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Business environment


The business environment – the online platform offering tools for creation and business development.

Sberbank of the Russian Federation


"The business environment" develops six service directions, each of which is aimed at the solution of practical tasks of entrepreneurs: "Bank" (selection and online execution of requests for credit products of Sberbank), School (more than 130 videocourses on business subject), Shop (the directory of "cloud" applications for business management), Market (the international electronic marketplace and services for promotion of goods), Club (social network of legal entities with the checked reputation), Magazine (the daily online magazine about an entrepreneurship).

In online store of the project the cloud products intended for conducting business are exposed: for workflow automation and accounting, management of employees, transactions, etc. Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to pass distance programs of business training in School of "The business environment", to receive services in financing in the section Bank, using Rynok service to offer the goods and services for sale and to find business partners.

For October 1, 2013, on the website of "The business environment" 103 thousand individual entrepreneurs and the companies of a segment of micro and small business are registered. Data for November, 2013 - 110,684 Russian companies of a segment of micro and small business became project participants "The business environment" from Sberbank. The maximum number of the companies users of the Business Environment portal is the share of the Volga region (10.2 thousand legal entities), Moscow (9.5 thousand), Southwest (7.6 thousand) and Central Chernozem regions (7.3 thousand) follow further. If to speak about fields of activity of the company, then about 80% are the share of trade enterprises (40%), the service industries (28%) and constructions (11%).

2013: Sales pattern of cloud services in subsidiary company of Sberbank "Business environment"

A third of sales of "cloud" applications for small business are the share of Internet accounting and programs for preparation of tax statements, 24% – of services for effective management of customer relations and the organizations of sales. Applications for conducting inventory accounting, registration of sales and analytics, occupy 14% in a total amount. Such is sales pattern of cloud services in the subsidiary company of Sberbank "Business environment" which is integrating on the platform more than 40 applications for business from independent Russian developers and performed more than 60 thousand sales in 2013.

The superiority is kept by the applications created for conducting online accounting and facilitating to users preparation of the reporting for different state agencies. Many years requiring installation on the computer "boxed" the solution of these tasks, predominating, gradually give way to their "cloud" options which share of sales at "The business environment" made 31%.

Image:Структура продаж облачных сервисов в дочерней компании Сбербанка Деловая среда.jpg

Separately It should be noted high demand on the applications for customer relationship management and other partners aimed at increase in sales. Their share made 24% that can show optimistic moods in small and medium business (SME) and emphasis on development.

Cloud applicaions for management of a warehouse and trading activity are inferior to the previous leaders with an indicator 14%. The high demand on them is connected as with convenience and advantage of these programs, and directly with the fact that a considerable part of small and medium business traditionally is the share of the sector of retail.

Active development of online trade and increase in importance of an Internet channel in communications predetermined rather high share of applications for creation of the websites and online stores — 9%.