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2022: Attracting 120 million rubles of investment

On May 12, 2022, Financier, a cloud service for management accounting and analytics for small and medium-sized businesses, announced the attraction of 120 million rubles of investment. Anton Dolgov, founder of First BIT, Roman Kalinkin, director of First Bit Lab accelerator, Alexander Semenov, general director of KORUS Consulting, and Alexander Monosov, general director of BFT, invested in the startup.

Financier will direct the funds raised to scale sales, marketing and product development: developing a mobile application and refining functionality for large businesses. The estimated value of the startup following the results of the investment transaction is not disclosed.

Russian management accounting service "Financier" attracted 120 million rubles of investment

The founder and head of Financier Stanislav Kutuzov believes that these investments will help the service consolidate leadership positions in the market of Russia and the CIS. It is noted that the project team by May 2022 strengthens the product and develops the ecosystem, as well as works to increase business efficiency and the level of financial literacy among entrepreneurs.

{{quote 'I highly appreciate the competence of the Financier service team, "says Alexander Semenov, General Director of KORUS Consulting. - They are focused on the development of their product and its convenience for the user, they understand the market well, not limited to Russia - this helps them to successfully increase their audience and systemically increase the level of service. For me and KORUS Consulting Group, solutions for automation and optimization of work with corporate finances are a high-interest area. The exchange of expertise will help our companies to effectively develop not only the product, but also the entire IT market. }} Roman Kalinkin, director of accelerator First Bit Lab, noted that Financier has great prospects, including in global markets.

2020: Attracting 37 million rubles of investment

On October 13, 2020, the Financier management accounting service for small and medium-sized businesses announced the attraction of 37 million rubles of investment. The startup invested:

  • creator of Dendy, member of the board of directors of Sinemudur Viktor Savyuk;
  • entrepreneur and business angel Pavel Orlov;
  • Mikhail Bazhenov, partner of one of the Big Four audit companies in Russia;
  • investor and expert in the field of software development Alexander Sokolov;
  • Vice President of St. Petersburg Bank, founder of Fantasy Invest, venture capital investor Mikhail Gavrilov.

The parties do not disclose the valuation of Financier and other details of the transaction (including the shares received by investors).

Financier intends to spend the received funds on scaling sales and developing a partner network in Russia, as well as on expanding the functions of the service and international expansion.

Management accounting system "Financier" attracted tens of millions of investments
Having taught the system to control more than 300 KPI and generate reports in two clicks, we have already solved some of the problems of medium-sized companies in the field of management accounting, "says Stanislav Kutuzov, founder and CEO of Financier. - Attracting funds for the development of our product, we want to offer the market a new solution in the field of predictive analysis.

The Financier service is aimed at owners of medium-sized businesses (with a turnover of 120 million rubles). By October 2020, more than 10 thousand users were registered in the project, it was used by companies such as Radio Chanson, iFarm, Nissan dealership, as well as many other production and trading companies.

The development of Financier is able to integrate with different accounting systems (for example, 1C) in 5 minutes and build real-time reporting for one or a group of companies, the company said in a statement dated October 13, 2020.