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JSC Bashinformsvyaz — one of telecom operators in the Ural region of the Russian Federation. The company owns the hi-tech and powerful technical base which is branched out by a public telephone network, extended intra republican communication lines, switching nodes, data transmission systems TV and broadcastings. 18 branches have structural divisions in all cities and the district centers of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The authorized capital of the company is 985 million rubles. According to the Kommersant newspaper, the large-scale integrated circuit share in local market of the fixed telephone communication makes 91%. The share in the market of broadband access in the Internet (ShPD) in 2013 made 52%, cable television — 36%. A major shareholder of the large-scale integrated circuit is Rostelecom (68.18% of authorized capital).


2019: Acquisition of Netris group

Rostelecom Group closed the transaction on acquisition of Netris group. Transaction amount was 1.7 billion rubles. On April 4, 2019 reported about it to Netris. The transaction was performed through "subsidiary" of Rostelecom, the operator of fixed connection, largest in Bashkortostan, Bashinformsvyaz. Read more here.


Contract for upgrade of communication lines

PJSC Bashinformsvyaz (enters into Rostelecom) will sign seven construction contracts new and upgrade of the existing communication lines for providing shirokopopolosny Internet access corporate and to business clients. Their total cost was 294.4 million rubles. Contracts assume completion of works until the end of June, 2020. The customer will transfer the list of objects to contractors in addition, Kommersant writes in December.

Acquisition by "Start2kom"

The Bashinformsvyaz company entering into Rostelecom from Ufa purchased a share in 99.92% in the Moscow IT company "Start2kom". Read more here.


Growth of net profit by 1.7 times to 1.35 billion rubles

The net profit of PJSC Bashinformsvyaz at the end of 2015 (on RBSU) was 1.35 billion rubles. It is 1.7 times more than an indicator of 2014.

Revenue increased by 0.9 percent and made 6.6 billion rubles. Income and from new types of service - from 2.3 billion rubles in 2014 grew to 2.7 billion in 2015.

Providing Internet access brought to the company income of 1.8 billion rubles (in 2014 — 1.5 billion), service of cable television - 672, 6 million (in the 2014th — 512.5 million). Income from services of intra-zone telephone communication was reduced by 20.6 percent (to 451 million rubles), city telephone communication - almost for 17 percent (to 1.2 billion), rural telephone communication - for four percent (to 687.5 million).

The gross profit of the company made 2.4 billion rubles (plus 5.7 percent), a sales profit - 980 million (plus 31.8 percent). Profit increased up to taxation by one and a half times and was 1.5 billion rubles. Receivables decreased from 1.7 billion rubles to 1.4 billion, creditor - from 765.75 million to 535.5 million.

Rostelecom consolidates 100% of Bashinformsvyaz

The Board of Directors of JSC Rostelecom approved in the spring of 2015 consolidation of 100% of ordinary shares of JSC Bashinformsvyaz. It is for this purpose going to announce voluntary redemption of stocks at shareholders of JSC Bashinformsvyaz at the price, not above set by the independent appraiser – 8.53 rubles for one ordinary share. According to representatives of operator, process of consolidation of 100% of stocks can take several months and demand about 2.4 billion rubles.

Rostelecom considers that complete consolidation of ordinary shares of JSC Bashinformsvyaz will allow to increase the level of corporate control and will be promoted faster reduction of duplicative managerial functions, operating and capital expenditure at unification with JSC Rostelecom investment, purchasing, technical, commercial and marketing by the politician, to increase in revenue and increase in a customer loyalty at the expense of the offer of new rates and services, including the expanded offer on TV-content for retail subscribers and also federal products for corporate users (cloud products, VPN, the ave.) and also more active operational integration, including regarding consecutive transition to information systems of JSC Rostelecom.

In addition, consolidation should exclude the impact of fluctuations of the stock exchange quotations of ordinary shares of JSC Bashinformsvyaz on RAS reporting of JSC Rostelecom and also eliminirovat adjustment on a share of not controlling shareholders in IFRS reporting of JSC Rostelecom regarding the book value of assets, net profit and the received dividends.

According to the senior vice president Maria Florentyeva, "consolidation of 100% of Bashinformsvyaz will provide faster process of operational integration and increase in internal efficiency of business of Bashinformsvyaz that will allow the company to develop steadily as a part of the Rostelecom group and to fully implement possible synergy effects".


Approval of FAS of the petition of "Rostelecom" for acquisition of 29.22% of stocks of JSC Bashinformsvyaz

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) approved in October, 2014 the petition of Rostelecom operator for acquisition of 29.22% of stocks of JSC Bashinformsvyaz therefore 100% of the Bashkir operator , says department will be at disposal of Rostelecom[1].

Rostelecom is a major shareholder of Bashinformsvyaz, owning 68.18% of stocks. At the end of September the state-owned shares of the large-scale integrated circuit in the amount of 17.84% redeemed at an auction Gazprombank for 1.33 billion rubles at the starting price in 1.26 billion rubles. Rostelecom reported that the holding could not participate in an auction because of current limitations for the companies with a direct share of the state more than 25%, at the same time said that see "the partner interested in development of the company" in Gazprombank. Experts suggested that Gazprombank purchased a large-scale integrated circuit share for the benefit of Rostelecom as it is one of his main partners.

Meanwhile, the Bashkir operator did not manage to achieve the positive decision of antimonopoly department on the complaint to the auction held by "The Bashkir electric grid company" (BESK). Business FM with reference to the specialist in public relations of BESK Marat Bikbayev reports about it.

Bashinformsvyaz claimed that BESK created to cable operators unequal conditions in fight for the right to provide the networks for installation of a new system of accounting of the electric power in apartment houses of Ufa.

Companies "Ufanet", "Bashinformsvyaz" and Moscow Aysibibiky applied for the contract. The starting price of the agreement was 70.4 million rubles, as a result won against Ufanet which agreed to the amount of 62.4 million rubles.

As reported in the complaint of Bashinformsvyaz, its request was rejected under the pretext of mismatch to technical specifications. The essence of claims of the customer was not brought to Bashinformsvyaz, the complaint says. The operator considered that "the discriminatory requirement" of the customer about admission to a procurement procedure of the cable operators owning optical communication links with a covering not less than 90% of apartment houses of Ufa could become a cause of failure.

Gazprombank got state-owned shares of Bashinformsvyaz

Bashinformsvyaz (large-scale integrated circuit) in the amount of 17.84% according to the results of an auction Gazprombank which offered for it 1.33 billion rubles at the starting price in 1.26 billion rubles got state-owned shares of the telecom operator in September, 2014.

2013: Revenue - 6.29 billion rubles

Revenue in 2013 made 6.29 billion, net profit - 849.4 million rubles.

2011: Revenue - 5.873 billion rubles

According to the results of six months 2011 the company provides services of broadband access in the Internet to 332 thousand. subscribers, paid cable and IP television (180 thousand subscribers) and the fixed telephony for physical persons and legal entities (more than 1 million subscribers) and also service of lease of channels for telecom operators. Revenue for 2011 under RAS - 5.873 billion rubles.