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Gazprom of SPKA





Primary activity is Production of automatic spacecrafts.


2019: Intention of Roskosmos to enter authorized capital "Gazprom of SPKA"

On November 27, 2019 it became known that JSC Gazprom space systems and Roskosmos state corporation signed the agreement on the basic principles of participation in the project of creation of the assembly production of spacecrafts (APS). Intention of Roskosmos to enter authorized capital of Gazprom of SPKA company is reflected in the document.

Agreement with Roskosmos on the basic principles of participation in the project of creation of assembly production of spacecrafts

Shares of participants are supposed to be enshrined in the special corporate agreement which will be signed later.

The deputy CEO for business development of JSC Gazprom space systems (GSS) Igor Kot told that design of the center came to the end in the summer:

We underwent state examination, got permission of Roskosmos - according to the town-planning code for construction of space infrastructure,
told Igor Kot

Financing is organized, obstacles for construction did not arise, and the construction stage started on November 25.

The press service of Gazprom reported that the enterprise of a full stroke, the first in the history of modern Russia, for assembly and testing of satellites will be placed near the Telecommunication center JSC Gazprom space systems.

Here on the basis of advanced technologies spacecrafts of civil appointment for needs of the Gazprom group and other customers, including Roskosmos state corporation will be issued. It is, in particular, about development of orbital grouping of the communication satellites "Yamal" and satellites of remote sensing of Earth "REVIEW". These space systems provide technology communication and monitoring of production facilities of the company. Enterprise capacities are also going to be involved when implementing the perspective Sphere program for creation of multisatellite orbital grouping of data transmission on the principles of public-private partnership. On assembly pads of SPKA the modern equipment with the high level of automation of technology processes will be installed. All products will undergo multistage testing: on test stands influence of factors of space and the loadings arising at start of devices on carrier rockets will be imitated. Enterprise capacities will allow to make up to four devices of communication and remote sensing of Earth of average and big dimension or up to 100 small serial devices a year. Input of the enterprise in operation is planned in 2022. The operator of the project - Gazprom of SPKA. Till 2035 Gazprom is going to put to orbit of 14 own satellites, - the press service of Gazprom told.

SPKA will be placed in the city of Shchyolkovo situated near Moscow, in the Quarter of Zhegalovo, on the land plot which is in close proximity to the GKS Telecommunication center. The area of the land plot selected under construction is 87,121 sq.m. Building area will be 6450 sq.m. Section is in lease of GKS for a period of 49 years. As it was noted in the annual report of GKS for 2014, works on creation of SPKA had to begin in 2015.

2015: Gazprom of SPKA organization

In August, 2015 Gazprom investproject LLC and GKS founded Gazprom of SPKA LLC. This company was created for project implementation of building of assembly production of spacecrafts. Then the press service of GKS reported that the construction of assembly production should be completed in 2018[1]