Virial LLC is a domestic manufacturer and developer of high-tech hard alloy and ceramic materials and products based on them.

  • Technical ceramics
  • Solid alloys
  • Composites

The company operates in the market of products designed for use in extreme operating conditions. Virial was founded by a group of Russian scientists and engineers in 1991, in St. Petersburg. The company was formed into a large research and production enterprise with a staff of about 450 people and revenue in 2014 of about 1 billion rubles. The main products of the company are wear-resistant sliding bearings for oil production pumps and a hard alloy metal cutting tool.


2022: Start Cutting Tool Competence Center

On the basis of the portfolio company RUSNANO - Virial, the center of competence of the cutting tool is launched. This was reported by RUSNANO on May 11, 2022. Domestic engineering is 95% dependent on imported tools and tooling, while almost all foreign suppliers either left Russia or suspended activities. Manufacturers of aircraft, heavy construction equipment, ships, equipment for mining and energy faced the risks of slowing down the implementation of production programs. Without a high-quality tool, it is impossible to fully realize the capabilities of metalworking machines with numerical program control and achieve stable dimensional accuracy.

In the spring of 2022, it is necessary to take the vacated place and create real production in Russia, -. "This moment cannot be missed. The market volume of products imported into our country is $1 billion. There is something to compete for,
noted Deputy Chairman of the Management Board - Operations Director Mikhail Nenyukov.

The Competence Center will be established in three stages. First of all, it is planned to carry out an increase in the production capacity of Virial products - hard alloy columns, which are blanks for cutters, drills, throwers, forks, replaceable multifaceted hard alloy plates for various types of cutters and body tools. At the second stage, the production of an axial hard alloy tool with a nanostructured wear-resistant coating will be created. Production capacity - 250 thousand pieces of finished tools per year. The plant has already been designed and is ready for construction and installation work. The project was planned as a "box solution" and, if necessary, it can be easily scaled to any industrial region of the country to ensure the uninterrupted operation of metal processing plants. RUSNANO has already participated in a successful project to create a high-tech production enterprise of this type - "New Instrumental Solutions."

The final stage is assigned to the formation of the production of a body cutting tool and tool tooling (collets, collet cartridges, cutters, thermocatrons, etc.).


The company plans to establish the production of world-class cutting tools from hard alloys to provide aircraft and engine engineering, and the military-industrial complex. New tool materials have already been developed - solid alloys that are not inferior to the best world analogues.

During the project, it is planned to produce axial cutting tool blanks (for the subsequent manufacture by the consumer of end cutters and drills for the treatment of heat-resistant and titanium alloys), as well as turning and milling replaceable polyhedral plates (elements of the tool for metalworking).

The implementation of the project will reduce the import dependence of key industries on the supply of foreign high-efficiency hard alloy cutting tool, whose market share is more than 90%. The average price of axial tool blanks will be 10-20% lower than similar ones, turning replaceable polyhedral plates - 20-30%, milling plates - 30-40%.

153.2 million rubles have already been invested in the project, it is planned to invest 342 million rubles before the end of the project, of which 235 million rubles can be a loan from the Industrial Development Fund. 98 high-performance jobs will be created.

Vladimir Rumyantsev, General Director of Virial LLC: "A hard alloy cutting tool is one of the strategic directions of our company's development. Dependence on imports in this area is a serious threat to the technological security of the state. Cooperation with the Industrial Development Fund makes it possible to significantly accelerate the entry of our developments into the Russian market and provide key industries of mechanical engineering with a high-quality tool for processing titanium and heat-resistant alloys. "