019: Investments from Sberbank

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On September 6, 2019 it was announced that Bash Today attracted investments from Sberbank and group of angel investors. Bash Today — the graduate of the first Russian-American accelerator of Sberbank and 500 Startups. The transaction became the first converting of Sberbank in a share on convertible loans, the issued startups of the first wave of an accelerator. The amount of investments and assessment of a startup in a round does not reveal.

2018: Turnover of armorings made 68 million rub

In 2018 turnover of armorings through service made 68 million rubles. About 30% which left the request for Bash make final purchase. The service earns from the commission from platforms which makes 20%. An average bill of armoring — about 16 thousand rubles.

2016: The investment attraction from angel investors

In 2016 service attracted the first investment round from angel investors — Pavel Rodyukov and Oleg Evseenkov.

2015: Foundation of service

Bash Today was founded in 2015 by Efim Kolodkin, Rodion Gabani, Andrey Gorobchenko and Alexander Bugaev. Founders invested about 3 million rubles in start of service.