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the Ambitious project is delivered on a pause

Activity of Governments of Moscow joint venture and Sberbank - Digital Platform Solutions (DPS) company - with approach of a koronakrizis was delivered "on a pause". Announced two sources close to TsPR this TAdviser.

In May the CEO Andrey Borodin left the company. On this post he worked only half a year, having passed in the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications to a post of the acting the Head of Department of organizational development.

A month before this TsPR the Deputy CEO for development left Roman Urnyshev. It passed into Department information technologies of Moscow where held a post of the adviser to the head.

As the new CEO since May 29, 2020 Alexey Tsapnikov who was earlier holding a position of the deputy head of GKU "Information City" works.

According to one of interlocutors of TAdviser, each of founders of joint venture had on it the plans. (the photo is

According to one of interlocutors of TAdviser, each of founders of joint venture had on it the plans. Sberbank expected to receive for the account of cooperation with DIT the reference - experience of use of the digital platform in the capital and also examination in the field of a state administration to have an opportunity to implement the platform in other regions of Russia. In turn, DIT intended to receive in use from Sberbank the advanced platform and to reduce operating expenses of the separate systems.

According to a source of TAdviser, cooperation did not satisfy both parties. It connects with it also fast dismissal of top managers of the company.

In Sberbank at the request of TAdviser as a reason for leaving of the CEO called his desire to develop in other sphere, and a question of projects on which TsPR is focused called premature.

Now the tasks connected with a pandemic are first-priority, noted in Sberbank.

DIT told TAdviser that the development strategy of Digital Platform Solutions company will be considered after the end of action of high alert.

Gref submitted the platform to Putin

On March 2, 2020 the President Russia Vladimir Putin during the meeting with the chairman of the board Sberbank German Gref discussed results of work of bank for 2019 and its current activity. The head of Sberbank told, in particular, about completion of creation of the platform which is not of a lower quality than the most modern platforms from Microsoft Google, Amazon or Alibaba.

German Gref told Vladimir Putin about completion of creation of the digital platform of Sberbank

We realized that we can provide this platform on the market to our clients. Created Sberklaud subsidiary company which is capable to provide the services in our "cloud", with our cyber defense and with completely our platform to almost unlimited number of clients today. We created joint venture with Sergey Semyonovich Sobyanin, with the city of Moscow, and already the first service in December – issue of the hunting ticket – we made on the new platform, approved it, all this much more conveniently and quicker, than in traditional means. What we agreed about, – all services which we will make jointly for the city of Moscow, we will provide the most important free of charge for other regions, - Gref said.

At the same time he explained that a task of bank – technology and methodological. The bank helps the staff of the mayor's office who is engaged in it, to construct and simplify the corresponding process.

The most important that it simplifies and reduces the price of [process], and it is the up-to-date platform, the second such in the country does not exist. And she saves a huge number of billions [money] and years and allows to create to us any platforms, - the chairman of the board of Sberbank noted.

Based on this platform, according to him, in 15 educational institutions the school platform is already piloted. The decision on creation of the platform for universities is also made, and this work already begins together with MIPT. Besides, there is an arrangement with Olga Golodets on creation of the platform for medical institutions.

So it is such base on which it is possible to construct anything. At the same time, of course, we will not create services for medicine, for health care and so on. Our part – engineering, we will provide "cloud", we will provide all tools and methodological support. They will do all the rest using our engineers, - Gref added.

The created platform, he noted, it is result of six years' investments. 23 thousand engineers participated in its development.

It gives us absolutely other opportunities, it flexible, much more reliable, and we can create services within two weeks. The most important that the so-called microservice platform is not connected among themselves and if one service refuses, then all other platform is absolutely independent. In traditional architecture it is impossible, the functionality of all platform vanishes, - the head of Sberbank noted.

He also told about testing of the platform together with the Government for which the same signs that are characteristic of banking business: reliability, data protection, price and speed of creation of services.

In this sense we only the base for construction of any building. And this base is ready, it Russian, it is very modern. We created factory of training of people who work at this platform. We with Sergey Sobyanin and with Maxim Oreshkin watched how there is a training of people. We within four weeks prepare five thousand people a year for work with our tools. It is, of course, up-to-date factory, - German Gref concluded.

Gref submitted the platform to Mishustin

Technologies of Sberbank will apply in creation of the digital platform of the state. Such statement was made by the prime minister Mikhail Mishustin during the meeting with the head of Sberbank German Gref. [1]

Electronic services, technologies which the bank has today will be applied to simplification of life of our people, to creation of the digital platform of the state, - Mikhail Mishustin reported.

He also added that it "is very good" and hoped that the use of these technologies will be exercised together with financial institution.

Electronic services and technologies of Sberbank will apply to creation of the digital platform of the state, Mikhail Mishustin told.

According to German Gref after Sberbank completes creation of own digital platform, the organization will enter new financial and non-financial services. As the second priority direction the head of Sberbank designated the help to regions in construction of digital platforms.

2019: Creation of the company

In November, 2019 Sberbank and JSC Elektronnaya Moskva — registered joint company Tsifrovye platformennye resheniya LLC which 50.1% belong to "subsidiary" of bank (Tsifrovye aktivy LLC), and the rest — structure of Moscow. This project is created to transfer city services, such as  payment of parkings, payments for housing and public utilities, making an appointment with the doctor, electronic diary of the school student, to the IT platform of Sberbank.

Thanks to it it is going to accelerate and reduce the price of process of creation of social services for Muscovites,  RBC  with reference to the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) of Moscow reports. The former deputy administrator DITHAT Andrey Borodin headed "Digital platform solutions".

"Digital platform solutions"  is a platform on which any services focused both on inhabitants and business and on officials for automation of their activity will be implemented, reported in DIT.

Moscow and Sberbank created the company for development of services for business and officials

As told the edition a source, close to the project, the services of the Government of Moscow so far existing are created using the different programs which are not connected among themselves, and data of one service are often necessary for use in other services. As a result between all these programs interrelations become, the their is more, the development is more expensive. The platform of Sberbank will allow to integrate services in one space to cut down expenses on their integration and to accelerate start.

By the beginning of December, 2019 the project is in a test stage which should come to the end until the end of the same month. In case of successful tests the agreement will be signed commercial, the interlocutor told RBC.

In the publication it is said that Moscow made the decision to cooperate with Sberbank because in Russia only several partners have platforms of necessary power, and bank  — one of them.

The bank invested many funds in creation and transfer of bank services for this platform. It is a mainstream, not only Russian, but also world  — use of different platforms for standardization of services and acceleration of development — noted a source.[2]

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