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The bank is included into VTB international financial group and we specialize in services for individuals, individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. The network of bank is created by more than 530 branches and additional offices in 69 regions of the country.

Among the provided services: the bank card issue, mortgage and consumer lending, car loans, services of remote control of accounts, credit cards with a grace period, term deposits, lease of safe deposit boxes, money transfers. A part of services is available to our clients in the round-the-clock mode for what modern telecommunication technologies are used.

A major shareholder of VTB 24 is JSC Bank VTB (98.92% of stocks). Authorized capital of VTB 24 is 50.6 billion rubles.

Performance Indicators


At the end of 2016 VTB 24 got 43.1 billion rubles of net profit (under RAS) that became a record financial result in the history of bank. As noted Chapter VTB 24, significant growth in the loan portfolio, significant decrease in arrears and reduction of reserves, increase in operational efficiency and transfer of clients to remote channels of service became pacing factors which had an impact on a record financial result.

At the end of 2016 the total amount of the loan portfolio of VTB 24 grew by 12% to 1.9 trillion rub, the mortgage and cash loans became main growth drivers.

In a segment of small business VTB 24 issued for a year of the credits of 115.7 billion rubles that is 37% higher than an indicator the previous year. In December, 2016 VTB 24 set a historical record, having financed a segment of MSP on 17.3 billion rubles.

The growth rate of volume of the raised funds of natural persons of VTB 24 since the beginning of year was 4.5%. The portfolio of the raised funds of the population grew to 2.1 trillion rubles. The volume of the raised funds in deposits at the end of year exceeded 92.7 billion rubles.


At the end of 2014 the operating mortgage portfolio of VTB 24 grew at the advancing rates and increased almost by 50% or for 228.1 billion rubles with a growth of the market of housing crediting in 10 months 2014 at the level of 25.8%. Mikhail Zadornov told about it at a press conference.

As of January 1, 2015 the mortgage portfolio of bank is 712 billion rubles and totals nearly half a million borrowers - 493 thousand credits.

VTB 24 completed 2014 with an absolute record on issue of mortgage loans – was issued to 176 thousand credits for the amount of 350.7 billion rubles that more than by 1.5 times exceeded result of 2013.

The share of VTB 24 in issue of mortgage loans over the country reached 19.8%, having shown a gain in comparison with result of 2013 on 3.4 items ** Thus, in 2014 every fifth Russian family which improved living conditions using a mortgage, made it with assistance of VTB 24.

At the same time in St. Petersburg, the Novosibirsk and Sverdlovsk regions, in the Far East and Altai VTB 24 issues every third mortgage loan, and in Moscow – practically every second.

The market share of VTB 24 on the mortgage portfolio grew on 1.7 items and reached 19%*

At the end of 2014 the bank became one of key participants of the state program of provision of housing for the military personnel: every third mortgage loan the serviceman – to participants of NIS is issued to VTB 24. In 2014 the bank granted to more than 20 billion rubles of mortgage loans within this program, having provided the share in its implementation at the level of about 30%.

The president – the chairman of the board of VTB 24 Zadornov also noted that in 2014 the bank successfully completed securitization of mortgage loans within the program of VEB directed to support of the sector of housing construction, having saved the status of the leader in its implementation. The total amount of participation of VTB 24 in this program was 41 billion rubles.



VTB 24 will attach to VTB on January 1, 2018 

On November 9, 2017 extraordinary general shareholder meeting VTB made the decision on reorganization of bank in the form of accession of VTB 24 to it. All retail business will be joint under a uniform brand of VTB since January 1, 2018.  Work on consolidation of a product line began even until accession. In both banks identical conditions on a mortgage, consumer loans, deposits, small business, etc. already work.

Clients of VTB and VTB24 can transfer free of charge funds between banks in all remote canals of service. The large-scale project on unification of service of cash deposit in ATMs is complete. The uniform website of the united bank will become which will be completely updated in the nearest future.

Clients of retail business of VTB Group will be able to continue service at usual offices (the joint retail network will increase up to 1300 points), but already under a uniform brand. On former conditions the products and services which are earlier provided in both banks will be available to them. It will not be required to renew current agreements.

Opening of the service center in Samara

On August 31, 2017 the president-chairman of the board of VTB 24 Mikhail Zadornov and the governor of the Samara region Nikolay Merkushkin opened the regional service center. The similar project is already implemented by bank in four cities of Russia, but on the functionality the division in Samara is the only thing in VTB 24 network.

Regional service center VTB 24 in Samara, 2017. Photo:
Regional service center VTB 24 in Samara, 2017. Photo:

The main part of jobs in the service center is organized in the direction of banking and information technologies. Specialists work with the first support line, are engaged in all types of testing, software installation and its support, the solution of standard addresses. Together with them in the building the staff of financial department is located.

The total cost of the project was 2.8 billion rubles. Initially 17 cities of Russia applied for its implementation — Mikhail Zadornov told. — The choice of Samara was defined, including, higher level of training of local gurus in the field of IT and finance. In our service center more than 20 students already work.

As of August 31, 2017, on the platform of the center more than 100 specialists are employed. By the end of 2017 their number is going to be increased up to 270 people. It is supposed that in the first quarter 2019 about 600 people will work at its territory more than 7 thousand sq.m.

Regional service center VTB 24 in Samara, 2017. Photo:
Regional service center VTB 24 in Samara, 2017. Photo:

Jobs in the service center are created using VDI technology which allows to centralize management and control and also to increase security of IT infrastructure, to optimize business processes and to simplify a server framework.

Contact center of VTB 24

The contact center of VTB 24 was created in 2005. In five years of work of the center the quantity of jobs grew from 5 to 550, the number of employees exceeds 1000 people. Today the contact center is one of components of Department of client service of VTB 24 which services clients on all channels of remote access, such as phone, e-mail, SMS and also works with internal and external Internet resources. Capacity of the center makes about 15 million addresses a year or about 50 thousand addresses during the working day. Work of the center is conducted in the round-the-clock mode, the customer support of bank from all territory of Russia is performed.