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The agreement with "Institute of the space equipment and technologies" for the purpose of information exchange

On November 25, 2019 the JSC GLONASS company reported that the agreement signature ceremony about cooperation between JSC GLONASS, the operator of GAIS "ERA-GLONASS" and DTOO by "Institute of the space equipment and technologies" (Kazakhstan), the operator of GAIS "EVAK" was held. Read more here.

Cooperation with SmartGeo for the purpose of creation in Uzbekistan the systems of the emergency reaction at road accident

On October 3, 2019 to JSC GLONASS was announced by TAdviser signing of the memorandum of cooperation in development of navigation information technologies in the transport sphere with SmartGeo company (Uzbekistan), the developer of solutions in the field of information navigation systems. The project of creation in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan of the system of the emergency reaction at road and transport and other incidents on highways (an analog of the Russian ERA-GLONASS system) will become one of the key directions of cooperation.

Cooperation with SmartGeo

The memorandum will provide consolidation of the technological solutions and examination which are saved up by JSC GLONASS during implementation of functions of the operator of GAIS "ERA-GLONASS" and efforts of the Uzbek company SmartGeo having competences in the geoinfocommunication systems. The parties noted that cooperation will allow to achieve good results in issues of digital transformation of economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

One of the key national interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan is increasing the level of security of traffic. It is confirmed by adoption of the Concept of security of traffic for 2018-2022 providing active development and implementation of intelligent systems of ensuring transport security. For successful implementation of this task it is reasonable to use examination, competences and technological solutions of the organizations having considerable experience in spheres of information and communication technologies, navigation activity and transport security.

JSC GLONASS and SmartGeo company intend to cooperate in the following directions:

  • creation of a system of the emergency reaction at road and transport and other incidents on highways of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • creation of a single intellectual digital transport and logistic platform of monitoring of the vehicles including performing passenger and freight transportation for the purpose of the solution of national objectives of effective management of traffic and also rendering adjacent commercial services;
  • creation of technology basis for the benefit of geoinformation support of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the purpose of formation of uniform state technical policy and ensuring compatibility of the different industry navigation and information, geographic information and telematic systems.

Within public-private partnership based on SmartGeo company it is offered to create the national operator of geoinfocommunication services. Plans of cooperation assume equipment of the motor transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan by its production by modern safety controls and also implementation of intelligent systems of security of traffic.

Participants of a meeting emphasized that development of hi-tech services will promote solving of tasks of providing economic and geopolitical safety of the Republic of Uzbekistan and also achievement of positive synergy effect for economy of the state.

Cooperation between the companies is directed to project implementation on prevention of damage of life, first of all, in the field of transport, due to use of the advanced navigation information technologies of JSC GLONASS,
told the CEO of JSC GLONASS Igor Milashevsky

our partnership will designate the next round in the history of Uzbekistan and will promote creation of the state system of the emergency reaction at accidents on transport. The joint project will bring Uzbekistan to higher level in questions of prevention of lethal outcomes at road accident and will allow to save thousands of lives,



The Russian Railway and Rostec want to create a single logistics system based on GLONASS

In November, 2018 it became known of plans to create in Russia a single logistics system based on GLONASS. The corresponding assignment was given by the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev after the circulation of the guide of the Russian Railway to it and Rostec.

According to Kommersant, the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov and the CEO of JSC Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov suggested the government to transfer them stocks of JSC GLONASS in the ratio of 50% for 50%. In reply Medvedev charged to discuss with state corporations the idea of a single digital transport and logistics system based on GLONASS.

Oleg Belozerov (at the left) and Sergey Chemezov

The second stage of development of a system assumes a possibility of equity participation of the joint-stock company of RTITS company which is an operator of the state system of collection of a payment from trucks over 12 t of Plato. It is about acquisition by it on market conditions of an additional issue of 25.1% of "GLONASS" on market conditions. Owners of RTITS on a parity basis are the businessman's son Rotenberg's Arcadia Igor Rotenberg and RT-invest which block packet is at Rostec.

In Rostec to the newspaper noted that such measure will increase cost efficiency and security of all transport and logistic complex.

Time of passing of transit loads is supposed that a new system, creation which is provided by the Digital Economy program will allow to create services for control of transit of export-import loads, to lower and to accelerate integration with the adjacent states, including Kazakhstan, Belarus, China and the European Union countries.

Russian Railway and Rostec intend to equip all freight cars with electronic sensors which should replace inspection of transport by people. On the railroad system operation of a digital inspection equipment which will allow to reveal faults of the rolling stock is planned and to create additional information services for consignors and operators.[1]

Reaching self-sufficiency

On April 24, 2018 the vice-chairman Governments Dmitry Rogozin during working meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin declared reaching of JSC GLONASS self-sufficiency.

JSC GLONASS which is a federal operator of a system (ERA-GLONASS is a comment of TAdviser), is the organization with 100 percent state participation. I want to inform also you that from this year we stop public financing because this organization passed to self-sufficiency. It is very important, emphasizes success of policy of commercialization of opportunities which create the Russian orbital systems — Rogozin specified.

GLONASS will become the operator of the Smart City system

JSC GLONASS can receive functions of the operator of the single federal system "Smart City". The Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin charged to handle the matter according to the results of a meeting in the government. It with reference to the sources in the cabinet is written in March, 2018 by Kommersant.

According to the edition, at the first stage of JSC GLONASS can charge to function to integrate into a single system the federal hardware ERA-GLONASS complexes and call center 112 and also Bezopasny gorod agrarian and industrial Complex. The relevant initiative was sent for approval to profile departments (The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, Minpromtorg, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Economics, Roskosmos state corporation, etc.). They should give the answer until the end of March.

If the initiative is supported, after completion of integration based on a new complex will develop the single federal system "Smart City". For this purpose JSC GLONASS will be able to create joint projects with private investors, interlocutors of the edition explained. Within project data the last will also be able to be connected to problem solving of further commercialization of GLONASS system.


Board of Directors of JSC GLONASS

As told Izvestia in Rosimushchestvo, on the basis of the directive of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 21, 2017 No. 2741p-P13 the solution of extraordinary general shareholder meeting JSC GLONASS issued by the order of Rosimushchestvo of May 2, 2017 No. 210-r created Board of Directors of society as a part of 13 people.

The Deputy Prime Minister Russia Dmitry Rogozin, the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov, the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin, the chief of the center FSB of Russia Andrey Ivashko, the deputy minister transport of the Russian Federation Alan Lushnikov, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Makhonov, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexander Morozov, the first Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation Vladimir Stepanov, the first deputy chairman of board of the Military-industrial commission of the Russian Federation Ivan Harchenko entered it.

As professional attorneys the board of JSC GLONASS was joined by the chief designer of GLONASS system Sergey Karutin, the managing director for infrastructure projects of Rostec Victor Kiryanov and also the deputy CEO for automatic space complexes and the systems of Roskosmos Mikhail Haylov.

As the independent director the board was joined by the president of Delo Management Company LLC Sergey Shishkarev.

In the previous Board of Directors there were 15 people. Only three from them saved chairs in new structure - it is Alexander Morozov, Vladimir Stepanov and Victor Kiryanov. In particular, did not get into new structure the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov and the CEO of Roskosmos Igor Komarov heading the previous Board of Directors.

Rostec will manage the ERA-GLONASS system?

GLONASS joint-stock company, the operator of a system of the emergency response to accidents, ERA-GLONASS in 2017 can pass under control of Rostec.

The experts polled by Life note that the discontent with results of a company performance could become a probable cause to such step. The matter is that based on ERA-GLONASS only the regular functionality without commercial services is provided. Besides dealers and buyers of cars were not notified on problems at customs with import of the used[2].

The source in the Russian government told that Andrey Nedosekov, the head of JSC GLONASS, wrote the application for a holiday together with the resignation letter. According to the interlocutor of the edition, also other heads of JSC GLONASS can leave the posts. "The Ministry of Transport discusses the future changes in the company", - noted a source.

The press service of Ministry of Transport told that the draft of the decree of the president on transfer of JSC GLONASS in Rostec is introduced to the Government of the Russian Federation. Representatives of Rostec refrained from comments.

2016: Monitoring of transit transportations

Among the services provided to JSC GLONASS – cargo transfer monitoring. It can be applied both to internal, and to international transport. The company since 2016 is an operator of a control system for automobile and rail transportation of transit loads using electronic navigation seals. In a monitoring system of transit transportations tracking more than 3000 transit transportations is provided.


Change of ERA-GLONASS operator

On December 24, 2015 the GLONASS joint-stock company (JSC) announced revenues to the balance of the state system of the emergency reaction at  accidents of "ERA-GLONASS". Thus, at the Russian development the operator changes.

Since December 1, 2016, instead of Ministry of Transport which acted as the customer of "ERA-GLONASS" and was   federal authority, responsible for this project, will be engaged in functioning and development of a system (JSC) GLONASS. About it journalists were told by the CEO of society Andrey Nedosekov.

Andrey Nedosekov reported that since January 1, 2016 JSC GLONASS will become operator of the ERA-GLONASS system

According to him, in 2016 the state will spend about 766 million rubles for "ERA-GLONASS". JSC GLONASS expects to receive budget financing up to 2019, and then it should reach self-sufficiency.

Within development of "ERA-GLONASS" development and deployment of additional services and services for the benefit of the state, commercial and private users is planned. Among the priority directions transport monitoring systems, industry navigation and information systems, insurance telematics, security and search services appear.

On December 23, 2015 the Russian producer of KAMAZ freight vehicles was  a part of GLONASS non-profit partnership. As Andrey Nedosekov reported, JSC GLONASS intends to help "KamAZ" with development of the domestic unmanned vehicle and "together to make the detailed map on step development of this project".

JSC GLONASS is a member of the GLONASS non-profit partnership (NPP), the federal network operator in the field of navigation activity. NP cannot be ERA-GLONASS operator owing to legislative restrictions, however by December, 2015 it remains the only contractor in  questions of creation and  system implementation.

Share transfer to Rostec

On November 17, 2015 Kommersant announced transfer of a controlling stake of JSC GLONASS state of corporation Rostec. The edition refers to the federal official and a source in GLONASS.

According to interlocutors of the newspaper, Rostec will receive 50% plus one share "GLONASS", another 25% plus will give one action to Roskosmos, and the state will have a rest. It is noted that the transaction will be cashless, securities will come to authorized capital of Rostec as a property contribution of the Russian Federation.

Rostec will receive a controlling stake of "GLONASS"

The press service of Roskosmos confirmed to the edition study of a question of transfer of a blocking stake of JSC GLONASS to the property of state corporation.

"Together with partners we will develop the system of the emergency reaction ERA-GLONASS in consumer interests of these services" — reported in Roskosmos.

On November 11, 2015 the Cabinet of Ministers signed the order about cession of property of a system of the emergency reaction at road accident of ERA-GLONASS in the authorized capital of JSC GLONASS. The company intends to spend 4.7 billion more rubles on development of this technology though earlier officials promised to bring a system to payback and by January 1, 2018 to earn 5 billion rubles.

The representative of Rostec reported to Kommersant that infrastructure of ERA-GLONASS and a telecommunication component in integration of this system into onboard navigation devices can be used for providing the public and municipal services, including insurance, security and search, collection of a fare, monitoring of observance of traffic regulations by motor transport and also for security of navigation on internal waterways.

Also in Rostec noted that the question of change of the ministry which is responsible for operation, upgrade and development of ERA-GLONASS is considered. The operator of a system it is going to make Minpromtorg instead of Ministry of Transport.[3]

The company is officially registered

The company is registered on June 19, 2015 with the authorized capital of 100 million rubles.

Owner of 100% of stocks state of Russian Federation.

On June 3, 2015 the order of Federal Agency for State Property Management about establishment of a joint-stock company of GLONASS which main tasks were an operation and development of GAIS "ERA-GLONASS", the first-ever state system of the emergency reaction at road accident and other incidents on highways of the Russian Federation was signed. In five years of activity of JSC GLONASS not only successfully implemented assigned tasks, but also turned the ERA-GLONASS system into the most important factor of digitalization of the transport industry in Russia and beyond its limits.

In 2015 Russia became the first country where the system of an automatic call of the emergency operational services to the place of road accident earned. It occurred, including, thanks to the purposes set by the Russian President on decline in mortality on roads of the country.

2014: Plans of creation of JSC GLONASS

On July 15, 2014 the president Russia Vladimir Putin charged to the government to develop and approve "road map" on creation of GLONASS open joint stock company with 100 percent state participation, the corresponding order of the head states is published on Tuesday on the Kremlin website.

As the main areas of work of JSC GLONASS there will be ensuring operational receiving on the basis of information GLONASS signals about road and transport and about other incidents on highways of the Russian Federation, processing of this information, its storage and transfer to the emergency operational services and also ensuring access to this information in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, an ensuring use and development of technology infrastructure of the ERA-GLONASS system for the benefit of the state and other information systems performing collecting and processing of the navigation information arriving from the vehicles equipped with the equipment of satellite navigation.

According to order, the development strategy of new joint stock company should be developed and also the federal law draft about entering into the law "About the state automated information system of "ERA-GLONASS" of the changes necessary for creation and functioning of JSC GLONASS is prepared and introduced to the State Duma.

When developing strategy should be provided, in particular, a possibility of providing JSC GLONASS of services in the field of navigation activity to the state and commercial customers a possibility of creation of joint ventures for development of additional services and the investment attraction.

The property complex of the state automated information system "ERA-GLONASS" will be transferred to authorized capital of newly created joint stock company.