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Information technologies
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
The 2nd Farm, 38A. 22 km of Kiyevskoye Highway, 6, building 1 Office Comcity park, sector And, 5th floor

Top managers:
Shadayev Maksut Igorevich





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JSC RT Labs is affiliated enterprise JSC Rostelecom and specializes in implementation of large infrastructure projects for the benefit of state bodies and corporate clients. Is subcontractor in a number of projects on development of infrastructure of the electronic government.



The new CEO - Maksut Shadayev

Since February, 2019 the vice president of Rostelecom Maksut Shadayev became the CEO of the company. Mikhail Bondarenko left the post in connection with the expiration of the contract.


5 steps for digital transformation of state services. Video instruction RT Labs

On November 29, 2018 Dmitri Fink, the chief executive RT Labs, at the TAdviser SummIT conference told how they can see digital state services of the director of digital transformation. Read more here.

Dmitri Fink
Dmitri Fink


The development strategy RT Labs for 2017-2020

"The development strategy RT Labs for 2017-2020 is directed to formation of a service portfolio and formation of parent company as market maker of monetized ICT services in a G2B/G2C segment. RT Labs of digital competences of this sphere will allow Rostelecom to organize building not only technology, but also normative space for market development in interaction with profile executive authorities at the federal level and in regions", - Mikhail Bondarenko, the CEO of JSC RT Labs noted.

In further plans of the Company – development of the perspective directions in the field of health care, active participation in creation and development of new products and solutions in the market of fiscal and financial services, further consolidation of management of key components of Federal Infrastructure of the Electronic Government, completion of works on an exception of a technology stack of foreign (proprietary) software, completion of transition to modular architecture for key products and optimization of cost of maintenance of FIEP/RIEP due to implementation of technologies of self-service of end users of information systems.


During the period from 2015 to 2016 RT Labs it was transformed from the company of "one project" to the main technology partner of Rostelecom Group due to consolidation in the company of core competencies by a federal part of infrastructure of the electronic government (FIEP) and also implementation and optimization of production processes. Regional Competence Centers of the company in Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Yaroslavl and Samara were created. On technology and the FIEP resource base and its regional segment (RIEP) the product and service portfolio was built and expanded.

One of the key products entering into FIEP, competences on development and exploitation of whom are in the Company, – the uniform portal of state services (EPGU). In 2016 together with the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation migration of the new version of the portal of state services on the main domain was performed. On average, the portal is visited by more than 300 people a minute, and the peak load recorded in the current year made more than half a million people a day that is comparable to the population of the large Russian city.

The company in interaction from the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation studies the concept of transition of regional executive authorities from regional (local) portals of the public and municipal services to the unified solution within EPGU. Thanks to EPGU load of the regional budget will decrease and process of search and receiving service for applicants in territorial subjects of the Russian Federation will become simpler.

Growth of revenue of 42%

Revenue of the child IT company of Rostelecom — RT Labs — in 2016 reached one billion p2.63. In comparison with 2015 when revenue was one billion at the level of p1.86, the gain made 42%. Net arrived the companies at the same time is on one million mark p311. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the RT Labs company took the 39th place.

Planned targets of growth of revenue for 2017 in the company are defined at the level of 34% that testifies to a tendency to some decrease in rates of expansion of its business. In 2015 in comparison with 2014 the gain of this indicator made 76%.

In 2016 74% of revenue (one billion p1.96) were the share of rendering IT services by the company, and the remained 26% (one million p674) — of software development. In 2015 this ratio looked as 91% to 9% respectively.

In 2015 the number of staff of the company was stated at the level of 372 people, in 2016 personnel structure RT Labs grew to 548 people.

The CEO RT Labs Mikhail Bondarenko in a conversation with CNews connected growth of revenue with the fact that in 2016 in the company two new directions of business development appeared — informatization of health sector and creation of the fiscal[1].

In the first case it is about development and deployment of modules of the Regional Medical Information System (RMIS) and also creation of the Teleradiologiya Central Archive of Medical Images (CAMI) which allows to automate work of radiological and diagnostic services of medical institutions. It is at the moment implemented in eight regions of Russia.

In the second case as the main projects the solutions "Fiscal Data Operator", "Electronic document management system" and also creation of the Roaming center of operators of electronic document management — the hardware and software system providing to the companies of any kind of activity and scale an opportunity to exchange electronic documents with the partners connected to any operator of electronic document management act.

Also in RT Labs the project for National settlement depositary on creation of an electronic voting system for shareholders was implemented.

RT Labs open office in the Far East

The separate division will execute a broad spectrum of the tasks connected with development of regional portals of state services, automation of public authorities and providing consulting services to them. Separate activity of branch is connected with implementation and maintenance of regional transport information systems. RT Labs will also provide the organization and holding campaigns for promoting of the portal of state services. Together with Rostelecom projects on informatization of education and medicine will be implemented.

"Entry into the Far East market of the company which keeps the large-scale national project on development and operation of the electronic government will promote implementation of large integration projects and the solution of key problems of development of IT of the industry in the Far East", - Ilya Krasilnikov, the Director of the department of informatization and telecommunications of administration of Primorsky Krai commented.
Rostelecom performs different projects about RT Labs as at the federal, and regional level. Opening of office of the company in strategically important region of the country will promote implementation of the state strategy of development of the IT market of technologies and also standardization of processes of informatization", - Alexey Shchurov, the director of work with corporate and state segments of macroregional branch "Far East" of PJSC Rostelecom emphasized.

Far East became the seventh region in which the company opened separate division. Branches "RT Labs" work in Samara, Yaroslavl, Voronezh, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. The development strategy provides consecutive organization of divisions in all regions of presence of macroregional branches (MRF) of PJSC Rostelecom. The headquarters of the company is in Moscow.

RT Labs open competence centers in Siberia and in the Urals

In March, 2016 JSC RT Labs, affiliated enterprise PJSC Rostelecom, announced opening of the separate divisions in the Siberian and Ural Federal districts. The office JSC RT Labs in Yekaterinburg began the work on March 14. Opening of office in Novosibirsk is planned for March 22. Support of projects of PJSC Rostelecom in the following directions will be the main objective of new divisions:

  • development of regional portals of state services;
  • implementation and maintenance of regional medical information systems;
  • project implementation "Safe city";
  • development and installation of the systems of the fixing of violations of traffic regulations automated by a photo and video;
  • implementation and support of operability of the Automated complexes for the organization of operation of cloud services.

Implementation and development of the innovation hi-tech electronic services in two federal districts with the population more than 30 million people will promote more harmonious and transparent interaction between society and the state, will allow to increase efficiency of the public and municipal administration and also the involvement of citizens into it.

Separate divisions of the Company already work in Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Kazan and Samara.



Revenue for 2015 in comparison with 2014 grew by 76% and made more than 1.5 billion rubles, and the gross margin increased by 30%.

RT Labs become the uniform contractor of Rostelecom in regions

On June 26, 2015 announced Rostelecom preparation of the agreement with RT Labs subsidiary company on transfer of functions of the uniform contractor to the last on maintenance of regional e-government systems and information society. Capital intensity of the eight-months agreement of 935 million rub[2].

Rostelecom determined RT Labs by the contractor on rendering implementation services and to maintenance of information systems in regions. The posted price of the agreement of 935 million, with the clause - the customer is not obliged to spend all amount within the relations with the contractor.

Formally Rostelecom did not finish contractor selection procedure - consideration of the draft treaty and summing up purchase can continue till July 24, 2015. Taking into account the duration of the agreement on March 31, 2016 duration of works is expected eight months.

The agreement will mention regional e-government systems and information society. These are systems:

  • "Health care",
  • MFC,
  • "Federal executive authority adapter",
  • "First-priority regional data in SIR",
  • "automated workplace of the consumer",
  • "automated workplace of regional interdepartmental interaction",
  • "SIR",
  • "automated workplace payments",
  • "Form designer",
  • "Public service in electronic form on RPGU",
  • "Interactive form on RPGU".

On a number of systems implementation works, including transfer of state services to an electronic form and development of forms for rendering services on regional portals are provided. But first of all RT Labs will support work of this and operating systems of different level: lines "some", "one and a half", "two", "three":

  • consulting user support,
  • solution of incidents,
  • providing analytical and statistical reporting on the level of service,
  • regular functioning of the IC and administration of their components and users,
  • data backup,
  • information security, etc.

According to the statement RT Labs in media, before work on operation of some systems and solutions included in the framework agreement were executed by the third-party companies. The most part of these systems in 2012 - 2014 worked in the mode of implementation or trial operation.

The company claims that in 2015 systems leave in the mode of normal operation and the requirement to them from end consumers will become higher.

Rostelecom explains the events with desire to increase service quality "with the maximum use of own forces — with attraction of subsidiaries and affiliates".

In RT Labs are going to continue practice of attraction for implementation of separate tasks of subcontractors that allows to draw a conclusion: the third-party companies which are earlier operating on the contract at Rostelecom will agree with "subsidiary" of operator.

RT Labs estimated employees

On September 21, 2015 it became known of attention of RT Labs system integrator to the employees[3].

In RT Labs started formation of the tradition directed to motivation of employees. It was transformed to the procedure of annual personel assessment. Within this action managers of different managerial levels carried out the analysis of activity of employees, qualities of their work, created a matrix of "skills & competence". On the basis of collected data made a portrait of each employee, defined its strong and weaknesses, developed the individual development plan the next three years.

Skills & competence is multistage assessment which is carried out by the head of each level allowing objectively together with the weighed opinion of several employees from parallel divisions and also linear managers, to create the adequate, relevant description of the employee, to define a range of its interests, to select the most perspective directions of development.

"Estimating the employees, we showed a different approach, than order standard circuits of holding similar actions. We created a matrix skills&competence which allowed to create the list of skills and abilities of each specific employee, to understand his strengths, the perspective directions of development, to create road map of professional and career development. We managed to develop the most effective system of development of each employee and to connect it to projects which would be more interesting to it where it will be able independently being implemented to make the greatest possible contribution to success of all company" - Evgeny Vasilenko, the deputy CEO for organizational development and personnel management told.

According to the results of assessment the management executed a number of appointments and mass review of the salaries which allowed to stimulate further professional development of the most perspective and successful employees.

RT Labs deepen examination in medicine

Within implementation of tasks of development, implementation and maintenance of the regional medical systems based on O7. The medicine of JSC RT Labs opened in December, 2015 separate division in Kazan. Geographical development of the Company is caused by implementation of tasks of development, implementation and maintenance of the regional medical systems based on O7. Medicine which already affected 18 subjects of the Russian Federation. On the other hand, Kazan is strategically important region for development of both medical information systems, and the Company.

Task RT Labs to implement a full product stroke – from the analysis, collecting and formalization of requirements before providing ready service. JSC RT Labs deepens the examination in information technology field in medicine for what set of profile specialists is organized. The company uses the product competences which are available for it, and, considering ambitions and scale of a task, announces set of specialists in the field of programming, a business intelligence, systems analysis.

Since 2015 based on RT Labs own Competence Center on informatization of regional health care - to development and deployment of modules of the Regional Medical Information System (RMIS) develops. In 2016 Rostelecom became the owner of the products "Central Archive of Medical Images" (CAMI) and "Teleradiologiya". Based on the current product portfolio Rostelecom with technology support RT Labs already offer regions these services according to the road map of the Russian Ministry of Health.


RT Labs apply for the budget for creation of "the Russian Android"

According to a source of TAdviser, for the end of September, 2014 RT Labs are one of the most probable applicants for receiving means of "Fund of support of the Russian software". From this fund the Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov suggests to finance creation of the domestic mobile operating system, domestic DBMS, domestic system of virtualization and other products.

The expected volume of fund will be 200 billion rubles. Sources of its filling are not defined yet, one of options is collecting of a tax at the rate up to 10% of the sales volume of licenses from the companies selling the software in Russia. The idea of creation of fund in September, 2014 was supported by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, having charged to Nikolai Nikiforov to work it with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development.

Nikolai Nikiforov reported to Vladimir Putin on the idea of creation of fund of support of the Russian software
Nikolai Nikiforov reported to Vladimir Putin on the idea of creation of fund of support of the Russian software

The informed interlocutor of TAdviser says that only those companies which will agree to transfer a blocking stake to the state will be able to apply for money of fund. It, according to him will probably frighten off from the project a number of commercial players, including friendly to Nikolai Nikiforov of the company Parallels and Acronis.

At the same time, RT Labs, already belonging to state-controlled Rostelecom, for participation in the project of creation of domestic software will probably found joint venture with one of players of Tatarstan, tell a source of TAdviser. Most likely, that the new joint venture in Innopolis - the city which is under construction near Kazan for IT specialists will be placed.

Merge to "The national center of informatization"

To the staff of the RT Labs company belonging to Rostelecom announced in October, 2014 merge to one of structures of Rostec state corporation, CNews told a source, familiar with a situation. Other interlocutor of CNews close to Rostec confirmed this information, having reported that RT Labs are going to be integrated with RT-Elektronnye Services company, and Rostelecom and Rostec in the united company will have a parity[4].

According to CNews, "RT-Elektronnye services" replaced the name recently, now it is called "The national center of informatization". It is possible that the united company will bear this name.

RT Labs which since September, 2014 is headed by Alexey Sividov the vice president of Rostelecom and the former CEO of Scientific Research Institute Voskhod subordinated to the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, specialize in accomplishment of federal and regional state IT projects.

In particular, on subcontracting at Rostelecom which is the only contractor on development and operation of infrastructure of the electronic government RT Labs is engaged in upgrade of the portal of state services and the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction.

"RT-Elektronnye services", I-Teco headed by the ex-director of representation in Kazan Kamil Gazizov, was created in Rostec in April, 2014. This company performs works as subcontractor on the contract between the Ministry of Health and Rostec for development and maintenance of components of the Single State Information System of Health Care (SSISHC) and also provides test data center for the Ministry of Health.

Rostec has the status of the only contractor on development and operation of Uniform State Health Information System. Services of data centers for the Ministry of Health are also provided by Rostelecom and Scientific Research Institute Voskhod.