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2019: Creation of the company

In November, 2019 Sberbank and JSC Elektronnaya Moskva — registered joint company Tsifrovye platformennye resheniya LLC which 50.1% belong to "subsidiary" of bank (Tsifrovye aktivy LLC), and the rest — structure of Moscow. This project is created to transfer city services, such as  payment of parkings, payments for housing and public utilities, making an appointment with the doctor, electronic diary of the school student, to the IT platform of Sberbank.

Thanks to it it is going to accelerate and reduce the price of process of creation of social services for Muscovites,  RBC  with reference to the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) of Moscow reports. The former deputy administrator DITHAT Andrey Borodin headed "Digital platform solutions".

"Digital platform solutions"  is a platform on which any services focused both on inhabitants and business and on officials for automation of their activity will be implemented, reported in DIT.

Moscow and Sberbank created the company for development of services for business and officials
Moscow and Sberbank created the company for development of services for business and officials

As told the edition a source, close to the project, the services of the Government of Moscow so far existing are created using the different programs which are not connected among themselves, and data of one service are often necessary for use in other services. As a result between all these programs interrelations become, the their is more, the development is more expensive. The platform of Sberbank will allow to integrate services in one space to cut down expenses on their integration and to accelerate start.

By the beginning of December, 2019 the project is in a test stage which should come to the end until the end of the same month. In case of successful tests the agreement will be signed commercial, the interlocutor told RBC.

In the publication it is said that Moscow made the decision to cooperate with Sberbank because in Russia only several partners have platforms of necessary power, and bank  — one of them.

The bank invested many funds in creation and transfer of bank services for this platform. It is a mainstream, not only Russian, but also world  — use of different platforms for standardization of services and acceleration of development — noted a source.[1]

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